Saturday, 29 June 2019


From London, we departed to Marrakesh from London Gatwick North Terminal. In the morning, we waited for Easybus near Chelsea Stadium... near tak near sangat la,,, berbuih jugakla berjalan..keh keh keh... Easybus datang lambat, cuak la jugak.. dok fikir macam mana nak ke airport ni... takut x dan aja.. dok fikir...nak naik tren ka, black cab ka,.. tiba2 tengah risau2 tu, datangla si Easybus terkedek2...katanya jalan jam... sebab bukan apa, it is not typical for them to be late.... very punctual community...
At Paddington Train Station
dngn bag berbondong2... 
Journey to the airport took us nearly an hour...relax dalam bus... Easybus is one of the cheapest ways to airports around London. We paid 4.99 pounds per person to get to the, isnt it?

Smpai airport, terpaku sekejap... memang canggih sistem self checkin and self bag drop easyjet. ada lebih kurang 16 counters for self bag drop. Ada petugas juga disediakan untuk membantu customers. Jadi, memang sangat pantas... X sampai 10 minit dah settle. Lps settle bag, kami p solat di musolla. Musolla pon besar dan selesa, sharing with a chapel... tp walaupon sharing, tempatnya asing2. 

Journey to Marrakech from London took us 2 and half hours. The flight was smooth sailing. This was my 2nd time on EasyJet. Last time masa dari Basel nak ke London. EasyJet is like our Air Asia, no frill, budget airline. We paid around RM190 per person with 2 x 23 kg bags.

Kami sampai Marrakech senja... Lps kluar dr imigration, kmi pon beli sim card Imwi. murah... 5 euro pkai internet smpai lebam...  hotspot pon x juga hbis2.... lps 5 hr kmi blik pon x hbis pkai.. org kta line imwi x brp ok tp kmi pkai ok ja... dkt pdng pasir pon line ok ja. ada ja jual dkt dlm airport sblm kluar di arrival hall.

By the time we exited the airport, our driver (booked from the riad) was already waiting for us.. very friendly man n the mpv was new too... clean n cosy.. we paid 20 euros for the 5 of us, one trip to Marrakech city..  x jaoh pon.. dkt ja. I suggest u people get the transfer from the hotel/riad u stay at because if u hire normal  taxi or other type of transfers, they don't really know the location of your riad. jln2 nk ke riad tu kdng2 kecil, kenderaan x blh masuk.  mcm kmi ni, kmi turun di jln bsr dn dah ada yg tunggu untuk bwa  bag kami ke riad.. dr main road to riad dlm 5 minit jln kaki.. mmg kebanyakan riad di Marrakech ni terletak di lorong2 kecil...

Welcome to Riad de Essoura. Beautiful, Cosy n warm  small riad... friendly owner.
Family room for 4  cost us around rm250+ per day with breakfast. 

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Oxford Street

Pagi2 lg lps breakfast gigih keluar ke Oxford Street, nk shopping punya hal lah ni... tp bkn la shopping apa sngt pon.. pi Primark ja.. n kedai dekat2 lane primark tu... primark kan bukak pg... so blhla dtg pg2. When we arrived, a lot of crowds were already there, Christmas shopping kot...

The main entrance

Our apartment at Paddington. See, it was raining that morning... 
I always look forward to see this service info board.
Cute! This time we took the tube from Paddington to Oxford Circus, no change!

Jom layan gambar...

Lepas belik2, kami p minum kopi kat Insomnia cafe.. dalam Primark tu jugak...

Bagi yg nk belik souvenirs pon mmg bnyk btl kedai souvenirs di area oxford st n Piccadilly. pilih ja kedai mna nk masuk. hrga lbh kurang aja... may be ada beza sikit la.. i x belik apa pon.. too many London souvenirs already. Faris n Farah la belik sikit for friends.

Even area Paddington pon ada bnyk souvenir shops... org pon x la sesak mcm di oxford st. harga, more or less the same.

Paddington pon dah macam Oxford Street

Sekitar Oxford Street ni jngnla risau... bnyk sngt kedai mkn halal.. blh aja pilih yg mna nak... tp kmi x mkn luar pon hr ni... blik apartment mkn home cooked meal...hahaha

Hajat hati nk ke Harrods lps ni tp mcm x larat pulak coz the weather was not so good, intermittent rain... typical English weather... hmmmm.... lagipun bukan ada duit pon nak blanja2 di Harrods...hahaha...

Rainy day... :(

Sunday, 12 May 2019


Salam Ramadhan Everyone!

Since this was my 5th or 6th time to London, so x nak lah p Buckingham dan seangkatan dengannya lagi... This time, i brought my kids to London British Museum. Actually, not many people are aware that London British Museum is actually an interesting museum, especially for kids. It is a very huge museum and I dont think one can finish exploring it in n hour or so. And the best part is, it is FREE!!! :) Only special exhibitions are not free.

Opening hours would be from 10am - 5.30pm and extra hours on Friday. The museum is situated at Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London and there are two subway lines that are the nearest to the museum. U can either take the central and Piccadilly line and stop at Holborn station or take the Central line and stop at Totenham Court Road station. Distance lebih kurang aja nak ke museum from both stations. Sebelum masuk ada check bag but fred not, it is just a routine check.

Since it was already 3pm that day, we straight away went to the area that  I really wanted to go. Asked the information centre and straight away went to the 3rd floor, room 62 -64 where all the mummies rest and Egyptians artifacts are situated.  However, room 4, I x dan nak p.  The British Museum houses the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities. Nak ke Egypt tak dapat lagik, so ke British Museum pon ok dah...

