Monday, 1 August 2011

A day be4 Puasa...

 A day before puasa i decided to go shopping for the kids' attire. I just can’t imagine going shopping with the kids during puasa. It’s just so adventurous. Even today was also tiring, not because of the shopping but because of chasing them everywhere...sigh... Shopping with them is like running for a 10 km marathon. I only have 2 kids, i wonder how people with 3 or 4 or even 5 kids cope? Perhaps they take turns, this week, they bring the 1st and 2nd, the next week, the other 2...

Before that, we stopped at Syed Bangsar, pekena briyani Bukhara. The best in town! Nyum...nyum... I realized we needed all the energy we could get..ha..ha..So, better eat first...

Mutton Briyani Bukhara (RM14.90) It comes with egg, acar and of course, mutton
So yummy!

Kurma is very famous during puasa/fasting month. 

We went to Mid Valley. As expected, the traffic was unbearable. It took us 1/2 an hour to get into the parking lot. Going into the car park was already jammed, searching for parking was another problem.

View from inside my car, going into the parking lot. Massive jam, i could say..ha..ha..
I didn’t go to Jusco. We shopped at Metrojaya. Metro has more choices and less people. Price...? More or less the same...

Farah n her PSP

Lost n found! I found her at the Gents Department,in between
all the clothes.

Imitating the elephant
2 hours later: Happy with her rm100 voucher courtesy of Metrojaya..:)

Now, it's papa's turn to find baju.

Rambang mata
   After 4 hours of non-stop shopping, the kids were starving again. We were hungry too. 

Burger King!

   Before going home....


After fueling, start playing again.

Farah n her ballons

  We went home with bundles of clothes. Now, it's my turn to wash all the clothes and iron them... Argghhhh!!!

Baju raya!

Papa's baju raya

After sorting out

The labels... As usual, Farah will take all the labels and cut them into pieces.
  At least, I'm done with the kids. No need to think about their baju raya anymore and can puasa in peace..:) My baju? I've prepared mine, looong looong time before...:)

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