Friday 18 May 2012

My 7 Super Shots


I guess most of us have known about this lil game. Or, in case u are still blurry about all this, pls pay's blog a visit! I will now continue the assignment tagged by my Malaysian Travel Blogger friend, Yafieda Jamil...Thanxs Fie, for tagging me...! All of a sudden, I become so excited searching for the photos. Somehow when looking at all the photos, it brings back old memories of all the places I'd been to. And, it makes me feel so grateful and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to witness his beautiful creations.  It takes me a while to choose the most suitable photo for each of the category. Therefore, after a few hours of selective selection, these are the 'winners' for each category!


Amsterdam (2009) - This photo was taken when I was on my way to Brussels from Amsterdam. I didn't really know the name of the place, actually. When seeing such breathtaking scenery, your hands would automatically grabbed the camera, and your fingers would definitely busy clicking here and there. The greenery of the field stuck in my mind until today. Not only that, the weather was also on our side that day. Just look at the sky!


Cameron Highland (2011) - This is very personal to me. No matter how angry I am, no matter how tired I am and no matter how they make me mad... I will always smile and laugh when I am with them. These are my two crown jewels. Difficult to control and stubborn at times but I love them with all my heart!


Madame Tussauds, Bangkok, Thailand (2011) - My dream is to visit the White House. Since USA is very far and expensive to go, so, visiting Madame Tussauds would do.  If I ever visit the White House, I am pretty sure, Mr Barrack Obama is no longer the president of the USA. I love this place. I can take photos with all the famous people around the world, including the president of the United States...:)


Chu Chi Tunnel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2010) - This photo shows how the Vietcong cooked their meal during the war in the 70s. The food in the photo was called paper cake. The ladies used to cook the paper cake very early in the morning and only in the morning because they needed the fog to blend with their cooking's smoke so that the American Soldiers would not detect them.  I learnt a lot about life when visiting Vietnam. It really made me sat back and think, why there is war in this wonderful world?  People should live in harmony and peace. And no one, i repeat, NO ONE deserves to suffer.


Pondok Mina Restaurant, Bali (2011) - Very appetizing! Sweet n sour gourami fish. We stopped at Pondok Mina Restaurant on our way back from Tirtagangga Water Palace. The fish was so delicious and fresh. It has a balanced taste between sweet and savory. The price was cheap too. If I'm not mistaken, it was about RM12 for the whole set consisting of the fish, rice and vegetable. The driver who took us around that day showed us the place. We told him we wanted to eat at a cheap halal eating outlet and he brought us here.


Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Sarawak (2011) - These skeletons were kept in the house for protection from the evil spirits. According to the Bidayuh's people (one of the indigenous races in Sarawak), when the warriors had killed their enemies, you need to keep the skeletons and perform some rituals from time to time so that the spirits would be in peace and they wouldn't haunt you and your family. Scary, isn't it?


Lands End, Penzance, West Cornwall, UK (2000) - Hmmm... this is actually the most difficult one to find...Knowing me and my skill in photography... While scrolling up and down my files and searching high and low into all my boxes and albums, I saw this photo. Very classic and old. This was taken more than 10 years ago. I went on a day trip from Plymouth to Lands End. As the name suggests, Lands End is the extremely westerly point of the mainland of United Kingdom.  When i snapped the photo, the wind was very strong and it seemed like thunder storm was coming. The water looked rough and fierce slamming the rocky islets.

Alright folks... I rest my case! I hope u enjoy reading my 7 super shots. Before I sign off, i would like to nominate 5 interesting people whose lives are so interesting, i wish i could be like them. Ok, guys..i pass the baton to you..!

1. Rayyan @ Si Traveler Comel
2. Wilson @ Places n food 
3. John @ Kaki Berangan
4. MasZuber @  Journey of Life
5. Feeq @ Feeqsays

P/s: I'm very glad i took part in Hostelbookers 7 Super Shot.


  1. wait for it! it's gonna be legenda...wait for it..ry! haha

  2. Hello lovely mother aka travel bloggers too. First time visit your blog. First of all, I love your blog header. Wish to do like yours but so lazy. Hehehe..

    I went Chu Chi tunnel too but didnt got the chance to see them cook the paper cake. So unlucky me. >.<

  3. I love the last photo! Very nice shot! :-)

    1. Okay I really can't find the comment box because my eyes seem to be blur at the moment. Lol. So I'm hijacking R.A.W.s comments. Hehe.

      Yes I've been to Cu Chi tunnel and didn't see this lady as well. Wonder why. Love the 'tengkorak' photo, went to the Cultural Village too but didn't seem to see it. Haha.

