Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hanya Kerana Sepinggan Nasi Kandar...

The Sign
The outcome
The dishes

A trip to Penang isn’t complete if you do not try the famous Penang nasi kandar. If you go to Penang, you can see plenty of nasi kandar eating outlets mushrooming the small heritage city. From expensive restaurants like D’kayu to average priced outlets like Kapitan and Kassim Mustafa. All have their own special tastes and flavours. Now, I’m not going to talk about these restaurants. I’m going to tell you about this one particular nasi kandar restaurant situated next to Masjid Kapitan Keling. My husband took me there one night..When you look at the restaurant signage, it makes u  laugh..The restaurant is called ‘Nasi Kandar Beratur’. “What a weird name,” I thought... I asked my husband why the name is like that..And he just asked me to wait till 10pm.  We were there at 9.15pm. As usual, typical scenario: people were eating and drinking while chitchatting with friends.. We ordered drinks. At 9.30pm, a few people started queuing up at the restaurant.  At 9.45pm, more and more people coming and started to continue the line. By 10pm, I could see 1km line from the restaurant. My goodness! I thought these people were crazy, queuing up just to buy a plate of nasi kandar. Well, it turned out we were also a part of the madness. We began to get curious. “Mesti sedap sangat, sampai semua org dok berator.” At 10.05pm, we decided to join the crazy people and my husband started queuing at the distance of 1km from the restaurant. We took turn to queue. When he was tired, I queued and vice versa. We got our rice at exactly 10.45pm... While waiting, my children already ordered 2 glasses of ice Milo each... You could feel your stomach, from hungry to full, hungry again and bloated...ha..ha..  By the time we finished eating, I could see longer queue...more people were coming from nowhere. What amazed me was, all the people who were queuing waiting for their turn were very patient. They didn’t complain or got angry. All in all, I could say, wanting to buy food at Nasi Kandar Beratur is like waiting for your turn to get on Space mountain at Disneyland. The taste? “Sama aja mcm nasi2 kandar yang lain.” Despite the long queue, the price was so cheap. Am I going to queue again? Nah, I don’t think so. Once was enough. At least, if people ask me, “have u tried nasi kandar beratur?” I can proudly claimed that I had queued up for nearly an hour just to get sepinggan nasi kandar...:) 
10.05pm: Just started queuing 
10.30pm: Kaki dah mula lenguh
Look at all these people. Amazing!

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  1. mesti sedap sesangat ni... nape tak tapau hari tu



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