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Salam All! May be most of u already know where exactly is Malaysia's Gold Coast. I don't really know for sure why the place is called Gold Coast as it doesn't look like GC Surfers Paradise at all...;) Anyway, this place is really a perfect weekend getaway with family and friends. It is very near to Kuala Lumpur and u can reach the place in less than an hour or so, depending on the traffic. In addition, the price is affordable and u can hve lotsa fun especially with the kids!

I bought the promo ticket to GC Morib at Matta Fair. It cost me RM198 per family which consisted of a huge double bed room facing the sea, 4 tickets to the water park, 2 buffet breakfast and 2 buffet dinner.  U can even go on a school holiday with no extra charge but it must be on weekdays only. Weekdays are from Sunday to Thursday.  I think it is a cheap bargain! Anyway, the accommodation was super fine to me! The room was huge. Boleh golek2 dalam tu. It has a jacuzzi which reminded me of Tiki Village in Surfers Paradise (hmmm..that's a significant similarity!)

Top: The jacuzzi at GC Morib
Bottom: The jacuzzi at Tiki Village, GC, AU

We arrived about 3 in the afternoon. Quite late actually coz we had things to settle in the morning. I think it's better to come early coz u can even go to the beach later on.

Just arrived!
Happynyer Farah...
We checked in...

The check in counter.
After checked in, we went out for a while to the food court nearby (about 4km)... Makan seafood ler... Anyway, What's the specialty here in Morib?

Apakah itu? Ha...inilah sotong bakar. Sedap...
RM10 per plate. Ada 2 saiz rasanya...Kecik dan besar.
This one yg besar.
One thing about Morib ni....bnyak sangat lalat la... apa lagik kalau mkn sotong ni...lagikla mengundang mereka datang...U can ask for some candles from the makcik kedai... but the candles don't help much.... the flies are still happily partying at your table, though...ha..ha...

Come...let's check out the room, shall we....:)

Top: the two single beds. Bottom: the sliding
door heading to the balcony.

Top: some of the toiletries provided.
Bottom: this small tissu box caught my eyes. Comelkan?
The bathroom

Farah resting at the balcony
View from our room; overlooking the sea.
View of the ground from our 5th floor room.

At 4, we were already at the water park....ready to get wet!!!

Standby for action!
Papa n Farah
The 3 of them... obviously mummy was the one
Snapping the photo...
The water park is not as large as Tiara's n I liked it
because I could easily locate Farah. Kalau tidak...
asik hilang saje si kenit tu...
Some of the slides

Other water attractions
Float ni dlm rm10 rasanya...
If u dont have the entrance tix, u can buy it separately.
Of course package price is a real bargain
compared to buying individual tix.
At night, we dined at the hotel as the voucher consisted of buffet dinner for 2 pax. I paid extra RM15 per child for the buffet. The buffet dinner was not bad... With the price, I was very satisfied with the selection. They also refilled the food when it was almost empty.

Some of the food at buffet dinner
Top: Selection of deserts
Bottom: Makan jangan x makan...
Lepas makan sampai buntang, kami pon jalan2 kat luar ambik udara pantai...

Buffet breakfast pon not bad...Oklah lagi dari Hotel Seri Msia. One tip for visitors, if u see that the cafe is full during brekafast, the waiter at the cafe entrance will ask u to go to the adjacent building for breakfast. Don't hesitate, just go.. There will be less people there and it's more comfortable. Makanan yg disediakan sama aja... Bilik breakfast 2 akan dibuka bila ada ramai guest check in the night before.

Kat Morib ni, besides the sea, it is also famous for its kerepek...So, before we left Morib, we stopped by at kerepek house to buy some tidbits for me n my mum back home. P/s: the sambal goreng kering was very delicious. Rugi x belik lebih...

Ada bnyk rak yg kosong...lepas raya kot..bnyk stok dah habis

A few kilometres from GC Morib ni...we saw RPP Morib. Cantik..perhaps next time we can check in here but it's not that easy to book one though...
RPP Morib


  1. Lama tak singgah sini header pun dah bertukar :-)

    JM ni..Gold Coast Morib belum jejak kaki...tapi tulah..pesal nama sama eh...lain benar ngan Gold Coast Surfers Paradise tu..

    Budak2 sukalah bawak main2 air ni..JM pun suka kalau naik slide tu...hihih

    1. Haah JM..Menang suja sngt..cuma hr tu kami smpai lewat sikit..mcm rugi ler jugak

  2. I have always heard of your Gold Coast... It does look like an awesome place for a weekend getaway... The hotel looks fabulous --and that buffet must have been delicious.... Looks like a perfect time for ALL.


    1. Hi Betsy...yup my children were having great fun there!

  3. Sebelum ni,abg supermeng cerita pasal tpt ni gak. Rm198 sebilik,murah giler tu.lepas ni sayj nak try gak la cari promotion hotel ni

    1. meng report buffet x best.. to me ok ja...very subjektifkan bab2 mkn mmg murah sngt deal tu rasa I..hi..hi...grab yg matta punye. .lebih berbaloi..kalu mydeal ka grupon ke rasanys x da buffet dinner n sch hols kena byr xtra rm50

  4. Lama dah tak jalan-jalan di sini. Profile picture pun dah tukar...baru nampak rupa orangnya :)

    Great Wall tu membuatkan saya rindu Beijing :P

    1. Haahlakan prof... tmpt jatuh lg dikenang...

  5. Macam best lah. dah lama teringin tapi rege yg u amik tu really murah tuu..

    1. Kak yan, kalau suka ke matta fair blh beli di sana tp klau x p, blh beli kt grupon tp x dpt free tix for 2 kids n kena byr surcharge for sch hol.

  6. Assalamualaikum sis. Last pegi Morib was like 11 years back. Mak aiii sekarang dah siap ada GC bagai kan. My friend recently stayed there, dia beli voucher kat Groupon. Memang recommended gak katanye. Insha Allah, nak gak try lah. Melampau asik nak ke Korea je kan. Haha.

    1. Ha..ha..korea dh jd mcm rumah kedua u kekdahnya..:) yup kt grupon n mydeal pon bnyk package ni tp ada beza sikit ler...

  7. He he, mula mula baca, ingat kan g coast australia.. Dah pegi tahun lepas..memang best bwak anak2:-)

    1. Itulah kan..bikin gempak aja..he..he.. rupanya p Morib


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