Monday, 9 April 2018


So, we started our journey with our little red bus...lalala... click here for previous post.

Can u see our bus from the glass window?

Just like other European countries, Austrians also like to hang out at
restaurants and coffee shops. As a matter of fact, it was lunch time when i took
the photo.
Our first stop was Natural History Museum, Vienna. Such a big area covered. The building was so beautiful we thought it was a castle.

Let's look at some of the buildings that we managed to capture...

The city Hall aka The Rathaus
The House of Parliament...

Hilton Hotel Vienna Plaza, x mampu nak stay sini....huhuhuhu.... 
We stopped here for a while to take photos. Not sure where this was but it was near the Giant Ferris Wheel and the Madamme Tussaud. It looked like an amusement park area.

Then, we went to the river bank.

The Volkstheater in Vienna was founded in 1889
The bus stopped us at the starting point.

It was nearly 3pm, so we decided to pray first and then had our lunch. I had checked from Google that there is a mosque nearby. The Al-Hidayah Mosque is very easy to locate, just a few steps away from Nestroyplatz metro, perhaps about 200 meters. The metro to Nestroyplatz took us about 10 minutes from Karlsplatz.

In the metro, going to the mosque.

This is the main entrance. The mosque doesn't look
like a mosque, it looks more like a shop lot to me.

Inside: Very simple and clean

Performing prayers
Our journey to Vienna was very short and brief. It was more like an introduction to the city. No chance to go to Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace  and Belvedere Palace. Perhaps in the future, if I ever go to Vienna again.

Seharian di Vienna, kami pun bertolak ke Prague. Perjalanan ke Prague memakan masa dalam 3 jam lebih, nearly 4 hours. Punyalah penat, memang saya tertidur... sedar2 dah nak sampai Prague. Kawan2 dok bergambar pon, x sedar.. punyalah letih....

Kami naik Railjet ke Prague. Tambang dalam 19 euro rasanya.. seat reservation
tambah 3 euro lagi.
Train ni laju juga dan jarang berhenti. or may be it stopped but i didnt realize coz i was asleep throughout the whole journey.

Saliah n Kak Ana

Ada jualan2 kopi dan jajan2....
Sampai di Prague, hari dah malam. Berpandukan GoogleMap, we walked to our hostel, Rosemary Hostel. Alhamdulillah, senang jumpa hostel. Tapi kami terpaksa kejutkan owner sebab dah pukul 11 malam...


  1. Cantikkkk nya.. Sedih jgk tak dapat masuk Vienna baru ni tapi apakan daya masa tak cukup.. Thanx for sharing :)



So, we started our journey with our little red bus...lalala... click here for previous post . Can u see our bus from the glass windo...

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