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I still have a few more posts before i end my Istanbul's journey and proceed to Rome. Click here for my previous Istanbul Journey!  However, I guess I better write this one 1st since it's still fresh in my mind: 10 tips n tricks of Kidzania. My kids and I went to Kidzania a few days ago since we were having  a long CNY holiday. The entrance fee for kids has been increased to RM60 and parents still pay RM35.  Visiting Times would be: 10 am to 5 pm on weekdays (single session) and 10.00 am to 3.00 pm (1st session) and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm (2nd session) for weekends and public holidays.  You can buy your tickets online or you can just buy them at the entrance. Even though I was there only once, I guess some tips and tricks for other visitors can be quite helpful, right? Alright, here goes...

Flashmob  by the staff at the opening of Kidzania at 10 am and closing at 5pm. 

1. Avoid weekends or public holidays attached to weekends.  The kids will end up queuing most of the time. Each establishment takes time as only a few kids can go in at a time. Most of the establishments accept 4-8 kids per session. So, imagine how long they have to wait for their turn to come [sigh].  Although they have kids’ activities like colouring, singing and chanting while waiting but as u know… 'waiting’ can be so tiring and boring even though with activities. I am not suggesting the kids to skip schools or things like that, what I suggested is, perhaps u can go during long festival holidays like Chinese New Year Holiday. I went to survey the place last Saturday and the Q was short as many people traveled home to their hometown. I even interviewed the workers there asking about the amount of people coming on that day.  As a matter of fact, if u go during a weekday, u will have more time wandering inside the place. If u go on a weekend, u will only have about 5 hours per session.

An activity conducted by the staff for the awaiting kids
2. Pilot is the highest earning salary of all with 15 kidzos per session.

Kids will get 15 kidzos per pilot training session.
There's an indicator like this one at each establishment informing
visitors of the particular activity.
3. If the Q at the bank is too long, just skip cashing out yr cheque. U don’t need money (unless u want to enter the university, attend cooking and art classes, etc), u will earn money! My son didn’t use his kidzos at all when he was there.  U can cash out yr cheque later when others are busy in the establishments.

4. In real life, it is 'compulsory' nowadays to enter colleges/universities and obtain a degree. But here in Kidzania, don’t bother to spend your 10 kidzos just to get an increase of 2 kidzos in salary. For example, the salary for being a surgeon is 10 kidzos. Nevertheless, if u have a degree, u will get 12 kidzos instead of 10.

Top: Kidzania National College Entrance
Bottom: Inside the college.
This is what u will get once u have finished college. There are 3
different types of courses to choose from. 
5. I know parents are eager to see their kids venture into various jobs, but I recommend yr child need to be at least 5 or at least they can read in order for them  to enjoy the whole thing. Younger kids tend to get tired quickly and they will end up sleeping after a few activities. There is a place called Urbano House for young kids to play around but that will defeat the purpose of going to Kidzania if u just spend the whole day at Urbano House.

6. Make sure the kids already have their eyes tested at Eye Care Center and purchase insurance at Allianz 
Insurance Company before getting their driving license. Once you get your
driving license, then only you can drive at Honda Malaysia Driving Street.

Driving Street
7. Head to the most popular establishments first like the Skyrider Training Area, KPJ Hospital and Fitters Fire Station to avoid long Qs. These are the 3 famous places around.

The three most famous venues around...:)
8. Make sure u and the kids eat heavy breakfast in the morning as u will use up yr energy in Kidzania. And parents too, will burn every calorie chasing the kids here and there. We do not want or energy level to deplete in the middle of the activity, right? There’s a McDonald just next to Kidzania where you can have your breakfast.

9. Food price inside Kidzania is quite affordable if u wanna compare with other theme parks. But pls don’t compare with food price at mamak stall, memanglah kalah…  A box of fried vermicelli is RM4.50 and a set of rice consisting 2 dishes with a soft drink costs RM12.40, cotton candy costs rm3.50 to name a few.

Eating outlets
10. If u wanna purchase the photos at Sony Photo Service, make sure you do it before 4.30 pm as parents will come and ambush the place after 4.30 and the Q will be quite frustrating. A photo will cost u RM20 and three photos of the same kid will cost u RM50. U can download the soft copy on the next day.

Well, that's about it! Those are just my own thoughts about the whole process and I hope u will gain some insights before going to Kidzania. Overall, we had so much fun. Not only that, kids get their precious knowledge and unforgettable experience while participating in the simulations.  Even me, as a mother was so thrilled and excited. How i wished we had a Kidzania when I was a kid!

Other jobs offered there: Dell Engineer, NT7 Technician,
PosLaju Courier Agent and dentist.
Attorney, Fire fighter, Artist (u need to spend kidzos for
the art class) and tour guide. 


  1. menariknyer tempat ni, siap dapat gaji lagi, memang menjadi idaman budak-budak ler...betul tu farikica, kalau nak datang tempat-tempat cam gini, better time cuti panjang, cuti raya ker, confirm takde orang, hehe...

    1. sngt menarik... ibu bapa yg terlebih excited dari anak2 selalunya..ha..ha.. comel2 semuanya...

  2. dari aritu teringin nak try masuk dalam ni... tp apekan daya... dah berumur besar. taknaklah masuk tengok je... tp nak main sekali. hehehe

    1. Itula john.... kawin cpt2..dpt anak, leh la ko bawak ke sana...he..he...

  3. Tempat ni tak sesuai utk budak 5 tahun kot. Tak per tunggu dia besar sikit nanti

    1. hai kak ita,

      boleh bawak tp x semua establishments die akan enjoy rasanya...

  4. Looks like a GREAT place for kids.... I can envision alot of great smiles on their faces... Good to stay away from the crowds though...




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