Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kuching 2011 (day 1)

Hi peeps..Right now we are at Kuching, having our year end vacation. Tix bought under AA promo, RM320 for 6 people. Too bad papa cannot join us as he has some errands to do in Alor Setar..This is the 1st time we all go on a holiday without papa...Holiday will never be the same without u, papa>>>J  Don’t forget to take us to Snow World this coming new year ahh.... Anyway, this time around my parents join us to Kuching. Actually, it is more like their holiday, we are just tagging along and sebok2 aja... While i’m typing now, the kids are swimming happily even though i’ve asked them (million times) to come up and shower.
Look how happy they are... All the other patrons have gone up except these 2 brats!

Alright, let’s talk about today...Our flight was delay, we arrived on time. Clearance was fast. Once we were out of the arrival hall, the Hertz counter was on our right. I went there, showed my doc and we got the car. I had purchased online Hertz promo fare RM88 per day. Thanxs to one of my forum’s friend who introduced me to this promo. We were supposed to get Hyundai Matrix but Matrix was sold out, so they upgraded us to Hyndai Accent w/out paying anything extra. The car is brand new. By looking at the speedometer,  I think it is only a few months old. Black and stylish gitu.. Bau pon baru lagik..Minyak masih banyak... Three quarter full. We also bought our entrance to Perkampungan Budaya next to the Herz counter, Hornbill Travel..Dapat less RM5 daripada belik kat kaunter perkampungan budaya, RM55 for adults and RM30 for kids aged 6-12.  RM30 tu sama aja, kalau belik kat sana....Cuma adults dapat less RM5. And, senior citizens aged 55 and above will also get rm30 price but u need to purchase straight at the cultural village. After signing some docs, naik kereta, took out my GPS and we headed straight to the hotel. Thanxs to the GPS, we were at the hotel in no time. I don’t know what will happen, if GPS was still not invented, memang la sesat sesaja... Oh ya, u can also rent GPS at Hertz counter, RM25 per day, but i use mine.
The flight that flew us to  Kuching...Colourfulnyerrr....
Just landed
Kuching Int Airport

Tempat ambil luggage
Near the luggage area, there's a tourist info center. U can pick up yr maps and
brochures there.
Hertz counter @ Kuching Int Airport. Hornbill Tours n car rental is next to it.
Cantik tak..? For rm88 a day from Hertz Kuching
Sampai hotel, it seems that i don’t get the room on the same floor as my parents. We are at the 13th floor and my parents at the 11th floor. X apalah nak buat mcm mana... When we arrived, my room was still not ready, so lepak at my mum’s room fo a while. Then, we went out to waterfront for late lunch.. Dah pukul 4 lebih dah pon... Hajat hati nak pusing2 waterfront but my parents nak balik pulak.. balikla...esok atau lusa baru ulang semula...

Sampai2 carik laksa sarawak dulu. Besok nak repeat lagik but at different places pulak.
This is the qiosk that we stopped for late lunch @ Waterfront... The food is not bad!

Mercu tanda Kuching @ Waterfront

Petang, layan budak2 swimming sampai senja la ni..x mau naik2. Sat gi nak ke topspot gerai no 33, he..he...

-------------------------------------Potato Pancake-Potato Pancake-----------------------------------------

Hi, again! we ended up not going to gerai 33...We went to muslim seafood instead...Next to the drink stall. Sedap..sedap..sedap...the fish was so fresh, i had never tasted fish as fresh as the one i ate just now... The price? Very reasonable... Makan banyak2 sampai x larat. Mula2 carik topspot sesat gak..Actually, i have seen the building earlier but i thought it was a different building coz the building doesn't look like eating place pon.. But when u go up to the top floor (6th floor), then only u could see the people from all walk of life. It's actually adjacent to CIMB and Income tax building...
The 1st eating stall next to the drink stall. 
RM60 per kg....

No kidding, man!

Some of the food we ordered. Left: Ikan kerapu masak 4 rasa. Mid: Butter prawn n right: chilli crab.  Very nice!
Too bad papa is not around, seafood is his fav!

Enjoying our dinner! Punyer sedap sampai keluar bintang2

Siap ada penyepit kalau nak makan ketam...This tool is very handy
K, that's all for tonight. tmrow we're going to Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). Biker Babe Tata!

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