Friday, 5 April 2013

The Trevi Fountain & The Spanish Steps

From the airport,  the bus stopped us at Termini Station. From Termini, we walked to the hotel. After checked in n settled down at Aberdeen  Hotel (there will be a separate post about the hotel later), we went out to Trevi Fountain. It was just a walking distance but pls don't ask me how did i get there... Jalannya kecik2, susup-sasap sana-sini, baru sampai. We had a map provided by the hotel. Our google map was no used at all as the roads are so small and plenty, more like alleys, sebenarnya. Tp x lah jauh, cuma u just have to make a lil bit of exploration. We did stop a couple of time to ask the locals including tourist police (yg x tau berbahasa Inggeris, unfortunately). Last sekalik, kami ikot tour guide dr Jepun yang kebetulan tngh bawak ahli tournya nak ke Trevi jugak.. Dia bwak payung kuning buat tanda, angkat tinggi..So, we all pon follow..:) heh..heh...

The lane that we walked to get to Trevi. Along most of the lanes here,
there were plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants.

We stopped at each n every square that we reached on our way to Trevi. 

When we arrived at Trevi... Tu dia umat....ramai betul...

Ada mat bangla penangkap gambar kat situ yg volunteer nak ambil gmbar

Me n Trevi
Gelato,..Due to the cold weather, x sempat nk merasa gelato...
sejuk yaamat, x sanggop den!
From Trevi, we walked to the spanish steps. It was not that far...Kalau x sesat, dlm 10 minutes walk kot... On the way, we stopped at a Chinese owned souvenir shop to buy souvenirs. Murah jugak kedai die. Sorry, no photos taken as I was so wrapped up with my shopping. I bought some t-shirts (prices varied but the cheapest was 3 euros-lady T), fridge magnets (1 euro each, the good ones were 3 euros), key chains (also 1 euro), sweater and some other items. According to the owner, his parents are from mainland China and he was born in Rome. Never been to China all his life and he speaks very fluent Italian, obviously...

Lepas belik dan belah, sambong perjalanan ke Spanish Steps. At Spanish steps, again, we were so amazed by the amount of crowds on that day... Spanish Steps ni betol2 dkt Piazza Di Spagna (about 40m)

People were bzly watching. I had no idea what were they
talking about on the steps...
Apparently, there was a tv show shooting on that day... Well,
I was just assuming since there was a cable tv van and some
Look at all these people... I bet most of them were not locals.
After that, we searched for a muslim eating outlet. I read from Ernie's blog that there is a muslim restaurant nearby. Since we had the map from the hotel, so we slowly walked to Via Rasella. If I'm not mistaken, the name is Luna Caprese. It's just a small restaurant at the end of Via Rasella.
Our dinner for that night: Jemput makan...
Pelbagai aneka pizza.
After dinner, we walked back to the hotel. The weather was so cold that night. I estimated it was about 3 degree Celsius or lower. My hubby already memorized the route to the hotel, me on the other hand, as usual would follow blindly without knowing my location or direction (typical me). To sum up, below was our destination on foot for that night... The distance was about 3.1 km (exclusive silap jalan tu...)

View Larger Map A/E = Aberdeen Hotel (Our hotel) B = Trevi Fountain C = Spanish Steps D = Luna Capresse

Our journey will continue...


  1. Trevi Fountain mengingatkan saya dengan lagu "Three Coins in the Fountain" dan ramai orang yang membaling duit ke dalam kolam itu. Saya pernah ke sini zaman dulu-dulu (1985), masa tu susah nak cari restoren muslim. Jadi saya asyik makan pasta kosong je semasa di sana :(

    1. Skrg makanan halal kat Rome dah senang, Prof... alhamdulillah...;)

  2. Melihatkan gambar gelato tu rasa macam menggamit2 je untuk dimakan.

    1. Kita kat mesia yg panas menerik ni memang terasa2 nak makan..apabila cuaca dah sngat sejuk mcm masa gmbr jelato tu diambik, x terdaya nak memakannya..he..he..

  3. makk aih... ramai sungguh ummah kat trevi fountain tuh! kalo tgk filem When In Rome tu mcm takde org je. but still in real life and dlm filem, mana boleh compare kan. hahahha ade baling duit and make a wish x?.

    1. x kuasa nak buang duit walaupon seposen...keh..keh.. itulah, aku pon terkasima sekejap melihat ramainya manusia kat situ, walhal time winter tu, i wonder how many people will flock in during summer...

  4. Trevi fountain tu memang famous untuk tourist ye...hehehe...saya tengok kat tv jer.

    1. haah, sangat famous..x ada ape sngt pon...may be architecturenya kot... spanish steps lagikla... just steps and steps...

  5. idea yang bagus tu farikica, kalau sesat, ikut jer travel group yang lain, hehe...seyes, tak pernah tau pun psal trevi fountain :(

    1. orga, saya dulu pon x tau kewujudan menda bila dh wat research bagai, barulah tau..

  6. great trip..!! tqs for sharing..


  8. Salam Farik...wamboii macam berada di alam mimpi lah nekcik ni..alohaiii...



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