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My Europe Tour on A Shoestring: London Revisited (Part 2)

Checked out...He..he..
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Our third day in London..We needed to check out since today we were going to Amsterdam. So, we checked out in the morning and kept our bag at the hotel...We were told to pay 5 pounds for 2 bags (24 hours)..That's the disadvantage of no frill hotel, simpan barang pon kena bayar, apa daaa...

So, headed straight to Victoria to catch the underground, we wanted to go to Oxford n Piccadally Street. As usual ,Victoria was busy...I remembered breaking my fast at 10 in the morning at Victoria when the kebab's seller told us that it was already Eid n we were still fasting... Anyway, we took the Victoria line and stopped at Oxford Circus, very fast, i think it was about 2 stops and u'll reach Oxford Circus.
The hustle bustle of
 Victoria Station
Once at Oxford Circus, we had our breakfast at the kebab stall and jalan2 carik souvenirs... A lot of souvenirs are sold here..There are plenty of souvenir shops and it made me difficult to choose which one to buy... Shopping complex besar2 pon ada kat sini, Debenhams, Marks & Spenser, Selfridges, The Plaza, u name it...! Tp kami masok jalan2 ja, x da duit pon nak beli...kih..kih...berpound2 harganya...

Kebab for breakfast @ Oxford St.

Kedai2 kat Oxford Street.
X mampu den

We strolled along the street of Oxford and went into the souvenir shops, one after another. There were also sellers selling t-shirts at the roadside. We walked and walked and walked until we reached Piccadally Circus. Sambil2 tuh belik souvenir..Banyak gak borong nih...

BBQ 1It was already noon....perot pon dah berkeroncong lapar... So, we stopped by at a cafe and bought food. I ate choco mousse and seafood sandwich and hubby ate so called shrimp fried noodles...Sejuk beku...we asked for the noodles to be heated, but the waitress said, it was meant to be eaten raw and cold...mabok tol...nak x nak makan jugak la mi sejok tuh...Meanwhile, my food was sumptuous (lupa plak amik gambar)... sedap aje aku makan... mi beku tu memang x sedap betol... No kidding, man! Imagine, in a cold weather, eating cold fried noodles, mcm tak masok akal pon ada....
The noodles
looks yummy...but u knowla,
Looks can be deceiving..
After lunch, we continued jalan2 kat Piccadally Circus lagi..sakit kaki dah ni..jalan sesaje... sambil2 tuh snap gambar sana-sini, observing all the Londoners doing their own routine. Piccadilly n Oxford lebih kurang aje.. shopping places for the poor n also for the rich... Actually the word circus does not mean circus as in animal circus, it actually means 'circle' in Latin. Translationnya, bermaksod round open space at a street junction. Yg glamor kat sini Ripley's la kot...tp we all x masokla..yg kat Genting pon x masok, lagik pulak kat sini... I have fear for disgusting stuff, so not interested to go in... Anyway, it's open everyday until 10pm and admission is 27 pounds...  kalu interested leh la ke website ini: http://www.ripleyslondon.com/

Bergambar kt luar aja....

Piccadilly Circus Memorial Fountain..tengah repair time nih
From Piccadilly, we walked to Park Lane where HRC London is...biasala, i wanted to buy t-shirts.. So, menapak lagik...actually, u can also take a tube to the destination, but we preferred to walk, after all, the weather was so nice, it was such a waste if u took a tube...


Lim Kok Wing pon ada kat sini...
Sampai dah...HRC London..Ehh...ada Cik Teddy plak
After buying t-shirts, we continued our walking to Marble Arch.

Rehat jap kat one side of Hyde Park

From Marble Arch, jalan lagik ke Madame Tussaud. Hajat hati nak masok, tp tiba2 persatuan public2 transport seLondon nak mogok pulak. So, semua org diarah kalau nak balik, balik cepat pasal mereka akan stop perkhidmatan kol 7..Adoila, x merasa lagik masok....

Tangkap gmbar kat luar aja..Sempat gaklah tngkap ngan
 gambar Brad Pitt dan Jolie kat luar
Baker St. Station
So, oleh itu, we took the tube from Baker Street back to Victoria to fetch our bag and we needed to catch the tube and later the train to go to Harwich (pronounced as Harich) tonight... At that time, people were already rushing back home, ni mogok punyer pasallah nih.... Tp mogok mereka x bahaya, x pakai gas2 pemedih sume...mogok aman....

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Kalau nak ikotkan inilah jaohnya kami berjalan hari tuh...Penat? X pa, puas hati...cuaca pon ok, x hujan... Kalu back in KL, bagik rm1k pon x tentu i nak jalan sejaoh ini.  From googlemap, it was estimated that we walked for 5.3km... yeehaa !!!Bravo!

oh ya:

A= Oxford Street
B= Piccadilly Circus
C= HRC London
D= Marble Arch
E= Madame Tussauds

K, to be cont... Sila tekan SINI untuk sambungan menaiki Stenaline Holandica..Besttt....

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