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Kuching 2011 (day 2)

It has been a few days after i left Kuching but i still remembered the food..nyum..nyum...very tasty! No time to update stories since i'm very bz after coming back. Ni barulah boleh bernafas sikit...And it's hard to type and think when yr mind is tired..Anyway, i shall continue with the story of Kuching (day 2) bit by bit...

On the 2nd day, we planned to visit Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). But, before going, i stopped by at kopi o conner for breakfast. Even though my hotel package came together with breakfast but i gave the coupons to my parents as i rather went out and tried the local delicacies instead of eating the hotel's food. Actually, we had two types of room packages..my parents had the rm99 promo internal room with no breakfast. I, on the other hand, had purchased rm139 internal room inclusive of breakfast as there was no vacancy for the cheaper room anymore, too bad!

Repeat makan laksa sarawak lagik kat
 kopi o corner
Kaunter pembayaran

After breakfast, set our gps to SCV. The journey took us 45 minutes. Actually it was not that far but since the road was not a highway, and with lorries and slow cars..so 45m to SCV. Even if u do not have a GPS, u can reach SCV in no time coz there are plenty of signage here and there. U just follow the route to Damai and Santubong.

Sampai dah SCV. .Bangunan yg kat belakang tu is actually a food court,
Baru jer bukak a few months ago.
Welcome to SCV

The welcoming ceremony

We arrived there quite late, nearly 11am. So, after snapping photos, we went straight to the hall, "Panggung Budaya" for the 11.30 am show. Quite a big crowd on that day. It seemed that there was a delegation from Pahang visiting the place. The show lasted for 1 1/2 hours showing the different dances and cultures of the indigenous people of Sarawak. There are 2 shows daily. One at 11.30am and the other one at 2.30 pm. The staff will be having their break-time at 12.45 until 2pm. Once u're there, u'll be given a small booklet like a passport, for u to stamp at each house resembling that u have visited all the houses.  Personally, i think the show was entertaining and informative especially for those who want to get to know the culture better. They also insert some comical elements in the show so that audiences won't be bored. At the end of the show, the dancers will invite the audiences (voluntarily) to come up to the stage and dance with them. Such a dynamic performance, all in all! One thing for sure, Farah enjoyed herself so much as i know she's the one into all this cultural and dances stuff.  Let's check out some photos, shall we...

Sempat jugak beli air & aiskrim before enteing the panggung. Memang
mengepau atok aja kerjanya.
Faris sebagai cameraman x bertauliah, tangkap gmbar senget-benget
Waiting for the show to start
Snippets of the show...
A few more shots
Tengah2 syiok tengok show, tetiba camera plak buat hal..adoila..! Dibuatnya rosak plak..garis2 teros x keluar gmbr...the same sickness as the old camera... i was so panicked...hp pon bateri dah nak kong...charger plak x bawak dr KL...memang sudah jatoh ditimpa tangga betol... Nak jadik cerita, nasib baik ada adik yg kerja kat kaunter tiket SCV..die la kasik pinjam charger HP..So, i charged my HP for 15 minutes..dapat 2 bar...so, blhla tangkap2 gambar sket... Thanxs to that adik..i didn't catch her name but u really saved my day...TQ

This was the last photo i'd snapped using my old camera..Crying Into Tissue.Huahhh!!! 
So, after charging my HP, we went to visit the houses. The day was so so so steaming hot....x boleh tahan wooo...Boiling Hot. There are 7 houses altogether. They even have home-stay if guests are interested to stay at any of the houses. There are Bidayuh, Iban, Penan, and Malay houses to name a few. Inside the houses, there are activities for you to try out, But, most activities stop at 12.45 for a break and resume at 2pm.  Jom tengok gmbar, take from my HP...Not bad actually, at least it's better than nothing!
Left: We have to circle the lake in order to complete the 7 houses. Right: Faris on the bridge...
Bidayuh's House
Iban's House.
People selling traditional 'kuih' @ Iban House

Bidayuh's house is higher than the iban's house. If you look at the houses closely, u can see the difference but the layouts are actually more or less the same. And, i think the iban's house is more modern than the bidayuh's house.

The penan's house
Other houses
Lepas tengok2 rumah, we had our lunch... While having lunch, i charged my hp at the counter again. After lunch, my kids requested to play sand at the beach... Walaupon panas terik tp kesian punya pasal...bolehla..teman mereka 1/2 jam.. I knew my parents were already flat. Here are a few photos taken @ Santubong beach. Actually, on the way to Damai pon memang banyak scenery menarik tp apakan daya,. u nak drive, u jugak nak tangkap gambar...
Replika hornbill, i presume

Panas membara to bdk2 ni sempoi aja

Castle in the making

Bz playing...

After Santubong, we drove back to Kuching. On the way back, we stopped by at the Cat Museum. Once u reach Samariang (from Damai), ada simpang 4 with traffic lights, u go straight..then another cross junction, lepas tu nampak roundabout, turn to 9 o'clock and u'll see that building on the hill... ada signboard untuk naik ke ats tuh..It was so strange that my GPS cannot locate the museum, so i had to ask the banana seller at the roadside... The museum is actually located in the Kuching North City Hall headquarters building (DBKU) ..dekat ground floor. Free entrance but you need to pay for cameras if u intend to catch some photos. RM3 for camera and hp camera and rm5 for video camcorder.

Outside the DBKU building: The Malay House
At the entrance

Inside the museum. Upper left: The kids n the cats, upper right: cheetah,
lower left: the cat's paws n lower right:  Farthe cat's thief
DBKU main entrance

By the time we reached the hotel, it was already 5... I went to the shopping mall which is in the same building with the hotel (cant't remember the shopping mall's name) intending to buy nokia's charger to charge my hp. Guess what..? the 1st shop i noticed was the camera shop. Entah mcm mana agaknya, i bought a new camera instead of a new charger. I asked the uncle, i needed the cheapest branded camera... So, he showed me a Canon camera which cost a few hundreds...affordable la aku kira... With the camera i got free recahrgable batteries dan rumahnya serta 4gb memory card which i don't really need since i already have one from the old camera... Puas Hati!Snappy

Balik hotel teman budak2 ni swimming...mcm biasalah kan... Malam repeat topspot, pasal impressed sangat mlm tadik, so my dad wanted to eat there again...

Malam nih lagik ramai umat
So..here's what we'd eaten on the 2nd night...

Kat Kuching pon ada Tom Yam goong tau...best!!!

Udang galah masak garam katanya
Sotong goreng tepong

Repeat Ikan Kerapu 4 rasa (Faris' fav!)

Tiger prawn pon grg tepong

Ikan jenahak masak mango
Memang sedap betol makan kat sinih....sedap...sedap...sedap Crabby

See You LaterEnd of day 2 

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