Friday, 8 February 2019

Matsuri: Halal eating outlet in Osaka

Matsuri can be said as my fav Halal Jap eating resto whenever i go to Osaka. The 1st time i came here was way back in 2017. I came twice in 2018.

The entrance

Why do I like eating here?
😁 Affordable price ((Japanese standard)
😁 Easily accesible. Very near to subway station.
😀Taste to my liking (but this is very subjective)
😀 Can make your own Takoyaki
😀 Prayer room
😀 Friendly staff

Making our own takoyaki
Our own DIY Takoyaki


Some of the food we had tried. I love the Okonomiyaki so much (bottom right).
Kek ikan pon sedap (not in the pic)

😣 Slow service when there are a lot of people. There was a time, we had 2 wait 2 hours for food. However, all the other time i went there, everything was ok!
😣 Limited space. The restaurant can only fit in very few people.

The dining area inside, can fit around 15 people. 

How to get there?
Metro: Take the pink line (Sen-Nichimae Line) to the last stop, Nodahanshin. Go out at exit 7 and walk for about 3 minutes. U will see a KFC before u reach the restaurant.
Hanshin Line: stop at Noda Station.
* I always use the metro, never try the Hanshin line to get to Matsuri.

Exit 7, 
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11.00-14.00
Dinner: 17.00-24.00
Opens everyday.

2nd night in Osaka, Nov 2018. Bumped into the lead actor of Pascal...hahaha...

Despite the slow service, i really like the food here and will definately come back whenever i go to Osaka. That's all for now! Happy eating 😀


  1. last time this kedai masuk dalam list jugak.. tapi tengah2 jalan tu ada trjumpa kedai halal lain.. n nak ke sini macam jauh lagi. kensel terus hehe.. ada rezeki repeat kita terjah sini =)

    1. Ok food dia siti..kira berpatutan jugalah harganya, considering the pricey food price in Japan kan... cuma kalau rmai org tu memang lambat la dapat...

  2. Thanks for sharing Fari.. Belum sampai Jepun lagi ni...

    1. Jepun pon best road trip Mulan... try la..

  3. Wah kerapnya ke Osaka... dah boleh jadi tour guide ni... hehe

    1. Ha...ha.. boleh aja... ni pon kira bawa kawan2 lah ni...;)

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