Friday, 13 July 2012


Salam to all! I shall continue with my journey to Gold Coast. On the 4th day, we didn't go anywhere. We just explored the nearby area. My former plan was to go to Brisbane but i pitied my kids coz they looked a bit tired. The weather today was super fine...very very fine...:)

Look at how beautiful the day was... This was captured from the window of our living room
Another view..this time taken from the front door. Dari sini pon dah nampak Skypoint yg tersergam indah
Since we  had decided to go to the Skypoint in the morning, So, after breakfast, we walked towards the Esplanade. Through my reading, I know that the Observation Deck is situated right in the residential area's building. But of course they have separate entrances to maintain the confidentiality. We didnt really know exactly where it is but we could see the building from far. So, we just followed our own route, keluar masuk alley sambil snapping2... at last, we reached our destination. It was still quite early. A cute bald young guy approached us. Apparently, he was working there and asked for our ticket. We got the tickets for free after buying the tickets to Dreamworld. Before we went up, he snapped our family photo at the entrance and we ended up buying it at the end of our visit.. Mcm tu lah cara mereka ni..tangkap2 gambar kita, kite pon belik... We seldom bought any but this one  looked really nice, with us and the Surfers as the background...very harmonic!

We walked to the observation deck from our hotel. Tu Tiki,
bangunan kaler kunin tu
Tengah2 jalan terjumpa kedai sewa hummer. 
Do u notice the highest building in this photo? That's where the
observation deck is situated. 
On our way to the Skypoint, we walked across Surfers Plaza
Resort...Anyone has stayed here before..?
At last, we reached Skypoint in 1/2 an hour. Actually, if u brisk walk, u'll reach the place in 10 minutes. But, we stopped and posed here and, we took longer time...:)

Skypoint from across the road
From bottom to top
If u haven't bought yr tix.. This is where u buy one...

To the right, there's a shop selling alcoholic beverages... 

A few seconds will take you to the 77th floor
Walla..u're already at the 77th floor.

A lil info taken from Skypoint website:

 SkyPoint located on top of the iconic Q1 Building, one of the world's tallest residential towers takes you to the highest point above the Gold Coast and offers spectacular 360 degree views from the surf to the hinterland and beyond. Rising 230m into the sky, SkyPoint is located on Level 77 & 78 of the iconic Q1 Resort in southern Surfers Paradise. There are 9,463 curtain wall panels in the tower from level 3 to level 85(top of crown) which cover 32,685m2 and have a combined weight of 1,303 tonnes of glass and aluminium.

Cantik tak?
The view from the top. U can see the whole 360 degree area from here.

Weather watch
There's a cafe here but we didn't dine as we knew the price would
be explosive...! We brought some snacks and they seemed fine with it...
Far an additional UAD, u can climb the Q1

Our apartment from Skypoint OD

Inilah rupa attire kalu nak panjat...
There's a small room where u can watch a documentary on GC..From the past till now... The doc is about 15 minutes
Lepas Skypoint, we went sightseeing at GC... Thought of combing both in a post but i'm a bit lazy to write. So, will continue at other time...Bye!

P/s: For priceing, u can check this site: BUY TICKET @ SKYPOINT 


  1. Cantik view dari situ. Nak tanya soalan bodoh: camne u booking tempat tinggal tu? Saya tak pernah booking sendiri bila jalan jalan nih. Selalunya melalui travel agency jer..

    1. Ha..ha...Kak Ita, It's not a stupid question, okay... We ask when we don't know, right? Malu bertanya sesat jalan...;) This one saya book through vacation club di KL...So, mereka yg uruskan... Kalau tempat2 lain yang saya pergi, ada yg saya call (like Bandung, saya call aja)..ada yg through websites like or booking. com dan seumpama dengannya... kadang2 saya book through website hotel sendiri (like easy and accor)..saya x pernah book through agency sebab saya selalunya jalan sendiri..x pernah pakai agency.. pernah sekalik saya pakai agen, ke Beijing...the rest, redah sendiri...:)

    2. salam Ita,,,la mnyibuk lak Nekcik ni ye..Nekcik pun macam Farikica...jalan jalan sndiri..lagi jimat..Nekcik slalu pakai hotel club, call sendiri...mostly Nekcik pun pilih yang murah murah jer...

    3. hotel club x penah cuba pulak nekcik..kalu ok, leh la saya guna next time..;)

  2. apa maksud hawaii and new york tu, boleh nampak dari sini ker?memang superb la view!!

    1. Orga, mane leh nampak dari situ..kih..kih... maksudnya distance dari situ.. direction tu dah betol dah... di setiap kaki lima tu, mereka letak arah dan distance tempat2 tu..ada Sydney, Auckland dan mcm2 lagikla... memang cantik viewnya...saujana mata memandang...

  3. Wow---what a gorgeous city and place. The view is fabulous... Thanks so much for taking us on that little walk.....I'd love to visit there in person someday...

  4. Yup, Gold Coast is superb! Lotsa things u can do! Too bad, I was there for only a week...



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