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Our second day in GC, we went to Seaworld. After breakfast, about 9 plus, we walked to the bus stop and caught bus 750 to Seaworld. The journey was about 15 minutes aja. X jam pon... We had to get on the bus after 9 to get the off peak price. We had breakfast at home where i cooked spaghetti..wah..pagi2 dah mkn spaghetti.. I brought the food from Malaysia...he..he..

The weather seemed not so good. In fact, it was pretty bad...:(

Upon reaching the bus stop, we would pass the ducktour counter 1st.
This was the view after the rain last night. Look at the roadside, all wet n watery!
Seaworld from the bus stop. For those who are driving, there are ample parking space and it's free! Look at the gloomy sky [sigh...]

Even though the weather was not on our side but there were still busy crowds mushrooming Seaworld on that day as it was a Sunday.
I didn't have to Q like these people as I already had my tickets with me..he...he... So, kami pon masok teros.. Masok2 jumpa mechandise shop and si Spongebob tengah berlegar2 ria kat situ... Personally, out of all the parks I had been to in GC, i like Seaworld the best.

A photo with Spongebob. I'm not so sure why the photo looks so stretched... 

Nothing much to tell here..So, let's just look at what u can do at Seaworld.

Pedal boats are chargeable but since it was drizzling, so they had some kind of
happy hour and let people rode for free.

This is the new attraction. Will be opened at the end of June.
Here is the information on show time for Seaworld. U will only get this once u're there. They won't reveal it even in the website. The time might change from time to time.. Hope this will help those who want to plan yr time there. I found it difficult to plan my day when i did not have the show time.

SpongeBob Parade - 12.15pm (The parade was cancelled when we went there as it was drizzling)

Sea Detectives Sea Lion Show - 10.15 am and 2.30pm

Imagine Dolphin Show - 11.15 am and 3.30 pm (must watch!)

Jet stunt extreme - 1.15pm and 4.15 pm

Dora's show - 11am and 3pm.

Ray reef feeding session - 11 am and 3 pm

Penguin feeding session - 10.45 am and 3 pm

Jom sambung tengok gambar...

Some of the animals...

Top left: Penguin Encounter, Bottom left and right: star fish and stingray.
You can touch them with yr bare hands. 

Some of the rides...

And some of the shows...

Farah loves Dora. So, kami pon tengoklah Dora. Faris was a bit reluctant
to watch as he thought the show was for if he's not a kid, huh!

This is my favourite show!

This is a MUST watch show and it's called Imagine Dolphin Show. 
Still on the dolphin show
Fish detectives sea lion show is a short comedic skit involving the two
cute and intelligent sea lions named Buddy and Clawde. The show is about
20 minutes. 
Jet Stunt Extreme Show
This is where visitors have picnics while watching jet extreme stunt and also the parade. There was no parade on this
day due to the unpredictable weather condition. 
Meanwhile, The penguin Encounter is also my favourite...

The entrance

Very true, indeed!

This is the penguin learning centre where u can press the penguins' head (ala... bayang2 hitam tu),
and the details will appear on the screen. It looked like we conquered the place as no one
was interested to know about the lil penguin species.... It tells u info like
population, habitat, characteristics, etc. What a fun n interactive way to learn!

More inside the penguin encounters
Below is the monorail. It has 3 stations. It helps give you the great overview of the whole park. The 3 stations are the main station, the mid station (near shark bay) and the last station which is only for Seaworld Resort guests.

The main station
Top: Main Station, bottom: the monorail

Another great way to see the view of Seaworld is by the Skyway. When I went to Sentosa the other day, we needed to pay for the skyway but this one is free..he..he.. But, the sky way will not operate if the weather is windy. It will still be operating if it's raining but not during windy condition. I had no photo of us on the skyway as it was raining quite heavily when we were inside the skyway.

This lovely photo of the skyway is courtesy of Themepark Insider at

Smoking is a dfinate NO NO at Seaworld. However, there are a few special venues such as the pic below for smokers to smoke..:)

Add caption

There are a few merchandise shops here. I didn't buy anything. I thought of buying the hoodie sweater but after looking at the quality, i think it was not worth buying one. They also have bargain goods like AUD10 t-shirts and the towels which cost lesser if u buy more. People say Seaworld also offers cheap items to go at the end of the day. Well, I can't confirm that as I didn't wait until the end. I was out at 4pm. I couldn't stand the rain anymore and i was quite worried my children would fall sick.

One of the available merchandise shops. 

Broadwater Cafe serves Halal food and it's the only Halal eating outlet around.

