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10 activities to make your kids occupied during travelling

There are times when I go travelling, I leave the kids behind and most of the times I will bring them along. Can't live with them, can't live without them either.... Travelling without my children seems like my life ain't complete but going with them can also be nerved-wrecking. Therefore, to avoid myself from being more stressful than it is, I come up with a few coping strategies up my sleeve. We need to have activities ready for the kids so that they won't get bored as bored kids will always create disaster! Here are 10 activities that I always do with the kids during my travel days.

1. The most famous activity that parents will always keep in mind!

The pool can keep the kids occupied for hours and parents can just lay down
on the lounges and catch up on some readings or even blogging. Be careful, some
hotels have no lifeguard, so we need to keep track of the kids even while resting.
 [Berjaya Georgetown, Penang]
2. Know what your children love

Farah loves painting so much. So, most of the time, she will pack
her painting kits whenever we go travelling. That will definitely
saves me energy rather than chasing her all over the place. [A'Famosa
Resort, Melaka]
3. Involve them in chores
Faris n Farah helping me with the laundry at the DIY laundry. [Seri
Malaysia, Melaka]
4. Kids club will definitely keep the kids occupied for long...
A lot of hotels are kids friendly. Disney Hotels, Mariotts, Mercure, Holiday Villa to
name a few.They have their own kids club with plenty of activities to deal with the
 kids all day long. [Farah @ Malibu Toyhouse, Disney Hollywood Hotel, HK]
5. Evergreen fun place, the playground
No matter where they go, kids will always be fascinated with playgrounds.
Let them play and have fun at the playground. To us, all playgrounds look the
same, but to them, every playground is different. [Everly Resort, Melaka)
6. More water 4 the kids...
Kids love water, well that includes the sea. However, sea can
be dangerous  at times. Be careful!  [Port Dickson Beach]
7. Wheels on the bus go round n round. My kids love public transports like bus, trains and stuff. They seldom go on a bus, train or even LRT rides. So, taking them on public transports are a lot of fun to these kids. 
Besides, if u take them on HoHo buses, they'll learn new things/info by
  listening to the commentator.  [HoHo Perth, @ King's Park, Perth, Australia]
 8. Some kids love reading. So, bring their favourite books along!

Farah @ LCCT, while waiting for our flight
to Kuching, Sarawak.
9. Bring along their gadgets such as ps2, psp, i-pad, etc. These things come in handy especially for long journeys. Sometimes, i will bring thumb drives full of movies for the children to watch on the lappy or tv. We must make sure the hotel has LDC tv for us to plug in at the USB port.
Sorang satu...kalau x, bergadoh pulak...
10. Let them try new things... Fishing, hiking, snorkelling, etc... Children love to explore.
Faris fishing for the 1st time @ Kenyir Lake, Tnganu.

There are many other ways to help us deal with children when travelling. Above are some of them which i always use when travelling with my kids and they work! So, do u have any other ways to keep the kids bz? Let's share!


  1. Salam,
    Good tips. T.kasih kr jadi follower sy :). Singgah2lah selalu di blog sy.

  2. Sama2... Will do, Egypt memang ada dalam wishlist saya tuh..:)

  3. Kiddos & swimming pool / laut memang tak dpt dipisahkan hehe.

  4. It is very true, indeed..;)



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