The museum is so enormous, i have never seen a museum as big as this one. Terus teringat A night at the museum movie pulak. I think if I am given the time, i can spend my whole day there...

Jom tengok-tengk dalam room 63 and 64.

Seriau ni malam2

Lepas ronda- ronda di area Egyptian era, kita masuk pula bilik- bilik berdekatan, Mesopotamia if I am not mistaken.

After a while, i heard the museum staff asked us to leave, it was time already, nearly 5.30pm.

Jadikla dapat tengok sekejap! To me, it was not enough. Definitely will come back in the future...insyaallah!  Even though the trip was so short but i was pretty sure the kids learnt something especially when ustaz was around to tell them all the history! So, to those who love museums, make sure to drop by at London British Museum if u happen to be in London.:)

Friday, 8 February 2019

Matsuri: Halal eating outlet in Osaka

Matsuri can be said as my fav Halal Jap eating resto whenever i go to Osaka. The 1st time i came here was way back in 2017. I came twice in 2018.

The entrance

Why do I like eating here?
😁 Affordable price ((Japanese standard)
😁 Easily accesible. Very near to subway station.
😀Taste to my liking (but this is very subjective)
😀 Can make your own Takoyaki
😀 Prayer room
😀 Friendly staff

Making our own takoyaki
Our own DIY Takoyaki


Some of the food we had tried. I love the Okonomiyaki so much (bottom right).
Kek ikan pon sedap (not in the pic)

😣 Slow service when there are a lot of people. There was a time, we had 2 wait 2 hours for food. However, all the other time i went there, everything was ok!
😣 Limited space. The restaurant can only fit in very few people.

The dining area inside, can fit around 15 people. 

How to get there?
Metro: Take the pink line (Sen-Nichimae Line) to the last stop, Nodahanshin. Go out at exit 7 and walk for about 3 minutes. U will see a KFC before u reach the restaurant.
Hanshin Line: stop at Noda Station.
* I always use the metro, never try the Hanshin line to get to Matsuri.

Exit 7, 
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.00-14.00
Dinner: 17.00-24.00
Opens everyday.

2nd night in Osaka, Nov 2018. Bumped into the lead actor of Pascal...hahaha...

Despite the slow service, i really like the food here and will definately come back whenever i go to Osaka. That's all for now! Happy eating 😀

Chelsea VS Arsenal

After Hyde Park, we straight away went to our apartment at Paddington. Seronok sangat dok area tu. We stayed at Alexander Paddington Apartment, very near to Paddington station, about 5 minutes walk. It is a self check-in apartment. Passwords were given earlier. Very nice n homely area.  And most importantly, a lot of halal eating outlets. Cafès, subway, kfc, all halal... 😍😍😍... kalau dtg lg, mmg nk repeat stay area ni... sblm ni ingt nk duduk area Whitechapel, tp x da apartment murah pulak...hehe... drawbacks: internet slow sikit dan apartment kami tv rosak... aishhh.. nasibla i am not a tv person. I gave 7/10.  
Apartment entrance
After leaving our bags yg berbondong2 tu (check-in at 3pm).  Today we planned to visit football stadiums. Id been to London many tines, so this time qround just followed others' iten... hehehe... 
Chelsea's diehard fan at
Fulham Broadway
1st destination: Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's stadium. 
How to get there: take the district line (green) to Fulham Broadway stop. 5 minutes walk from Fulham Broadway. 

Faris mmg minat sungguh Chelsea. So, bg peluang ler...haha.. he even bought an originsl jersey... mhal ya rabbi... huhuhu... anyway,  this was my 2nd time here.  Just like other football stadiums, there is a stadium tour.

Tagging name station.
A proud owner!

After Chelsea, we went further north to Highbury, where Emirates Stadium lies.. yg ni papa nyer pula... hmmm.....  From Fulham Broadway, we took the district line and change to piccadily line (blue) at Earl's court. From there, ride 14 stops and stop at Arsenal and the stadium is about 5 minutes walk from the subway station.

Kejiranan Highbury cantik dan aman ja nampak. Ada bnyk rumah2 kediaman.  Disebabkn Faris dh dpt hadiah jersey Arsenal dr presiden kelab Arsenal pokok ceri, maka nk x nak, pkai juga dn bergambar dpn Emirates Stadium... haha...  ok tuh... lgpon kita x pyh nk minat melampau2 sangat... gitu2 ja.. 😀

Ada kawasan lapang dkt area ni,
jd blhla solat di sini. Org pon x
ramai lalu-lalang coz  x ada game.

Bersama presiden kelab
Pokok ceri 
 Arsenal pon ada stadium tour tp just like Chelsea, mhl juga...huhuhu...

Kalau ikotkan mereka2 ni, masih lg nk teruskn perjlnan ke Spurs pulk lepa ni... tp sebab hr dh ptg dan bdn pon dah penat dr smlm atas flight.. so cancel. After Arsenal, we took the tube back to Paddington. Singgah Subway Paddington, halal ya! Coz adik Farah blnja birthday papa... Balik apartment, still msak nasik... mkn lg... perut melayu kn.... 😂😂 ...

Happy Birthday, Papa! Kelas ko.. celebrate
Birthday kek London...hahaha



From London, we departed to Marrakesh from London Gatwick North Terminal. In the morning, we waited for Easybus near Chelsea Stadium... near...

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