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Kuching 2011 (day 3)

Dah 3 hari dah kami di Kuching, rasa sekejap aje...On the 3rd day, we're going to Serikin. It's about 50km from Kuching. The market is only opened on weekends. Nothing to buy in particular, just to experience the place/environment and lepak2 aja... The drive was 1 1/2 hours. We drove towards Bau. The road was ok but small with a lot of lorries...jalan kampong la katakan... but the road is fine, no holes or things like that. lagik 2km nak sampai pasar Serikin, jalan tiba2 x bergerak..jam terok..ingatkan kat KL aja jam, rupanya kat Serikin pon macam kat Jalan Imbi...

Singgah belik roti jap 
Jam jalan x bergerak2..1 hour to Serikin and another 45m trapped in the jamRoad Rage .

Rombongan Cik Kiah shopping
Kedai minum adjacent to the parking lot.
There are variety of things sold here...from instant coffee to telekong to antiques, FM, toys, beads, clothes, u name it.  Most of the things are from Indonesia. You can bargain here but they don't really give u the cheaper price. According to the bellboy back at the hotel, the sellers will sell their stuff cheaper on Sunday afternoon as they are going to close shops. Tp, panasnya, i tell u.... memang x boleh tahan..boiling hot... Hot Tub Let's look at some of the stuff sold here.

Textiles n curtains


Blouse (RM30) Various sizes


Ni x taulah apa... Instant cofee kot

I didn't explore until the end. Couldn't stand the heat. We went halfway and turned. My father and my daughter were waiting at the parking lot. Rupa2nya mereka bukan menunggu, tp shopping2 plak kat depan tuh... What did i buy at Serikin..? I bought  a fan (for Farah), tilam kekabu, fridge magnet and my father bought minyak urut (katanya elok) and minie mouse for Farah.

Tilam kekabu, nipis aja...
Minnie Mouse baru Farah, yg biru tu darlingnya sejak kecik

Once we left Serikin, i thought of stopping buy at one of the caves and Tasik Biru tp biasalah, bawak org tua..they didn't want...dah letih plak...p nengok org utan pon x mo...Adoila... No But we did stopped by at the Dinosaurs' replica @ the mini zoo. We didn't enter the mini zoo but the cost is just a few ringgit. So, we posed outside the zoo while my parents went to the loo..
Add caption

Farah on the giraffe

Farah n Faris

Die ni sekor aja yg kenal: Brachiosaurus
(Entah btl ke tak ejaan)

Nampak ekor aje


Parking lot kat Mini Zoo
Once we reached Kuching, we stopped again at Kopi O' corner for late lunch. One thing about kopi o' corner i don't really like is the parking space...Mencabar gile nak parking.

Momie order mi goreng..Tp x rekomen lah..Manis!
Yg ini sedap..Ayam penyet bakar dalam RM9 ++ sepinggan
Yang ini pon best..Ayam penyet goreng: RM7++ sepinggan
Tangkap dari depan jalan raya berdekatan flyover
After lunch, i sent the kids n my father to the hotel. They wanted to swim while my mum and i went out again after prayer to buy some things to bring back to KL tomorrow. We parked our car at the roadside kat Waterfront. Since it was a Saturday, so boleh aja parking mana2 coz Tok penyaman tuh cuti gak.. Naik boat tambang ke sebelah nak beli kek lapis. Harga bot, 50 sen one way. I'd been thinking, masih ada lagik perkhidmatan yang kenakan caj hanya 50 sen...nasi lemak pon dah x dapek...

Pemandangan indah di tepi sungai Sarawak
While walking to the jetty, we saw Sarawak River Cruise ready for departure.
RM60 per trip. Nah, too touristyBoating 2 !

Waiting for the boat. U don't have to wait long. Just about 5m for the boat to
come n go.
The scenery captured from inside the boat
Once u reach the other side, u walk to the right and u'll see a food court. Then, u walk a couple of minutes, then u'll see a row of shops selling layer cakes and other souvenirs. There are also stalls at the walkway selling souvenirs.
Turun2 aja nampak food court nih
People recommended Mira Cake House. So, we went to Mira Cake House. There
are other shops too but most people came here. Dunno why...

The sign board in front of the cake house

Laksa Sarawak lagik (RM4)

Teh C Pandan Special (RM2)

This was the stall.. Stall no 17. Sedap laksanya.. RM5 for
special laksa.

Antara kek2 yg dibelik (RM10 satu)



Lepas makan2, we all went back to the other side. Went to the souvenir shops to buy t-shirts, FM and peppers.

The row of souvenir shops and small hotels/motels

In one of the souvenir shops
Lepas belik souvenir, we drove to Satok pulak to buy fresh terubok masin. Not only we bought the fish, we also added a few more t-shirts to our collection Shopping.


Fresh fruits

Terubok masin
What a hectic day...After Satok, went back to the hotel to pick up my dad n the kids. We're going back to Waterfront for western food dinner by the river. As usual, waterfront was so happening on a weekend night. With live bands, acoustic show, traditional music and many more. The food was amazing, esp the black pepper chicken chop.


A few more photos taken @ Waterfront...


End of day 3 Hammock 1

*On the last day, flight delayed almost 1 hour..Well, typical AA. Kami x kesah pon..So,we had our lunch 1st at Marie Brown be4 boarding. Jimat duit sikit, x payah makan dalam flight  Roll. Overall, my trip to Kuching was very the best..I'd no complain at all except for some places i couldn't go to. Food, transport, hotel, everything was super fine. Bye bye Kuching, will be back in the future, Insyaallah!

Maneki Neko

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