Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sunway Lagoon

Hello all! My hectic lifestyle starts again today. I think i'll take a break from my Europe entry for a while, want to give way to my 'not so long ago' trip to Sunway Lagoon.

My kids and I joined by angah, we went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. I brought Bikbik along so that she could look after Faris and Farah.  Apparently, she was so busy enjoying herself and a couple of time lost track of Farah who as we already know, is very fast in hiding from people around her. Luckily, nothing bad happened and we really had a blast splashing time. Faris said Sunway Lagoon is much more fun than Hong Kong Disneyland… Well, what can I say? Kids will always say the latest one is the better one Gingerbread.
            I booked the ticket online before going.  Typical Malaysia! I think  it is very inefficient if you have to queue up together with the other entire patrons to take your tickets. I mean, we have purchased the tickets online, so why bother queuing up with the rest of the group?  What’s so special of online booking, then? Since it is the school holiday, open up more counters for tickets. They only have two ticket counters. Can you imagine, only two! So, we were stuck at the ticket booth for almost 1 hour. I understand if you have to queue long to play the attractions because normally there is only one attraction each but ticket booth? I think the management may need to come out with some brilliant ideas on how to tackle this problem. 
Long queueGrrr!

Welcome to Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon in the morning
Besides the ticket queuing, everything went smooth. Once inside, we changed and put our things in the locker. One thing I realized, everything is so damned expensive inside.  Locker rental is RM5 per opening, double tube is RM15 and food, I don’t have to tell you about it. A box of lousy fried rice with scramble egg costs you RM10Hungry .  You can’t bring outside food and you can’t go out once you enter the park. So, whether you like it or not you have to spend your cash there.

            We started by hitting the Gang Slide. It’s a giant pool with artificial sand and with a marble slide where you can slide down and crash the water.  The place is so huge and personally, I think you cannot afford to finish everything in a day. That is why I only bought two-park tickets instead of buying all 5 in 1. In fact, we couldn’t even experience some of the attractions as time was not enough. My camera was out of battery, so we had to use the hand phone and managed to snap photos. It would be a pity if we couldn’t snap our fond memory there…Snappy
Gang Slide
Wave pool
Kalahari Kids pool
Cameroon climb
After a while at the gang slide, we moved on to the surf beach. I don’t really fancy the surf beach as it is quite deep further up at the surfing area, so I dragged the kids to the wave pool. The kids really enjoyed themselves at the pool, even the adults were enjoying themselves..he..he…  Later, took Faris to experience Cameroon Climb. It is actually a long narrow slide where you have to sit in a tube to enjoy it. Obviously, Faris enjoyed himself very much and wanted to go again. So, he went but this time with my maid as I wanted to buy food for Farah. Time really flies and it was already noon. So, my kids were actually starving.
Quickie Lunch
 We ate simple lunch. While the kids still dipping themselves in the Kalahari Kids pool, I went to check the amusement park out.  After a while, all of us were at the amusement park, trying the rides. Nobody dared to try the Tomahawk and the Pirate’s Revenge. Those were something like the ship at Yaohan the Mall. Yucky! So, part of the afternoon we were at the amusement park trying most of the kids ride. There were Wagon Wheel, Apache Pots, Buffalo Bill Coaster and many more. My favourite was Niagara Flume Ride. We rode a log liked boat and entered a very dark snake cave and tunnels.  Farah also enjoyed herself with all the kids ride.  She even tried the Colorado Splash twice. She was afraid at first, but later she enjoyed spinning down the slide.

River Rapid

Cuba nasib
Our fav!
Some of the rides at amusement park

            However, there were a few rides that we didn’t manage to try out as the time was not enough. Farah was the last person to get out of the pool. The last lifeguard was already blowing his whistles so many times until he gave up and went away leaving my daughter still playing the artificial sand… ha..ha… way to go Cha!

            Overall, we had a splashing fun time at Sunway Lagoon Resort. Never thought coming here would be so much fun.  Both my kids were already like zebras.  Faris not so much, but Farah’s  the obvious one especially on her back.  I feel that Sunway Lagoon Management should extend the time of operation especially during the school holiday. 8.00 o’clock should be fine, I guess. The place is so huge and there is no way you can complete the whole land in a day. I think you need two or three days to cover all.


  1. lame betol x p SL. nk benau p. byk perubahan dah

  2. Ya ka...? thn ni boleh p. SL memang best...cume yg x best nak berator aje...:)



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