Monday, 21 May 2012


Hello all! I will continue with my journey to HK Disneyland. Overall, i think HK Disneyland ((HKD) is not as big as Disneyland Paris. And, the rides are lesser. Anyway, by now HKD has added a few more wings to its park (according to some of my web friends). For a story on the hotel that we'd stayed, u may refer to this link.

If u're staying at one of the Disney Hotels (there are two at the moment), you will get access to the free shuttle. You can also walk from your hotel to the park. There is a pedestrian walk for u to walk. If u're staying outside the area, do not worry as the MRT station is just around the corner. HKD is located at Lantau Island. If u're from the airport, u just take the MTR Airport Station to Sunny Bay. And, from Sunny Bay, u just take the Disney line. And it goes the same if u're from other parts of HK.

Opening hours vary according to season. However, the normal hours would be from 10am to 8pm.

When I was there, there was no Halal eating outlet in the park. However, I heard somewhere that HKD already has Halal eating outlet. I'm not so sure about this, either. You can check about this further.


There are five parks at HKD. Toys Story Land and Adventureland (both recently opened),  Main Street, USA, Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland.

Come, let's look at some of my personal photos at the park. Need to warn you that the photos were taken with my Nokia mobile phone and my JVC camcorder, so the quality was really bad.  Long story, u can read about it here.

Top: The Entrance. Bottom left: the dancing fountain. My kids were so
fascinated with the fountain, they didn't wanna move at all.
 Bottom Righ: Disney MRT station.


Unadventurous person like me would really love Fantasyland..he..he... A lot of cute rides and performance. We experienced almost all of the attractions here.
It's a small world. Very cute!

Some of the kiddy rides... Top: Queuing for Winny The Pooh
Adventure Ride. I liked that one!


As the name suggests, it's about space and outer world adventure. 1st of all, i've to admit, I didn't ride and will never ever gonna ride the Space Mountain. I'd been to 2 Disneylands so far and I'd skipped both Space Mountains. So, no photos on Space Mountain, ya... We didn't have photo inside Astro Blaster either as it was dark in there. We just had the video of the scene inside there.

Top: A photo with Buzz. All the queues for the other characters were damn long,
only Buzz was shorter. So, Buzz pon Buzz la kan... Bottom left:
Dah lupa ride apa. Bottom right: Orbitron

Top: Faris getting ready for Orbitron ride. Bottom left: Crazy professor
at the street. Bottom right: Right after Astro Blaster  we exited at the
Tomorrowland merchandise shop....


Top: The Train Station. Once u enter from the main gate, u'll see this huge
station.  We took the train 1st when we arrived just to get an overview
of the place. Bottom left: Huge Christmas tree  (i went in Dec. Chritmas mood).
Bottom right: Farah happily playing bubbles with her new friend @
Main Street USA.

We waited until the parade and the firework. It stated in the advert that HKD would have snow during the firework. So, we waited...rupa2nya buih sabun disemburnya... Ambik kau..nak sangat snow!. Pahit bila termakan...Ha..Ha!!! My 2 small kids really believed that was snow. I didn't want to spoil their emotions, so i just agreed with them. Sorry, again no photos of the snow. Only video recording... Too amazed with the 'snow' actually...

The Parade.
There are many other photos taken but i guess these are more than enough to get u all gear up to HKD. I really regretted not going into 4D show. I thought of coming back on the 2nd day just for the show. But, we ended up not going to HKD on the 2nd day. In fact, we went to Victoria Peak instead.  When I went there, Adevntureland was still not opened, but my assumption, it's similar to the one in Paris, Indiana Jones, Tom Sawyers, etc. Perhaps I should pay HKD another visit in the future..he.he..who knows...


  1. yeayy!!! cant wait to be there next year! tik tok tik tok...

    1. Well well well..look who's here...? Dtg jugak ko melawat ke blog aku yg x seberapa ni...[blushing]

  2. Salam Yong,
    sonok ler bebudak naik rides tak henti2.
    Tapi orang dewasa pun suka Disneyland ni, ngape eh?
    Takde parade ke masa pegi tu?

  3. Salam Kak Yong...entah, sayala contoh salah sorang dewasa yg suka Disneyland.. Bolehla perasan kanak2 sekejap..:) ada, tu gy ada daisy duck tu.. ada parade, bunga api tp tu lah sayang, kamera rosak...:(

  4. Hi Farikia! I have also been to Paris Disneyland when I studied in Uk few years ago and just like what you said, Disneyland Hong Kong is much smaller than Paris one. Indeed, HK Disneyland is the smallest disneyland in the world.

    Regarding the my post on Everland, yes it it outside of Seoul and the journey took almost 1 and half hour. I did blog "How To Get To Everland Resort" and the admission fee is 38,000 won, which equivalent to RM114 but maybe cause it was Thanksgiving Day in Korea when we were there, so the admission ticket is 23,000 won only (RM69).

    1. was very much cheaper than the normal price, about 1/2 of the normal price... Lucky u! Don't know when will I step my feet @ Seoul, searching for tix during the last AA sale, but the dates did not suit mine...:( I saw my friend's photo @ Seoul, they went to Sokcho (if i''m not mistaken), there'S A teddy bear house, so cute! I know there's one @ Seoul but this one is nicer..

  5. salam

    kami berdua lepak2 kat bangku je masa tu , cuaca pun dingin sementara anak2 pi naik segala ride

    mmg Disneyland HK agak kecil berbanding tmpt lain . Tapi HK dgn Malaysia tak jauh menyebabkan ia jadi tumpuan rakyat sebelah asia. Kalau nak pi Disney Paris, lagi jauh. Alhamdulillah, kami dah sampai jugak ke Disney Paris .

    Perbezaan ketara antara kedua2 disney ni ialah HK cakap cina, Paris cakap omputeh hehehe

    1. Haah, memang lawak bila dengar Snow White dan Beauty ckp cina.. keh..keh..:)
      Disney Paris lagi best saya rasa..lama dah saya p, thn 2001 dulu...Rugilah Pak Itam p tp x naik ride...

  6. wahhh..ada add-on baru kat HKD...bagus bagus..aku dah 3 tahun tak gi HK dah..

  7. study sini pulak hehe.., still relevant i guess eventho dah 3 tahun



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