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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello All... This time around I want to tell u about RPP Penang.

RPP Penang was the 3rd RPP that I had stayed after 12 years of being a government servant. I believe this is the newest RPP in town. I'd been to the one in Langkawi (superbly nice!) and Kenyir (nice too!). Well, apa gunanya kemudahan, kalau x digunakan, ye tak...? There are plenty of RPPs all over Malaysia. For those who do not know, RPP stands for Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan which can only be rented by government servants throughout Malaysia. Some might say that government rest houses are old and not well taken care off...hello...we're living in the 21st century my friends...As far as I'm concerned, the houses are all very nice, well equipped, cheap and basically cater to all my humble expectations. Booking is easy too. just go to the website and book. Pay online within 2 weeks and u're set to go. However, of course there's a setback ...rumah ni memang like hot cakes...ada yg kena book nearly a year in advanced. Ala, AA boleh book a year in advance, takkan hotel x boleh kan...? Anyway, if u decide not to go in the end, your money will be refunded... Tp jngnla hari ni x nak pegi, hari ni baru nak cancel..memang takkan dapat duit semula...

Anyway, let's get back to the point. RPP Penang is situated at :

10350 PENANG.

GPS COORDINATE: 5.429752, 100.305514 (pls use the coordinate as u can't find the add in the GPS). 

Rumah ni actuallly near to Berjaya Georgetown. It's somewhere in the middle of the big bungalow housing area. We didn't have much difficulty finding it as Penang ni dah mcm 2nd kg to us (according to my hubby). I love Penang and always will...

There are 3 types of rooms available here:

1. VVIP Suite for Jusa A and above - RM150 per night (not so sure as we didn't go into the room)
2. Executive Suite for grade 54 to JUSA B - RM100 per night (1 double and 1 twin)
3. Deluxe Suite for grade 41 to 52 - RM70 (2 twin beds)

Unfortunately, this RPP does not cater to grade lower than 41 but there are other RPPs which can accommodate all grades (even retirees)  such as the one in Langkawi, PD and Kenyir.

The Front Entrance...Just ignore the bags
The Reception
Our Executive Suite came with 1 double bed & 1 single bed. A very spacious room with plenty of space
for Farah to whirl....

The bathroom. Shower was superb!
The rest of the room.

I found the executive suite to be  very spacious but the deluxe suite was a bit small. Tp okla if u're a couple. Like me, yg dah beranak pinak, exec suite would be just fine...

Price wise? I think this RPP is slightly more expensive than the rest of the other RPPs,  but apa2 pon, still cheap.  Perhaps because it's new and after all it's Penang...I can get rm55 for a room in Langkawi and a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment for rm115 at PD.

Behind our room


Rest Area

Ample parking space, guard pon ada...

Kat sini x ada swimming pool pon but we didn't mind...Kite p serang laut....!!!

Till then...


  1. menarikkk! 1st time dengar nih! heheh

    1. Yeah..but don't expect too much in terms of facilities... bilik mcm hotel but amenities die x mcm hotel...memang tmpat untk sekadar tido je...

  2. syoklah, orang gomen ada tempat khas untuk stay, tak aci!

    1. He...he...same aje dngn Telekom, Felda dan lain2..pon ada jugak rumah rehat kan...:)?

  3. Ini dah bkn sekadar tido sis! Cantik/selesa gila bilik dia.. Tgk bed die pon mcm comfort sgt.. Nak usha jugekkk!

    1. He..he...bolehla..memag bilik die cukup selesa..

  4. salam Farikica...oo Farikica orang gomen gak ye...tapi slalunya bukan nak kena booking lama baru boleh kan!!!

    1. Salam Nekcik..iye, memang kena book lama..tp yg ni saya book 3 bulan yg lalu aja...tengok2 nasib jugak

  5. Cantik juga ya rumah peranginan PP ni. Dulu pernah terjah je kengkonon nak check in situ, alih2 dah penuh. terpaksa tidur khemah.

    1. Ha..ha...kawasan sana luas, memang senang bentang khemah...:)