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This is such a loooong overdue post...

The trip this time was full of theme parks...Anyway, visiting GC without going to its famous theme parks would be a shame. Well, I don't think I want to visit another theme park in the near future as I already had enough theme park visits but my kids love them..Who wouldn't, right? So, the next park would be Dreamworld. Dreamworld is more famous for its extreme rides. I had no guts to try any of the extreme rides but i did snap a few photos of the rides...

The weather was still bad on this day...:( [sigh...sigh...sigh...] Drizlling on and off. This time around we were already used to the rain and we didn't wear our rain coat even though we brought them... I paid RM220 per adult for the tickets to Dreamworld plus free Q1 Observation Deck Entrance. Apart from that, with 1 paying adult, i got 1 free kid ticket. Therefore, for the 4 of us, we got a tix to Dreamworld and a tix to Q1 for rm440. I think that's really a very good deal as a normal price Dreamworld ticket would be AUD 79.99 (A) and AUD49.ii (C) + Q1 is AUD54.50 per familiy consisting of 2 adults and 2 children   . So, u can do the maths...

Dreamworld is big. I think bigger than Movie World and it has more rides. Even though it was a public holiday but there were not so many people. May be because of the weather. I, on the other hand still needed to go there as I did not have any other options and time. Therefore, waiting time was quite short, almost none. Basically, Dreamworld is divided into a few sections. It has World of Wildlife, World of Wiggles, World of Thrill Rides, World of Kids Fun and World of Family Fun. Dreamworld is opened from 10am to 5pm every day except Christmas Day and Anzac Day morning. Masuk2 aja, kami tangkap2 gambar dulu kat Main Street. Comel2 bangunan mereka. Below are a few shots at the main street.

From the main street, we straight away go to the World of Kids Fun. Biasalah, bawak budak2 mesti naik ride budak...Faris wanted to try the thrill ride tp ya ampun, mintak maaflah banyak2, kasik duit pon i x mau naik... Scary!!! Let's check out some of the rides and activities we did @ Kids World...

Bumper beach tp x ada beach pon di sekitar...
This one is called ginger glider
Ha..this one is the kids' favourite ride! Basically, it's just like a normal roller coaster
but with Madagascar theme. Cepat dan sekejap... Below were the shots taken
at Escape from Madagascar.

They went on this Escape from Madagascar 4 times... Since org x baper
nak ramai, so...all their Qs were very short. I remembered snapping a photo
of them on the ride but i couldn't find it...
We also watched Madagascar Live which is a short skit starring the Madagascar characters. The story was about how the penguins and the rest of Alex's friends preparing for a surprise party for Alex.

Madagascar Live!
This is the hall where u'll watch Madagascar Live! and also meeting
 with the animals/casts.
My kids also like to hang out here... There was a time when the rain was a bit heavy. So, they played inside the indoor arena called Jungle Jam. Best dalam ni. Org tua yg masuk pon akan teruja dan main jugak... Inside this 2 storey camp ni ada banyak bola kecik2 yg akan kita baling2 atau jatuh2kan dengan menggunakan pelbagai mesin dan alatan yang disediakan...

All the kids were so happy having a ball fight!
There's a merchandise shop at Dreamworks too but i didn't buy anything... Pricey and I don't think I need any of them.

This one at Madagascar
Another merchandise store near Po's Garden
And this one is near the Wiggle World esp for bikers
Dah nama pon Dreamworks...so, of course we bumped into a lot of Dreamworks Cartoon characters whilst there...

These are some of the characters. We have plenty of photos with the
characters at Kids' World.

There are many restaurants inside Dreamworld. However, only Billabong Buffet Restaurant has Halal accreditation. It is located right in the middle of Wiggle World. The buffet costs AUD 22.95 and children under 14 will be charged AUD 11.95. The restaurant is opened between 11.00 am to 2.30 pm.

We also went to Wiggle World but only for a short while. No one seemed to be interested to be there longer.

Views at Wiggles World. There's a show here but we didn't watch it
Faris n Farah were spinning on Dorothy's Rosy Tea Cup Ride

After Wiggles, we explored the Animal Wildlife. There are a number of animals exhibited there. The place is divided into 2, the Australian Wildlife Experience and Tiger Island.

Tiger Lair
Near Aus wildlife. We didn't stay long, the place was so smelly... x boleh
tahan..perhaps because it was raining...
We also went to the cowboy town on our way to the log ride... Nothing much here, just an area where the buildings resemble old cowboy town.

We tried this twice...
Rocky Hollow Log Ride.  Climb the aqueduct and plunge
 down the ramp at 50 km/h. Samalah mcm yg kat Seaworld tu but this one
ganas sikit lagik and better view. There's one at movie world too.

And also this...My kids loved this ride coz they were fascinated by the driving...  so, as a result, kenala naik 2x...

Avis Vintage Car.

HOWEVER, we didn't try these.... x berani....! Faris begged for a ride but his father refused to let him... "bahaya," katanya... I, on the other hand,  sudah surrender awal2...dengar bunyi jeritan aja dah cukup mengecutkan perut...

Buzzsaw@Dreamworld: Ini yg paling menggerunkan...Ada berani...?
Tower of Terror 2: 100m vertical free-fall. Yg ini dengar bunyi pon dah takut.. Mcm bunyi kapal terbang
I copied this from dreamworld website:
An eerie silence lasts for just milliseconds before the car blasts backwards rocketing guests out of a 206m tunnel at rapid speed hitting up to 161 km/h in seven seconds flat. Riders soar 100m into the atmosphere dangling for several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness at its peak before plummeting back to earth…only this time it’s face first. Hold on tight and brace for collision because the ultra narrow tunnel appears impossibly small for re-entry.

The train ride...(yg ini x takutla kann...)

Dreamworld Railways
Captured from the train ride

And, before we ended our day @ Dreamworld, we watched Robin Hood in 3D at the cinema...

That's the end of our day at Dreamworld...It was raining but who cares...? Went back to Surfers and as usual stopped by at Baha's for kebab and pizza...:) Penjual tu pon dah naik kenal dah kami anak beranak... Ok, hope u all enjoy reading this... Will continue on Q1 Observation deck and Surfers Paradise in the next entry.


  1. Dreamworld! My dreamland since I was little girl. Really wanna go Gold Coast right now after you keep sharing all the nice place around GC.

  2. If u fancy thrill rides, Dreamworld is the place!

  3. uu..cane leh dpt tix murah tu? i ni 4 kids..adoyaii hehe

    1. saya belik kat matta fair..Smiley p bulan 3 next year kan..?

  4. Salam Yong,
    bukan ke sama dgn Universal Studio?

    1. Entahla kak yong, bagik saya theme park ni ala2 sama je sumer... tp rides of course x sama...kat sini ganas giler ridenyer... x sanggop teman... kat sini mcm ala2 lost world of tambun pon ada jugak... ada binatang2 dan jugak ada water park tp hari sejuk dan hujan..x da lah belik package water park...

  5. I'm so not adventurous person haha..tapi bestkan theme park diorang bersih jee

    1. Ha..ha..neither do I...Don't ever ask me to go on the ride...NEVER! Yup, clean but the animal enclosure was smelly...yucks!


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