Friday, 2 December 2011

Let's Bali...(part 2: Jom explore hotel)

After makan2 at Pondok Mina, it was already nearly 3. So, we decided to head back to the hotel as the children were more than ready to swim. While the children and hubby were busy swimming, i went to the outdoor massage parlor to claim my free head and neck massage. Even though 15 minutes but, it was so relaxing and rejuvenating.
Stop by at a small shop buying prepaid

Basket weaving class. The hotel hosts many activities for the guests. They have tai chi in
the morning. And, they have different activities in the evening for the 5 separate days.

Behind the hotel. At that time, the current was quite strong. The view was so mesmerizing ! It was like
u're looking at a painting and u don't want to take yr eyes off it.
A few snaps of the pool. Big pool and most importantly, clean. Not so many people. We met a Malaysian family once there.

The lounges. Look at the coconut u could imagine how windy it was...So niiceee.....
Fun@the pool
Once we were done with swimming, we realized that it was already dark...(In Bali, just like other states in Indonesia, 6.30 pm is already twilight). And of course, our stomachs were growling and howling like mad... At that time we were do tired and had no intention to go out of this lil paradise, so we decided to dine at Garpu Restaurant. According to the waitress, they have muslim and non-muslim chefs. So, the muslim chefs will cater to the demands of the muslims...Betul x betul, wallahualam... Tp, i tell, layanan kat restoren ni memang 1st class...letak bunga sekali lagik, kat telinga plak this time...he..he... They have live band playing on alternate days. seronok betol makan kat sini...suasana die tuh yg buat seronok tuh...tepi laut..angin sepoi2 bahasa....

Outside the restaurant
4 of us!
Live band playing beautiful songs
Papa's dinner: Chilli Crab with rice
Rice, fish sate n condiments
Porcupine stuffed pastry..Complimentary from the chef..Very cute, i felt too
bad i had to eat them...

After dinner, we explored the reading room. Inside the reading room, they have 2 computers. U can use the internet for a fee. Buy the password at the reception. Besides books, the reading room also have a set of carving chess for the guests to play.

Faris n Farah playing the computer
Nicely decorated

Cantikkan..? Not for sale unfortunately..even if it is, nah..won't buy it...
Malaikat x masok umah nantik...

We called it a day..Next entree: Mount Batur and its surrounding... Shy Girl


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