Friday, 22 June 2012

Paradise Country Farm, Gold Coast

Paradise Country Farm is actually not in my list of places to visit while in Gold Coast. However, when I purchased the Matta Fair package last March, it came together with Paradise Country Farm. And, I was also excited to try its Halal steak. Steak OZ mesti sedap, kan..? He..he..

We were very fortunate as the bus stop was only a few metres away from our apartment. We got on bus TX2 to Paradise. Actually, the same bus will also go to Movieworld, Wet n Wild and Dreamworld. Before heading to Paradise, I collected our tickets to Paradise, Movieworld and Seaworld at Movie World's counter (which was suggested by the bus driver). Tp sebenarnya, if we stopped at Wet n Wild pon x apa as we could collect the tix at Paradise.
Ambik tix dulu... Look at Farah, and I rest my case!
Little did we know that we had to walk almost 2km to get to Paradise Country Farm. Rupa2nya, x ada bas or any other method of transportation to go in. we walked. Nasib baik hari  x panas and the environment pon soothing aja. While walking, we met a Malaysian couple on their way out and they told us, it would be another km to reach the farm...Oh My! So, my suggestion to all of u who want to visit Paradise Country Farm, RENT A CAR unless u prefer walking...Well, i don't! My children seemed not to take the walking as anything serious as they really enjoyed running here n there...:) However, if u do want to take the public transport, take bus TX2 and stop at Wet n Wild. So, x lah jauh sangat jalan...

Starting our journey...ha..ha...
Top: We thought it was another 300m...ha..ha..actually it was 300m to
Australian Outback. Bottom: Rehat sat...Faris claimed the horse was
smelly and it was, indeed!
According to one of the workers,  there used to be a train to pick all the guests from the main road but the service was shut off due to an accident last year.

Top: Entrance to Paradise. Below: This way to the restaurant..
When we arrived, the worker gave us our lunch voucher, the map and the schedule of the shows. Since we were starving like mad..he..he.. we headed straight to the restaurant. The restaurant serves halal food and it has a halal certificate to prove it. At your voucher, there will be a time indicated for your buffet lunch as u will be served in stages... Only a few groups will be served at once...So, ours was at 1.15 pm.
Beef Steak...sedapnyer....!
Side dishes sections.
Sijil Halal

Sedapnyer kami menjamu selera...he..he...
Top: reserved 4 us!. Bottom: the lights above us
This is where the chef cooks the meals

They also have fish instead of meat and chicken. I do recommend both
fish and chicken. 
The food was delicious and sumptuous. The steak was so tender and juicy but i prefer it to be well cooked instead of medium cooked... The side dishes were tasty too. Side dishes ni ambikla berapa banyak pon nak makan... While enjoying our lunch, we met a Malay lady originated from Christmas Island and her name is Khamisah. She can speak Malay fluently. She is so nice, she offered us a ride to the bus stop. kami pon apa lgik, mcm org mengatok disorongkan bantal la... She said she will punch out at 3.00pm and so we waited. Kami pon masih belom explore lagik tempat  tu kan... Jom layan gambar... Too bad, I don't have a photo with her...:(

U can't smoke anywhere in Australia. So, in Paradise Country, this is where
u smoke after u dine! [Faris n Farah lecturing papa...]
This is where they keep the equipment for Sheep Shearing Show

Some of the animals there

Tercapai jugak hajat Farah nak membelai2 kangaroo.

One of the shows, paddock show
Top right: At the bus stop waiting for the bus to Pacific Fair.
Bottom: Khamisa's car...

On our way back from Paradise Country Farm, we decided to stop at Pacific Fair. We bought some groceries, Pyrex and of course Faris bought Transformers robot again... The pyrex was really cheap, a box containing 11 pieces of pyrex cost me about RM130. Cheap, isn't it? My plan was to buy Corelle at Target, but i couldn't find any there.

Looking at Pacific Fair reminds me of Jusco Maluri...:)


  1. Org baik ada je kan kat mana2. Hmm best juga CG ni hehe

    1. Ha..ha..I like yr statement,"org baik ada ja di mana2.." True, true...very true.... Yup, GC memang best tp x leh lawan UK... UK is the best!

  2. Makanan halal sudah boleh didapati di mana2... bagusnya...

    1. Iya, even groceries pon dah banyak yg ada tanda halal...:)di GC memang x da masalah nak carik kedai makan halal cuma yg masalahnya bagi saya harganya aja.. tersangatlah mahalnyer...

  3. bestnya ble jejalan GC, tempat halal pun banyak, takla senak kepala nak cari tempat makan kan.

    1. Hi Orga...GC memang best.. rasa x nak balik pon ada...keh..keh.. Selepas ke Jepun, bolehla plan2 ke GC plak ya....:)

  4. Gold Coast!! Tengah fikir bila lah boleh saya jejaki my favourite country since I was small. Used train to pick guests from main road. That's so cool but too bad like you said, closed due to accident.

    1. D, u've been to all parts of the world, don't tell me u've difficulties getting to OZ...x percaya i...ha..ha... yup, it's not a train on a track but a train with tires... just like the one in our zoo. dunno why i didn't snap any photo of the train..may be too bz with other things...

  5. Salam Yong, hmmm 2-3km tu masih buleh layan lebih2 lagi kalau cuaca tak sepanas cam di Malaysia. Haa tang steak halal tu yg best!

    1. salam..haah..memang x terasa pon pasal sejok..kalu kat KL berjalan cam tu, mahu pengsan teman.. saya pernah menapak kat amsterdam sampai haus tapak sandal saya... dkt 5km saya jalan tp x terasa...mula2 memang nak naik tram.. tp bila sampai station. kami decide nak jalan..sampai next station, kame decide nak jalan..last2 teros sampai destinasi...he..he...

  6. Nampak sedap steak tu! Tak tinggal sikit pun utk saya :(

    1. NA: bila ada kelapangan bolehla try ke GC plak...:)



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