Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halal Food at Manila: Kabab Persian

Salam semua,

I decided to separate this post from others as to give u more info on the halal food around Manila. In Manila, there are plenty of Halal food around but it's difficult to find any outside Manila. Before we checked in into our hotel, we stopped by at Kabab Persian. This resto specialities are Persian / Mediterranean / Middle Eastern cuisines. Prices are affordable and the portions are large. Kalau x kuat makan, boleh share satu meal, 2 org. Lokasinya adalah di persimpangan E. Rodriquez Avenue dan Jln Tomas Morato. The taste? For me, tasty enough... Okla to survive...

You can dine inside the air-cond room or dine outside
The Menu: Too many selections, difficult to choose...rambang mata...

Let's check out some of the meals.

Yg ni briyani set (150 peso = rm 12). Kalau u request Jasmine
Rice instead of Basmati rice, cheaper by 10 peso.

Water melon juice ( 45 peso =
 rm3.50)  Semua jus
sama harga. Shake
mahal sikit.

Thick Mango juice  (45
peso = rm3.5

Shawarma with rice (80 peso = rm6).  Tea (25 peso = rm2)
Yang ni dalam 160 peso rasanya...

If I'm not mistaken, it is opened 24 hours. Even though this is a halal eating outlet, but they serve alcohol in the premise.

This is the address: #1 E. Rodriguez Avenue (Corner  Tomas Morato Avenue), Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: 497-6273

Semua muka dah kenyang...:)

*Harga tu dah ingat2 lupa sebenarnya..So, lebih kurang halal ajala...x lari bnyk pon...


  1. Akak n hubby baru berkira kira nak beli tiket ke manila, tapi baru baru ni AA gantung flight ke clark kan? Takper, nak bc citer farikica dulu, pastu boleh decide nak gi ke tidak...A

    1. x tau plak pasal citer gantung fligh tu..I went with AA... But if u have the chance to just go straight to Manila, take the saves u 2 hours for the journey.

  2. planning to go to Manilla next year. hehe. this post will certainly help me a lot in finding halal food. thanks!

    1. Plenty of halal food in Manila.. don't u worry...:) and cheap too... however, i couldn't find any in Clark.

  3. Thanks for the info..mesti entry ni banyak membantu pd yang nak pergi sana.

  4. wow beriayaniiii,

    tetiba pepagi nie buleh lapar pule..

    1. Alah, ape susah..p je kedai ane sebelah tu, orderla beryani kambing 1...:)



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