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Ho Chi Minh City - Day 2 (enhanced version)

Hi all... Actually this post is the separation of my long long HCM City post. So, i've decided to divide them into three parts... Click here for part 1.

On our second day, we booked a tour to Chu Chi Tunnel. It was a 2 hour journey from HCM City. The scenery on our way to the tunnel was breathtaking. We saw plantations, paddy fields, estates and so on.   Chu Chi was an amazing place. I was so surprised to know The Viet Cong had lived in the small tunnel for such a long time. It made me ponder how life could be so cruel to some people. Immediately, I thanked God that I live in a very peaceful and prosperous country like Malaysia.  Anyway, the war was over and Vietnam is developing fast. Jom layan gambar...

Our tour guide
This way to ChuChi
Sampai2, kita dngr talk dulu...
One of the booby traps.

One of the gadgets to trick the enemies. 
After Chu Chi, we went to have lunch at one of the halal restaurants in town.  Nice restaurant but the service was slow. It is owned by a Malaysian lady. She can speak Malay, even some workers can speak Malay too.
Senang nak locate kedai ni, pasal die warna merah...

Opposite Halal Saigon ada masjid. 
Kedai ni oklah rasa makanannya tp kelembapannya, memang harus bersabar sesabarnyalah..satu-satu makanan die hantar...dari lapar jadik kenyang dan jadik lapar balik..kedai ni 2 tingkat and we dined at the 2nd floor. Cleanliness..Ok, bersih!

After lunch, we went to the War Museum. Di War Museum ni memang mencuit hati dan perasaan kami... Memang sangat sedih bila melihat gambar2 serta exhibit2 yang dipamerkan di situ..Jom layan gambar...

A lot of war vehicles were displayed outside the museum.
Something like our PD Army Museum.
Th dungeon..This was the place where the armies tortured and
killed the victims.
Some of the displays...
Top: One of the newspaper cuttings showing the brutality of the war. So atrocious!
Bottom: The Art Gallery inside the museum. Here is where u can see all the sufferings of the Vietnamese
during the bloody war. 

            We also went to the Reunification Building but unfortunately we arrived there later in the afternoon, the place was already closed. 

Reunification Building. Too bad, by the time I arrived here, it was already closing.

      Our tour guide brought us to the Chinatown instead, where the locals go for textile shopping. There is a long lane of textile shops selling all sorts of Vietnamese textiles. I wasn’t so sure how long the lane was as I did not explore until the end of the road. I noticed the price of the textile there was much cheaper than the price at the market. The biggest obstacle was the language barrier. People at the market can speak English, but people at Chinatown do not speak English at all. Most of us used sign language (which was funny) and we also used the calculator to indicate the price..;)

Mari...mari...lelong2.... Mereka ni bosan sebenarnya ni, menunggu ibu2 p shopping...
The bz Chinatown
     Later that night, on our way to HRC (buying t-shirts, of course!), we saw so many people wearing costumes at the roadside. I did not realize that it was Halloween night. The people were parading and drinking along the road. Since our hotel was near a bar called the Crazy Buffalo, so I could even see people (locals and tourists) celebrating Halloween from my room's window. We managed to take photos with a  few of the people in costumes. That night was so happening. The city never slept!

HRC Ho Chi Minh City

The HRC crews were also in Halloween's mood.
Look at the bz street. This was at Crazy Buffalo.
People in costumes



  1. wahhh.. menarik sgt lubang kecik tu.. mesti sape yg masuk rasa claustrophobia.. hehe..

    been to HCM before but just for one day.. sempat pegi ben tanh je.. hehe.. :)

  2. @FM: Yup, mesti p... Tp HRC die x da hotel rasanya...cuma resto dn merchandise shop aja...he..he...

    @Hazwan: U should come back in the near future. I missed the mekong trip due to time constraint...:( By the way, love reading your blog...U've been to many many places.. really envy u..;)

    1. Ingat nak ke HCM jugek mse promo ni. Tapi paling2 dpt RM470 2pax. Mahal jugek la rasanya. Sbb kwn2 yg penah pegi smua dpt 100+ 1pax. So belom berjodoh lagik gamaknye dgn HCM.

    2. my tix was rm370 mcm tu for 2...klau x silapla..dh lama, dalam seratos lebihla sorang, all in dh termasuk tambah2 sumer... x apa..takkan lari HCM dikejar...he..he...

  3. Salam..kalau nekcik pgi mesti angkut telekong!! murah sesangat

    1. Haahh...telekong sana bukan aja murah tp berkualiti... saya prefer telekong vietnam dari yg beli di bandong.. yg indon punya fancy dan cantik tp kurang praktikal dan x sedap pakai saya rasa...

    2. betul tu..telekung indon bila pakai panas..yg vietnam xtau la cmner..setakat ni pkai yang dari kelantan punya.hehehe

    3. zila...dah pernah ke hcm lom..?

  4. Nanti nak pi lah HCM ni... tak penah jejak lagi.

    1. ala, org bujang mcm awak neh...angkat bag jalan...x susah pon kan...;)


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