Sunday, 18 March 2012


Salam to all! Actually i wanted to write this entry last Friday (which was 2 days ago), but i got no time to do so... Just wanted to tell u my experience and what did i find at this year's  MATTA Fair. I went there early. I was already there by 10.10. I caught the STAR LRT straight to PWTC. Saved me time and petrol! Waited outside for a while and went in immediately after. Since i was there early, so i didn't had my breakfast. So, had my breakfast inside there. Mcm biasala, mahal ya rabbi. But, what to do.... my stomach was singing with hunger... I was so excited looking at all the people gathered here; each of them with different styles and needs.
The first thing i noticed once i reached the area. This was AA double
decker bus that had been converted into a small kiosk. They were
promoting the AA debit card.
People from all walks of life gathered as early as 10am to hunt for the
best deals. 

My RM4 nasi lemak with the RM2
mineral water. Pricey!

The ticket counter. Same as last year, the entrance tix was rm3 and u got
free linen bag with the newspapers. I was early, so the queue was
not that long compared to when i left the place.
After breakfast, bought my tix and went in. I explored the domestic hall 1st before crossing over to intern. I already knew what i wanted, so i straight away went to the booths i was interested in. This time around, i wanted to survey theme park hotels. Resort World Genting was not opening their booth this time around. I asked already!

This was taken at approx 10.30 in the morning @ domestic hall 1
I went to the booths that i wanted, the theme parks + hotel booths. Tiara, Gambang, Lake Town, etc surveying all sorts of available packages. They were cheaper than usual. most of the packages needed you to make the purchase and decided on the dates later by calling the resorts. Despite my interest to buy them, i only bought Tiara Beach package for the next day. I was reluctant to buy since i was afraid i didn't have the time to go. Besides, most of the packages will charge u extra charges when it comes to school hols and weekends, except for a few resorts like Tiara and Eagle Ranch Resort (surcharge on weekends but not weekdays of school hols).

A Famosa booth with its RM10 promo. I was waiting for this actually,
 but the dates' options didn't suit my time.

Lost World Tambun booth: they also came up with attractive
Above: Indonesia Tourism, down left: Turkey Tourism, down right:
Miniature making @ Tune's booth

TNL Mascot

This is where i purchased my theme park tix: TNL Travel


  1. Crowded yee..saya tak masa nak pegi...sayang sungguh!!!

  2. x pa Zila, bulan Sept ada lagi satu..he..he...

  3. tak sempat pegi, baru sampai dari delhi... tak larat nak jalan dah...:)
    Tappi bestt kalau gi MATTAFAIR ni, boleh ambik brochures banyak2..

  4. x pa, Wa...bln Sept ada lagik...:)..wah, bestnya Wa p India...nak bacalah entry awak nanti...

  5. Woih terlepas MATTA.. Lame sungguh x p sini.. r


From KL to London

Salam kawan2... lma dh x bersiaran.. bz sngt. Lps blik dr osaka Nov lps, trus siap2 untuk Kembara seterusnya. Jd, terpksa skip jpn n surabay...

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