What did I buy at Seaworld? Besides popcorn and fish n chips, I bought the tumbler for AUD6. Refill is AUD2.

I guess that's about it! Will tell u more stories later... Bye!


  1. wahhh tak tido lagi? mentang2 la cuti lama. hehehe. ade baca byk review kata seaworld mmg best! i dont want to put hopes high. hehehe.

    papepun, tgk gmbr ko mmg agak kecewa dgn cuaca mcm tu. bertabahlah...semoga ade rezeki utk jejak kaki lg. insyaALLAH.

    1. He...he...selamat jalan John..! I know your visit to Seaworld will be a better one than mine...:) Dah start keja dah hari ni...sob..sob... passing baton kat ko plak, 2 weeks hol! Anyway, despite the gloomy weather, we enjoyed ourselves very much at Seaworld...:)

  2. Hi Farikica! Berry ni.. whiteberry. hahaha

    Ada glowing jellyfish tak kat situ? hehe... Sukaaa tengok glowing jellyfish. So beautiful.

    And to danny, happy holiday. sob sob..

    1. Hi Berry! Lama x borak..he..he.. Glowing jellyfish..? Not so sure la.. ada kot... Amcam projek baru..? Nak Ke mana plak?

    2. Heheh..projek baru baru hbs balik europe sajork..

      Nak pergi dekat2 je pasneh.. duit tarak dah ni...

    3. He..he.. x pa.mcm biasakla...tabung ayam kasik penoh balik... pas tu leh la panjangkan langkah...kejap jer tu nak penoh..he..he.. nak kosongkan pon kejap jugak... Ke europe ni very addictive... Dah pegik sekalik, mesti mau pergi lagik...

  3. Salam Yong, tengok penguin teringat Mumble dlm "Happy Feet". Sian diorang terkurung.

    1. Happy Feet..he..he..anak2 saya ade tengok kartun tu kat HBO...Penguin yg menyanyi2... iye la kan...x dapat hidup bebas dalam habitat semulajadi...

  4. halal kat restoran tu jual apa ek?
    sea world ni mesti masuk itinerary ni sbb kids suka kann
    aishh xcitedd hihi

    1. Western food rasanya..saya x pasti pasal cuma tapau Fish n chips aja tp memang mahal betol.. Bayngkan anak saya belik popcorn sampai AUD9...popcorn mereka x sedapla..masin, x da butter dan honey.. kita tekak malaysia nak yg manis2 aja...:) w/pon sea world mengamalkan polisi tiada makanan luar boleh di bawa masok tp mereka x check, semua org bawa bekal sendiri..rotila, buah la,siap bawak jam ngan sos pon ada saya nengok.... For me, out of all the theme parks that i went to, Sea world is the best! but i think kids mungkin lebih suka movie world atau dream world pasal banyak rides...

    2. Fari..OoOo ok..kat perth haritu pon basic fish n chip pon 14aud..kalau depe tak check sgt beg boleh la kite bawa food..kami mmg suke bawak bekal sbb anak 4 terpeleot juga kalau asik beli je ehehe
      kami dah draft2 agenda macam nak gi 2 jer..salah satu wajib sea world

    3. Hmmm..saya mmg masak hari2 kat GC smiley... nak cut cost sikit...he..he.. Lagipon dapor mereka comel sungguh..suka betol saya masak2 kat sana... nanti saya akan buat entry pasal apartment yg saya duduk tu... skrg tengah draft pasal paradise country farm...
      wah, ramai tu 4 x pa, the more the merrier...:)

  5. Salam Farikcia...ada satu restoran melayu kat gold coast tu..tapi harganya agak mahai..SRI MAHARANI....

    1. Salam Nekcik..haah, maharani ada..saya x makan pon sana.. saya penah lalu satu hari tu, ingat nak p mkn, tetiba tutup plak..kol 3 ptg baru bukak..selepas2 tu, saya x penah dah ke sana...memang agak mahal..saya tengok rata2 1 dish dalam AUD13-AUD17..

  6. Best best baca entry fari. Harap harap satu hari nanti akak akan sampai ke situ plak.

    1. Tq akak... Insyallah, d zaman sekarang ni, OZ ngan M'sia dh mcm nak ke Langkawi naik kereta aja distancenyer...he..he.. pls bear with me, there'll be more stories to come...;)

  7. Awesome! Saya teringin nak bawa anak pergi Sea World suatu hari nanti. Thanks for sharing, Farikica!

    1. Insyaallah..where there's a will, there's a way...Like i said earlier, Sea World is the best out of all...:)



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