Friday, 3 February 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Basel (Part 2)

The weather today was not so good. It was raining on and off. But after more than a week in Europe, we were more than used to the funny weather here. One thing i noticed, the rain here didn't make me got any headaches, unlike in Malaysia, a drop of rain on my head and the headache will be for hours... Can't figure out why....

So, after breakfast at one of the muslim eating outlets, we took the free tram (using our mobility free pass) to town.  The town in Basel is divided into two, the old town and the new town. The town was typical to any other small European city, medieval  and classic, very well maintained. Once we arrived at the old town, we just walked to the attractions. The Old Town Basel has narrow streets and shops are near to the road. So, cars are not advisable there.

Basel City
One of the shops. Notice the road was all wet due to the rain
Kedai Bata pong ada!!! But way more expensive than our Bata

Rows of shops at Basel
We went to the red building which is the town hall aka Basel Rathaus and explored the place for a while. Nothing much to see there and we finished exploring within half an hour. Come, let's xplore the Old Town Basel on foot with us!

The Rathaus
Filming the place at Rathaus's courtyard
The State Archives

Captured from the Old Basel.
Lepas penat exploring old Basel, we took the tram and stopped near River Rhine. Actually dekat jer, but malas to walk, so we took the tram. After all, it was freeee! X naik bot pon, just stroll along the river. Very picturesque view but there was an uneasy smell coming from nowhere....
The Rhine@Basel
The other side of the river

Ini bukan saja boleh buat air pancut, kalu nak garu2 teling pon blh..ha..ha..!
Lepas jalan2 kat the Rhines, kami singgah kat satu shopping complex nih, jual parfum pelbagai jenis... rambang mata tol..but we didn't buy any of the parfums as we had bought a few bottles of 100ml Ferrari and Eli Arden parfums for the price of 9.99 pounds per bottle... Cheap, right? Summer sale@London! U can't resist buying...:)

After the Rhine, we took the tram, (can't remember the number) to Dreilandereck (3 countries corner). Once we reached the place, we had to walk along the river for another 20 minutes. At first we thought we were lost but when we asked a few locals, then we knew we were on the right track. IMO, the place was not commercialised for tourists at all. No signs and it's in a middle of nowhere.
Once we got off the bus, tangkap gmbar dulu...

We walked along the river for about 15 minutes. The ship was a cruise ship
and it only operates on weekend nights.

We're here at last. Dreilandereck! We were at France, Germany &
Switzerland in a spilt second! The metal sculpture where each side
representing each country.

From various angles 

I've no idea what it says!
On our way back to catch the tram, we saw this duck family swimming.
Such a happy fam

We'll cont. in part 3

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