Monday, 28 May 2012


While in Hong Kong, we had the opportunity to go to the Peak. The Peak is actually a tourist attraction when one visits HK. Going to the peak itself is already a memorable memory for me as we had to get onto the Peak tram in order to reach the peak. You'll be amazed with the sights of the world-famous Victoria Harbour and Kowloon, the spectacular view of the nearby city skyline, lofty skyscrapers and the tranquil green hillsides from up there. What is so special about this tram is the funicular railway which diverges to the top. If u're not used to it, u can get dizzy just like when u're in the airplane. The breathtaking scenery when u're up at the peak will stay in yr mind forever...;) The peak tram station is located at Garden Road Peak Tram Terminal. The nearest Metro is Central. From central, we walked to the station. When u see the Bank of China, U will know that u're heading the right direction.

Random pix: Upper left, HK Disneyland Hotel, captured be4 leaving,
upper right, my kids in the Disney bus. We're heading to the MRT for HK. Bottom,
 captured a family photo on our way back from
dinner @ Tsim Tsa Tsui
Top left: Dinner, Botom left: In the MRT, bottom right: Window
shopping at Tsim Tsa Tsui

After we disembarked the Metro at Central Station

Roarrrr....they really adore Alex of Madagascar. Ni penangan HKD
semalamnya la ni...

Bank of China: On our way tothe Funicular train Station

Once up there, there are a lot of shops, houses, shopping complexes, etc. Madame Tussauds and HRC are also up there.
Top left: before we enter the tram, top right: in the tram, bottom left: once
we reached the top, bottom right: souvenir shop @ the peak tram station.

Madame Tussaud HK.

Top left: Peak Tram Historical Gallery, top right: Still with his lion
 action @ the Victoria Peak.

My lil cuppie cake, Farah Alyssa...:)

There are various travel methods in HK such as the tram, ferry and buses. I'm not so sure of the efficiency as i didn't ride any of those except the Metro and the train.


  1. Salam Yong,
    errr ada tak rasa cam lambat atau susah naik tren ke Peak tu , cam kita nak naik Penang Hill atau worse, nak naik Bukit Maxwell?

  2. Hmmm..saya x penah naik kat penang hill nor bukit maxwell, so x dapat nak compare.. anyway, the ride was slow.. kalau duduk terbalik, sure saya pening...

  3. What? No HRC photos? #Blasphemy hehe ;-)
    Any photos on the way up? Am just curious because people usually just take a photo from the top looking down at the city and harbour. Anyways, good info on the direction and what's up there. Wonder when I would get to fly there! :-S

    1. HRC..? that time, they were having a major renovation.. they moved from Tsi Tsa Tsui to The, only a small area for the Rock Shop, looked pathetic.. just bought a T and that's about it...Photo..? X da...Normally, I will snap a few but looking at the temp need ah... RBA, I'm not like u...capturing all the picturesque views..ha..ha...:)Tp memang cantik sangat... If u read the previous HK entry, then u'll know what happened to my camera during my HK trip...:( And because of that, I had to use my HP & Camcorder. Kan gambar semua blur tu....nak nagis pon ada rasa....:(

  4. Eh? Ke situ pulak dia, haha! I was just wondering how beautiful the scenery is going up there, because I think you're the first one who has said so (to me at least). Others usually just say that the view from the top is nice, with no mention about the journey up the hill.

    Anyways sorry to read about your camera. Tak apa, perhaps you can use that as an excuse to go back to HK soon? ;-)

    1. Well, there are so many other places waiting for me...:) not only HK... need to go to all the countries in the world 1st, then, only revisit HK...ha..ha.. U, on the other hand, need to spread yr wings to the other side of the world, remember?

      p/s: Now i understand what u meant, i reread my should be "when u're up..." keh..keh... i will change that NOW..Thanxs 4 pointing that out..:)

  5. Akak suka view dari the peak...cantikkk

    1. Haah..memang cantik..sayang x boleh nak tangkap gambar..but, i did have a video of it...but not so sure where i've put it..misplace kat mana ntah...:)



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