Friday, 2 March 2018


Looking good...
Even though it was 18 degree, the day
was cold! Not like 18 degree in Genting ya..;)
After arriving at Vienna around 11 that morning, we put our baggage at the locker provided at Wien HBF. Price starts from 2 euros. Small locker €2.00, medium €2.50, large €3.50, jumbo size €4.50. U can share with friends.

Courtesy of Man in seat 61

We hopped on the Metro to the city after buying Vienna shopping pass for about 7 euros. Vienna Shopping pass can be used until 8pm the same day. However, i think the pass has been discontinued la....

How to get to the opera house from Wien HBF?

Vienna Metro
Take the metro from Hauptbahnhof to Karlsplatz with Metro U1. It took us 3 minutes with 2 stops to reach the opera.

Very beautiful Renaissance revival architecture. I presume at night,
it would be much lovelier. 

Aina n  the Alban Berg Memorial

You can rent a bicycle to tour  the city 

The entrance for the casts

A lot of sellers wearing Austrian's traditional costumes selling tickets
outside. Too bad, we didn't have time to watch the show. 
 Actually, u can tour the opera house in 40 minutes with a guide. You  will visit Tea Salon, Marble Hall, Schwind Foyer, Gustav Mahler Hall and the auditorium  but the next guided tour was at 2 and of course it did not tally with our schedule.

Guided Opera Tour (Monday to Sunday)
Adults: € 9
Pensioners (65 and older):  € 7
Children, apprentices, students (up to 27):  € 4

Unfortunately,  we had to skip the tour. How i regretted not going into this beautiful Opera House...huhuhu...

Cantiknya kat dalam... Photo taken from:

A carriage in the middle of the city... 
Lama jugak kami bergambar dan pusing2 sekitar Opera House... Sedang kami pusing-pusing, tiba2 terjumpa Angelica, si cantik manis HOHO Bus... nego punya nego, I managed to get the whole bus just for us to tour Vienna... Hahahaha.. seperti orang mengantuk di sorong bantal...

With Angelica...

In our bus... A private bus just for us. Kami dapat juga earphone dan

This is our cute lil red bus... the wheels on the bus go round and round,
round and round.
Actually, Angelica gave us 2 routes for 15 euros per person but x sempat la.. we managed to circle 1 route only...huhuhu... In the next post, we will see where did we go within that 2 hours time with our cute lil red bus...

~To be continued~

Wednesday, 21 February 2018



Train journey from Budapest to Vienna.
Budapest to Vienna is not that far. It can be reached by bus or train. Train ride is about 2 hours and 40 minutes. There are a lot of train companies going to Vienna. After some researches, i had chosen to buy the tickets from OBB itself.  The website:
OBB is the train company of Austria. Actually, u can also checkout the S-Barn, but i found OBB's website is more user friendly.

Very reliable website and the purchase was smooth. Paid by credit card and the e-tickets were sent to my email.  1 tip to buy cheaper tickets is to buy far in advance... as far as 6 months. Another tip: look for Sparschiene Österreich tickets. But these tickets are limited, they only have a certain amount of them in a day, that's why u need to buy in advanced. Another advantage of this Sparschiene Österreich tickets, up to 4 children up to the age of 15 can travel for free together with an adult passenger. So, Hanie went on the train for free but she only paid 3 euros for the seat reservation .

I bought our tickets to Vienna for 15 euros and 19 euros. Some got the 15 euros and some got the 19 euros. And we paid extra 3 euros for the seats. Seat booking is not compulsory but we preferred to sit together, so we paid for the seat reservation.

We departed from Keleti Train Station,  the main international and inter-city railway terminal. Jangan tersilap dengan station lain..ada banyak train stations in Budapest.   It seems that all busses in front of Maverick Hostel will go to Keleti. So, we just hopped on one of the buses. Journey was short and i didn't know why but it was free. We had our tickets, but the driver did not want them...

On our way to Keleti. Goodbye Budapest!

This is the main entrance to Keleti Train Station. U walk down from the bus,
u will see this building. 

Let's go inside.... Not as modern as Wien HBF.

Once u enter, u can go to the board and check which track to go to. There
are plenty of tracks. So, make sure u are on the right one. 

Cute train ni... Not ours!
There are sundry shops and money changer here.

Inside our train... There are rooms. Each room can fit in 6 people.
So we had 3 rooms for our group. 

Outside at the isle

Killing time at the cafe...

This train actually disembarked at Warsaw, Poland...
Bila la kami nak ke Poland...?
Hegyeshalom (still in Hugary) is an important
border station between Austria and Hungary

Gyor is halfway between Budapest and Vienna. The train stopped for a few
minutes here. 

Time really flew.. In no time, we were already in Wien HBF...

Yaaaayyyy... we were here right on time, 11.21am. Behind us was our train. 

Very modern train station, jauh beza dengan Keleti
Simpan bag dulu

Welcome to Wien HBF

We took a pic inside the most expensive toilet we had ever paid...
hahahaha... 2.50 euros. Very modern toilet indeed.
We put our luggage at the locker on the 2nd floor. Price starts at  €2.00.  Small locker €2.00, medium €2.50, large €3.50, jumbo size €4.50.U can share between friends.

There are a lot of passes when visiting Vienna. U can choose the one that suits u best. They have Vienna City Card 24/48/72 hours cards, 24/48/72-hour passes,Weekly travel pass and many more. We chose  metro Vienna shopping pass where we could use the pass until 8pm that night. The price was slightly cheaper than a day pass, i think about 7 euros.  This pass enables u to use all the metro lines in the city.

We only had a few hours in Vienna as we would depart to Prague in the evening... So, off we go to the city!
Off we go to catch the metro.



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Sunday, 4 February 2018



HRC Budapest is situated in the middle of the Unesco Heritage Street, in the busy Vaci Shopping Street, at the end of the road. One will not fail to locate this Cafe if u are along Utca Street.  It has 4 storeys. The underground is the new restaurant, and performance stage while the ground level is the Rock shop and the 1st floor is the old restaurant which is somehow turned into a mini museum.  You can see the impressive view of Vörösmarty Square and Váci Street from the top floor. It also has a bar outside since Hungarians really like to drink leisurely, i guess...;)

Let's look at some of the photos here....

                              The building from outside. This photo of Hard Rock Cafe is courtesy of                                                                                             TripAdvisor

 U can catch the sign very clearly from the
starting of the road.

The bar outside.
The new resto underground.
This photo of Hard Rock Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Jom naik atas... Atas ni dah ditutup sebab ada resto baru dibawah. Tapi pelanggan boleh aja naik atas nak tengok2 dan tangkap2 gambar... kira macam mini museum la...

The late MJ's hat

Ni lah agaknya bar mereka dulu2...

The Who's outfit

The stage...very small....

Guitar sapa ntah ni...
The dining area.

The view captured from the 1st floor

Kami sempatlah membeli2 t-shirts kat sini... price? Sama aja mana2 HRC around the world.

The address...

 1051 Budapest, V. district, Deák Ferenc street 3-5

Sun-Wed 12:00PM-11:00PM
Thu-Sat 12:00PM-12:00AM

Sun-Wed 12:00PM-12:00AM
Thu-Sat 12:00PM-1:00AM

Mon-Sun 10:00AM-12:00AM


Looking good... Even though it was 18 degree, the day was cold! Not like 18 degree in Genting ya..;) After arriving at Vienna around...

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