      I like the photo on food. I seem to love food a lot! Thanks for doing the assignment. Hehe.

    2. @Fie-nuts: Eh?? Hehe

      @Farikicasworld: The clouds in the first photo look very surreal. Are you sure you didn't super impose them? Heheh ;-) Seriously cool photo!

  4. first, the ikan makes me hungry now at midnight.

    you kids a super cute and cheeky, proud mommy i bet.

    ok, i dont think i want to touch the skeleton seriously, even if they put the signage PLEASE TOUCH. ehhehe...

  5. sebab i tengah lapar sekarang, gambo no.5 tue membuatkan i menggigill...

    thnx for tagging me. :-) i will write an entry about it. muah muah!

  6. Know bout this blog from Rayyan's. Love all your photos...

    My pick is the first photo. There's something about those greeneries that'll always make you feel sorta comforted & calm...

    The last photo reminds me of Harry Potter.

    1. Hanih: thanxs 4 stopping by and liking the photos ..:)Do visit me again...;) Cheers! That Harry porter photo is very old..just look at the date...ha.ha.. memories..memories...

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. TQ all for the comments..My blog is or shall i say was never this lively be4..thanxs 2u guys...:)I'm glad u'll like my photos as i'm a bit worried of my photos not to yr expectations...ha..ha..esp RAW, looking at his photos makes me feel very very small...ha.. ha...

    Rayyan: Yeah..i'm patiently waiting for yr entry...:)

    Di: Tqvm...N/mind, there's always a chance to repeat HCM. I really adore the Vietnamese...small in size but they have hearts made of steel. :) Di, when u've done yrs, tag me ya...:) I can't wait to see others' 7 Super shots.

    P/s: Accidentally terdelete my previous post.. [sigh]

    1. Eh? (Kali kedua eh dah ni, hehe!) Don't say that. The truth is, almost every other Malaysian would probably feel small whenever they meet up with me. But that's because I'm quite a tall guy, not because of anything else, heheh! ;-)

    2. He..he.. x pa...20 x pon orait ja...Really love all yr photos, esp the one in Rome, mesti mau pigi jugak one day. misti mau pigi..;) See, how images can give impact to people...? ha..ha...

  9. @Fie.. u're so funny... Don't worry, hijacking is allowed here...ha..ha.. Thanxs 4 liking my photos.. I nearly got a migraine selecting them but it was fun, though..:) Yeah, the skeletons were in the Bidayuh's house (the 1st house u visit if u follow the circle). Yup, i didn't touch them.. the house itself looks creepy. Wonder who/what visits the house at midnight..ha..ha..

    RAW: It's real...ok!...:) That photo is one of my fav photos..! Anyway, i don't really know how to do super impose myself... The last photo? Ancient! Looks very classic, rite..? Just look at the date...

    Yeah, now that u mentioned it, i do agree with u Hanih Borhan, it kinda reminds me of Harry Porter..;)

  10. Mas n Lily...u 2 girls need to control yr appetite ha... don't eat at midnight...! ha..ha... Who cares, rite? Yeah, the fish was super dooper delicious.. do u know the whole fish was supposed to be for 1 person...? at 1st, we wanted to share, but when we looked at the other tables, all the locals ordered the whole fish, kami pon orderla mcm mereka...keh..keh... nak pengsan makan ikan... i guess the Balinese really loves fish..:)

  11. sitting on the chair while obama standing next to u, IS GEMPAK! hahaha! the world is in your hand...or shall i say, your hubby's hand? hehehe!

    1. He..he.. i love madamme tussauds... we can be buddies with all the important people..ha.ha...!

    2. now...that gourami fish REALLY makes my mouth watering! slurp! i'm hungryyyyyy!

      madamme tussauds is soooo in my list, my hubby isn't a fan of wax celebrities. BOO! i need to hug Johnny Depp...pleaseeee!

    3. He..he...neither do my hubby...but when i paid for him to enter, he was more than happy to accompany me...huh! But this one is smaller.. the one in London is much much bigger n have more wax figurines.. hy, u're ging to Sydney, rite..? There's one there...

  12. Ok now baru bole cite pasal Madamme Tussaudds ;p

  13. found ur blog from rayyan's.

    hi! i like the natgeo photo sebab nampak mcm creepy seolah2 tmpt tu bakal digulung ombak.

    1. hello fatt. tq 4 dropping by...:) yup, memang nk hujan ribut pon sebenarnya waktu tu... angin memang sangat2 kuat...waktu tu x terpikir plak pasal tsunami ke hapa...



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