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The trip to Gua Tempurung or Tempurung Cave was way back in 2011. If i'm not mistaken, there were 60 of us altogether. Actually, this was my second time entering a cave. The 1st time was in Pengkalan Hulu back in 2004. Frankly speaking, i don't really fancy caving but what to do... dah kena paksa...hu..hu... masok jugakla... dan selamat melepasi all the 4 levels...he..he...

A little info about the cave:

Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) has existed since early 8000 B.C. and it is one of the larger cave systems found in the scenic limestone hills of Perak. In fact, it is the largest natural limestone structure in Peninsular Malaysia. The cave measures 1.9 km in length and 120 metres in height. The cave follows a direct course through a mountain range called Gunung Gajah-Tempurung, located south of Ipoh towards Gopeng and Kampar. It is a cavern inside Gunung Tempurung (Tempurung Mountain) standing 497 metres high and is about 250 million years old. This means Gua Tempurung is even older than the mountain that rises majestically like a karst tower. Visible from the North-South Expressway near Gopeng, the mountain is an erosional remnant near an ancient coastline. Years of mineralisation of the limestone rocks yielded deposits of tin, with some tungsten minerals and other minor ores. In several locations inside the dry upper chambers of the cave, vein deposits of tin (cassiterite) are evident in walls and ceilings. Within the karst tower, there is a river-cave system. The river, Sungai Gua Tempurung runs about 1.6 km. It originates from the north and south outlets of a small catchment derived from the granite upland area to the east. Excerpt taken from here.

Before the expedition. At the entrance of the cave

If u sign up for the tour course, there are a choice of easy (golden flawstone), moderate (top of the world) and challenging (Top of the World & Short River Adventure) courses. And, there is one grand tour where you need to undergo a complete journey of about 3.8km from the entrance to Golden Flowstone, Top of the World and to the end of the cave and return through the underground river. And....out of all the tours, We proudly chose the grand tour [sigh...] The fees vary depending on the type of tour u have chosen.

I've purposely blurred everyone's face so as to hide their identity.. Come, let's explore the cave...

Going in...

layers of limestone
While waiting for the others....Near the end of tour one. Tour one is just
climbing the staircase to the top and looking at the  stalagmites and stalactites
on walls and ceilings. 

Posing jap... By then, you would have climbed 640 steps!
This is where u need to slide down the slope... Eeee..
ngeri2... Guide2 nih expert betol. They can go in and out of the cave using
secret entrances. 
Weeeeee....... Look at us, waiting for our turn to slide...
The small hole: Towards the end of level 2...  Yang ini, tangan bersimen pon
still bersemnangat waja...

We started to crawl after coming down form the loop hole
Crawling in the water
Stalagmite n stalagmite

230 steps and wet in the underground river..
Look at the water level... We had to wade through the underground river
that reaches chest level at certain stretches and duck-walk at other times.
All of us
Tasty dinner...
We stayed at eco-style house @  MyGopeng Resort. Besides the trip to the cave,
we also went for a night trekking and river trekking. 
Tea Time...
This was the house we stayed. This particular house can accomodate
2-3 people. We had our own private bathroom but it's outside the house
(just like the old  'kg' house)
If u prefer to camp, there are ample camping spce for u to put up your tents. If I'm not mistaken, the resort also have tents for hire.


1. Dress comfortably (consider T-shirts and long pants) and wear comfortable shoes with good grip.
2. Bring water.
3. U will get wet, so camera is at your own risk! But, the guide will provide u with plastic bag to put your camera and they will keep it safe for u.
4. If u have kneepads and gloves. please wear them.
5. Wear headlights to know your way better.


  1. Salam,
    Tak sejuk ke masa wade & duck-walk dlm gua tu? Apa perasaan masa tu?

    1. Salam,
      Entahlah NA...dah x ingat sejuk dah masa dlm tu...he..he... yg pasti memang x panas... even dinding2 tu pon dah sejuk dah... guide tu kata, kalau banjir, air akan masuk dan menutupi pintu2 gua... dan dalam gua ni ada banyak pintu2 rahsia untuk keluar masuk yg hanya mereka aja yg tau... kami basah kuyup..guid2 tu sumer, kering aja..dari masok sampai keluar..entah mana mereka masok...

    2. Wah amat adventurous! Banyak pintu rahsia? Rasa macam baca buku misteri gua hitam & Secret Island Enid Blyton je

    3. Ha..ha..iye..iye.. when i was inside the cave, esp masa dalam air..i dok teringat ular aje... takot die lalu kat celah2 kaki kite... eee... takot.. tp gua ni tourism perak dah commercializekan.. cnth: dkt stage 1 mereka dah letak tangga dan lampu2.. There was one time i went to a cave in pengkalan hulu.. gua itik kalu x silap, memang gelap gelita dlam tu.. guide tu kata kegelapan dalam tu sama dngn 7 kali kegelapan biasa di atas... jgn kata gigi..gajah lalu pon x nampak...

  2. kwn aku masuk sini smpi jatuh2 sebab licin ! haha...pernah dtg sini tp x masuk yg dlm2 tu ! pakaian x sesuai.

    1. Memang licin..esp yg dekat curam tuh.. tp kami ada budak2 tunggu kat bawah..tlng sambut kalu jatuh...so, slide ajala... kalu ada masa, masoklah...he..he.. i'm not into caving or spelunking tp dah terpaksa masok...aku pon masokla....hu..hu...

  3. Walaupun rumah saya sepelaung je dr sini tapi saya tak penah sampai pon ...heheh insyaAllah kalau ada seru nanti saya pi.

    1. Oohhh..org perak ya...iye... silalah masuk dalam ni..memang worth experiencenyer... kalau org sana, leh la balik hari, x yah mengginap... kami dok 3 days 2 nights. pasal ada xtvt2 lain lagik.... river rafting kt kampar river mcm best.. may be nak try one day... jeram besu pon ok gak...

    2. Janggel org Perak rupanya...tapi tak pernah sampai ke Gua Tempurung he he he...sama jugak macam saya, tak berapa jauh Gua Tempurung dari rumah saya di Ipoh, tapi tak pernah sampai sampai...

    3. Ye saya orang perak! Нεнεнεнεнε tu la tapi tak penah pulok sampei ke situ.

    4. @Janggel: Ekau ni jang.... Ke tokyo hiroshima bagai dah p kan... ke gua tempurung blm penah jejak...apa brg ini mcm...:)

      @NA..haah...be4 sampai ipoh akan lalu sini dulu...Dulu masa blm pernah masok, selalu tertanya2...apalah yg ada dalam batu2 nih...

  4. helmet and headlight tu kena sewa ker? or memang dah termasuk dalam pakej?tengok ada yang tak pakai...

  5. helemt memang dalam pakej..headlight kami belik sendiri..dalam rm5 kot rasanya..

  6. mesti hepi kalau pegi ramai2 camtu.

  7. @Jimmy, pegik ramai2 banyak plak ragamnyer...



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