Sunday, 8 April 2012


Yeahh..ladies and gentlemen, after several fail attempts, at last i went to taste the famous Kuala Sepetang prawn mee... Location: Kuala Sepetang, Taiping. From the south (KL), u just exit the highway after the Taiping toll. We were from Kuala Kangsar at that time. So, it took us less than an hour to reach the place. There are a few restaurants selling mee udang (prawn noodle), but we went to Mak Jah Mi Udang. My FIL suggested this restaurant. It was the last restaurant along the small road. The restaurant was small and very ordinary. Jom tengok gambar jom...Cakap banyak2 pon, buat lapar aja kan...

Newspaper excerpts are hung everywhere 

Waiting for the order

Wash yr hands pls...

Faris was so hungry (it was shown on his face..ha..ha). The order came fast
actually but because we arrived there quite late and Faris was already
too hungry.

Some people might categorize it as gloomy ambiance
others might say it's romantic 

Nampak sign Umno ni, dah dekat la tu...

This way to the parking... 

Tu dia....


Ample parking space adjacent to the restaurant

Tp this restaurant closing hour die terlalu cepatla... Everyday, it will close at 10pm. So, when we were there, we reached the place around 9pm. So, we had to eat in a rush as the place would be closed in a short while... Die org pon jenis x pedulik punya, cukup time, ada customer ke, tak ada ka, die tetap pung pang pung pang kemas kedai....

Inilah air yg x sodap tuh... Look
at the color...hmmm
Overall, out of 10, i will give 6. 6 is not only for the food but for other things too. Rasa mi biasa2 saja. It's just that the prawns are big and juicy. Mi nya pula sangat sedikit la (IMO),x kenyang makan, tutup2 dengan udang, nampak la portion tu mcm banyak. Another complain (i memang jarang complain nih sebenarnya)... watermelon juice die..adoila, x tau nak kata ape... x rasa mcm water melon langsong... i think they just put a pinch of water melon and the rest was syrup and water. the color was so pale... However, i was glad i came here and tried the dish. It was something different and i might be back in the near future.. Perhaps, i'll try and dine at other mee udang's restaurants.


  1. btul tu , i'd been there and it was indah khabar dari rupa . the best mee udang so far is stll in teluk kumbar penang

  2. Teluk Kumbar..? X penah dengar la..ade story kat blog xplorer ke..? Di Sungai Dua tau la..

  3. sedapnya nampak mee udang tu leen... udang pun besar2... gulp! (telan air liur)

  4. Boleh la p cuba, misah..time weekend2 tuh... tp x lah sesedap mana..ok ok ja...

  5. mee udang teluk kumbar ...share la alamat...dan nama kedai

    1. Sorry, telok kumbar x pnh p. Yg ni di kuala sepetang.


From KL to London

Salam kawan2... lma dh x bersiaran.. bz sngt. Lps blik dr osaka Nov lps, trus siap2 untuk Kembara seterusnya. Jd, terpksa skip jpn n surabay...

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