Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Toy Museum, Penang

2011 was the year of Penang. I'd been to Penang so many times, i lost count! Hubby got continuous jobs there, so the kids and i tagged along sometimes. We'd been there by different mode of transport, bus, air plane,  and car. Semua merasa. In one of the visits, we went to the toy museum. Actually, i'd planned to visit this museum long time ago (when i stayed at Copthorne) but only last year i managed to go there.
The entrance
The kids and the predator!
It is situated right in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel. To those who do not know where is Copthorne, the toy museum is situated at Jalan Tanjung Bungah (N5 27.962 E100 17.511). U can see all sorts of figurines, dolls and characters at the museum. Entrance fee is RM10 for adults and RM6 for kids. It is opened daily at 9am until  9 pm.

There are many sections in the museum such as the chamber of horror, Star wars collections, combats and so on.

My old time fav!
Famous figurines
More toys

Me, hubby n Farah

Faris n mama

Tplah kan, there sections that are less taken care off. I mean, it's a bit dusty. I also think they need a bigger place to store the toys. There are too many of them. My guess is, it's individually owned. Overall, the place is fun!

We spent some times there and on our way out, Farah bought a Barbie set with cooking theme at the price of RM10. So very very cheap!

Our favourite!

One question triggers in my mind: Perhaps the toys might be alive at night?!


  1. dulu pernah sampai penang masa lawatan sekolah,,pas tu tak pegi dah..:)

    mungkin boleh bawak ank-anak jalan kat penang cuti ni..

  2. Haah, Wa..Pegikla bila ada masa...Mcm2 leh buat kat Penang... esp makan2..memang x leh tahan...;)



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