Thursday, 24 May 2012

Swiss Garden Residence, KL

Last April, I got the opportunity to stay at the new Swiss Garden Residence, KL for freeeee...  A few of my friends asked me, " why bother staying in KL when your house is just a few steps away?" Nah... who cares...? As long as i get free vouchers, I will go...def will go... FYI, the normal price for the room here is rm200++. Since I'm a member of this particular timeshare, once in a while, they offer me free accommodations at their home-based hotels: KL, Damai Laut and Kuantan. Kuantan is under renovation and by looking at the photos, it must be a blast! They're building mini water park at the hotel. I've used all my entitlement nights until 2014 [sigh...]. I even called the reservation department requesting to use my later nights and they refused politely by saying, "u've utilized all yr entitlement nights for next year and the year after, mam"...kah,..kah...!

Overall, I don't have any complaints staying at this hotel except for 1 thing (will tell u later). Personally, I'm not the fussy type who like to complain this and that...

We arrived at night. Fetched my daughter from school and drove to KL. Even though the distance from the school to the hotel is less than 15km, but it took us nearly 2 hours to reach the place....Jammmmmm!!!!

When i stepped into the lobby...woowww..amazed! Cantik....! Betul ke free ni..? Entah2 kena bayar... The one in KL is much nicer and more stunning than the one in Perak. Perhaps, because it is brand new.

The Lobby...
Let's see what's in the room...

The room is covered with laminated flooring, i loike! Double bed, strong shower (Every time
i enter a hotel's room, the 1st thing i will check out is the shower. Last photo, some of the

Towels, head lamp and hair dryer. I forgot to snap the tv. It's a flat screen tv, by the way.
The room is equipped with free WIFI too.
These are the views of Bukit Bintang from my room early in the morning. Looks like a construction work is in progress. I remembered there used to be a Discotheque at that corner, and then it was turned into a car park and now, i don't know what it will become. Time will tell. Don't tell me another shopping complex... Oh yes, the hotel provides free shuttle bus to KLCC a few times daily. I did ask the receptionist, "Do u have shuttle service to Bukit Bintang area?" And, he answered politely (may be i was just imagining, but to me he sounded sarcastic) " Bukit Bintang is just 10m walk from here, miss. "Uhh..ok..I know that," and I left. We went to BB after that by car...hik..hik..

Other facilities here...

The pool, the gym, the playing area. All the areas are equipped with WIFI
The view from the pool
The mini exercise park, playground & sauna room

They also have a spa but i didn't go there. Not enough time. Bz shopping at Low Yatt and eating out at BB.

Remember i did mention earlier that I had one complain.  Now, here it is... Jeng...jeng...jeng..Since I was so tired driving in the jam, therefore, we just ordered the food from the hotel (room service). I ordered a 9 inch cheese pizza. In my mind, the pizza would taste just like the room service pizza in Rama Candisasa, Bali. However...
Top left: The box, bottom right: the pizaa.
It turned out to be the yuckiest pizza in the world ...I ordered for the three of us (hubby went outstation, he joined us the next day), my 2 kids tasted the pizza and they put it back in the box. The crust was thin and when u eat it, it was like u were eating Jacob biscuit, and it was also tough to chew. Never tasted a pizza as bad as this one. The cheese was also not nice, bitter and sour at the same time. I did call the restaurant and clarify with them about the pizza and they replied,"that's the authentic Italian style." "Alright...hmmm...may be next time u should think of Malaysianizing the pizza for the sake of local demand," I suggested. I'm not sure what she said was true or vice versa, perhaps if I go to Italy one day, I want to try the pizza and compare with this one. (fuh..panjangnya complain).

We also ordered...

Spaghetti Bologne with meatball...
I don't want to whine anymore,  let's just say, this one is also authentic Italian style...

On the contrary, the buffet breakfast was fine and variety.  As a member, we paid rm40 for the 4 of us. They have local as well as international selections. U can either choose to eat in the cafe (where u have easy access to all the food) or u can choose to dine outside at the terrace overlooking the city of Kuala Lumpur, yr choice!

All in all, I will give Swiss Garden Residence a 7 out of 10. That's my own personal star. I don't know about the others. Room is fine, staff is friendly, facilities tip top, and on top of that, it's freeeee... (only for that time ah), what else could u ask 4? This place is a perfect short weekend getaway away from home. In case any of u would like to try this place out, here's the address:

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences KL
117, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Tel : 603 - 2141 3333   Fax : 603 - 2141 5555   


  1. wow..lucky to get to stay for free in KL's hotel..

  2. He..he..i never thought the hotel would be that nice...;)

  3. wa belum pernah lagi duk hotel free :) ...syoknyaaaaaaaaaaa...........

  4. Ala, Wa..senang je nak dapat dok hotel free.. p dengar ceramah tu sejam..pas tu, keringkn hati..dapatlah voucher freeee...he..he...:)

  5. Salam Yong,

    Ha ha...akak dulu penah dok hotel tak jauh dr rumah, sebab nak berehat!

  6. Salam Kak Yong,

    Saya ni pasal dapat free..kalu nk byr, lemah sikitla...he..he.. memangla...ada jugak kawan aka bos saya yg buat mcm tu..saja nak release tension..kalu dok umah asik nak kena basoh baju aja 24/7 kan..? Nak kemana lagik kak Yong lepas ni..? x balik kg jaoh ke..?

  7. For FREE, there's no need to complain.. BUT--it sounded like a great place even if it was close to your home. It was still a little vacation though --even though close by...

    Sorry about the pizza --but it sounds like everything else was delicious... That's a good rating --7 of 10.... Glad you enjoyed it overall!!!!

    P.S. Please take off that horrible word verification. They are SO hard to read. Thanks!

    1. Ha..ha..sorry Betsy...yeah that thing annoys me too.. Not so sure how to get rid of it...

  8. Mak oi dasyat beno rupe pizza tuh. Memang dasyat sgt2! Lame gak tak buat mcm ni, duk kl saje2 stay hotel n merayau.. Swonok.

    1. FM, dasyat gile...rasanya lagik dasyat..kih..kih.. mana entry BKK? X sabar nak baca nih..?

  9. Its always nice to check into a hotel once in a while. Hubster and I do it at least twice a year in KL. Not tried Swiss garden Residences perhaps because I actually stayed here for almost 2 months within a year some years ago. LOL.

    1. Wow..staying in a hotel for 2 months..? I mean, i don't mind if staying at different hotels for the duration of 2 months..but, the same hotel..? Don't u think it's kinda bored... Anyway, tq missy for visiting...Do keep coming back, ya..:)



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