Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kenyir Lake (Part 2)

There are many activities to keep yrself occupied here, i mean activities that relate to nature. Do not expect to go shopping, or eating out here. What can u do here...? U can visit the spice garden, go to the waterfall (there are a few waterfalls here), picnic, fishing, BBQ, kayaking, relaxing, blogging (they have free wifi at certain spots) etc..etc... U can even do just nothing, rejuvenate! The invigorating fresh air is great for health.

So, on the 2nd day, we planned to go to Bukit Sauk Waterfall..Ada jugak Bukit Sauk kat sini, ingatkan kat KK aja ade...

Our breakfast, courtesy of Rna..Bangun2 aja dah siap...:) Nasi lemak
n cekodok
After breakfast, packed our lunch and off to the waterfall. Since it was monsoon season,so the weather was not on our side. It was raining on and off that day but we still proceed with our plan. The boat to the waterfall cost us rm5 per person. Kids were free! The journey was short and luckily when we arrived there, it was not raining. The hubby group brought their fishing gadgets, addicted to fishing, it seemed..ha..ha.. Better luck, guys!


The herbal garden from our boat

A few more metres...
Virgin forest...
Sampai dah...
This was the 1st time Faris experiencing swimming at waterfall.

Original slide
Trying his luck!
The other side if the waterfall
We didn't stay long as the rain started to pour in the late afternoon. So, we went back to the bungalow. In the evening, children went playing at the nearby playground and we had bbq at night.

Bye bye waterfall
Getting ready...
Bz mengipas

Banyak tol makanan..sampai x abis...notice the spaghetti in the drainer..?
semangkok jelok.
Yg kelaut pon ada....
After BBQ, the daddy gang went out for fishing again. They went out with the bungalows' workers. Bayar sikit kat budak tu, mereka bawak p tempat jaoh sket..Lewat tengah malam baru balik... Di kenyir ni, pukul 8 pon dah rasa mcm pukul 12 malam. Suram dan sunyi but sometimes when u change the environment memang seronok. No traffic jam, no noise, u are surrounded by the forest. But, i can give myself plus minus 4 days the most and that's it! I can't stay longer here...
Muka x puas hati semua..repeat mancing. Kali ni di tasik dalam plak
The hubby group came back nearly 1am...By the time they came back, i was already curling under my blanket in my cozy room. I heard from my room that they got fish..Nah, the fish could wait for tomorrow. I was so lazy to wake up and shared their triumph... Night...night...PJs

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