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Sunday (15 Oct 2017)

Pagi-pagi pukul 8, airport transfer dah tunggu. Ada sedikit kesilapan di email yang  mengatakan pukul 8.30 instead of 8.00 tp nasib baik kami semua dah standby nak siap. so, 8.10 macam tu, jalan...

Us at Sabiha Gokchen Airport. Nampak Burger King, nak try makan BK Istanbul, apakan daya masa
x sempat...wakaka!
 Kali ni, kami ke Sabiha Gotchen airport di Asia's side of Istanbul. Sabiha ni kira macam KLIA2 lah dan merupakan main hub Pegasus Airline,  Istanbul's main budget airline. This will be my 3rd time flying with Pegasus and so far, everything was fine. No frills budget airline.  Tiket harga beza-beza, bergantung pada sapa yang belik dulu tapi yang paling murah dalam RM230 ke Budapest with 20kg luggage, hand luggage 7kg. Makan saya x order coz flight pon 2 jam lebih ja... sapa yang nak, boleh belik onboard.

Queue nak check in bag. 
The 2 sisters! Setia mengikut saya ke sana sini... Tp rasanya next mega trip
mereka x ikot..sob sob...
So, our trip to Budapest took us around 2 and half hours. We departed at 10.45 and reached Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport at noon. Kali ni, kami naik kenderaan awam nak ke hostel. Kalau nak naik airport transfer, costly!. Naik bus and metro pon ok..mudah aja... Yang penting dah reserach awal2...

Goodbye Istanbul. We'll be back next week!

Tanah gersang. Captured from our flight. 
Inside Pegasus.
So, this is how u get to the city from the airport:

1. U need to buy the tickets at the ticket machine. There will be a person there to help u in case of any inquiries. Don't worry, he/she can speak fluent English.

2. U can either buy 1 ticket or a day ticket or a 5 in 1 ticket or a billet of 10 tickets, whichever is relevant to u.  As for us, a billet of 10 tickets would be better as we can share the tickets. The cost would be 3000 HUF for 10 tickets (about RM47 for 10 tickets). Tickets can be used for both busses and metro.

Ni rupa ticket.  Mereka jarang check tiket. 

Waiting for the bus. Bus banyak, don't worry. Satu pergi, 10 mari!

Bus 100E to Kobaya Metro

3. After that, wait for bus no 100E to Kőbánya-Kispest metro station. Once arrive at Kobaya, u can take the metro to the city (using a new ticket) according to yr destination. As for us, we are going to Ferenciek square, so we took M3 to Ferenciek square stop (about 15 minutes by metro).

Dah sampai Kobaya-
Kispest Station (last station)
Inside the metro. Macam train WW2 pon ada rupanya...hahaha
4. Sampai di Ferenciek Tere, kami naik tangga, dalan beberapa langkah dan jumpa Maverick Hostel.

Bangunan Maverick Hostel
Pintu gerbang Maverick Hostel. Nama aja hostel tp, dalamnya cantik ya! Will blog
 about it in other post. 

5. So, all in all, our transport to the hostel/city cost us about RM10 only, Hanie of course free!!!! If airport transfer, mau makan 10 -20 euros.

Welcome to Budapest, the city that nestled by the western Buda Hills,
 the eastern Great Plains and the unbelievably romantic Danube River.
We checked in and rehat. Petang nak jalan2...

Credit to to my friends who contributed some of the photos in this post. 


  1. This is interesting and thanks for the info... it would come in handy sometime hehehe

  2. This is interesting and thanks for the info... it would come in handy sometime hehehe

    1. Yeah.... who knows.. may be u want to go there in the future... 😍

  3. Trip ni semua DIY ke Fari... boleh banyak jimat tu...

    1. Ya. PLM.. semua DIY... mmg kmi jimat bnyk.. klau survey2 pakej mau rm7k tp kmi spend about rm4k +++

    2. Tp PLM, kalau flight tiket dpt rm1600 atau rm1800, mau rm4k ja

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