Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Buka Puasa at BB Hailam Chicken Rice

 Bukit Bintang Area is one of the busiest place in Kuala Lumpur. Since now is the Ramadhan season, I take the opportunity to check the Bukit Bintang Ramadhan Bazaar before eating at BB Hailam. As usual, the bazaar is crowded with people. Not only u'll see the Malays buying food for breaking fast, you'll also see other races and even the tourists buying food from the bazaar. That's the beauty of Malaysia, i guess! You can’t even enter some of the stalls.  Cendol, murtabak, karipap, nasi tomato, u name it! U’ll get it! I didn’t buy much, just a few kueh will do.

Bukit Bintang Area at 6pm yesterday

People at the bazaar
More people at the other side of the bazaar
We bought popiah. RM1 per piece.

Farah @BB Ramadhan Bazaar

We stopped for a while at A&W since Faris wanted to buy curly fries...

A&W Famous Mascot

Faris with his tired looking face. Puasa la katakan...

The Ship: Nice steak and happening performance 

BB Hailam Chicken Rice Restaurant from the opposite roadside

I always love BB Hailam Chicken Rice. It sells Chinese style chicken rice, and it has Halal certificate on the wall. Don't worry! I started eating at this restaurant since it was a small stall. I remembered the price used to be RM3.50 and then hiked up to RM5.00 per set. Now, it is RM7.90 per set excluding drum stick set which is slightly more expensive.

Farah n papa waiting for the food

Farah x puasa..Eating her curly fries

Waiting too

Egypt Kafe 

Kerabu Magga/Mango salad (RM8.60)

Taugeh/bean sprout-regular size (RM3.50)
Extra rice (RM1.80)

The Chicken
The soup

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