Friday, 2 January 2015

GOODBYE 2014 & HELLO 2015!

Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam 1Malaysia to all!

2014 has left us and 2015 has just begun. New year marks the beginning of a fresh start. Just to recap my travelling missions for 2014. I've been to a few oversea places and local places as well. Looking back 3 years ago, i had written a post in 2012 about my wishlist places in the future. Click here for the recap. Alhamdulillah, I've achieved 4 out of 12 places (about 30% la..he...he...).

2014 has brought me to a few places around Asia... and some local destinations too.. come, let's just look at the photos! Blh jd ingatan dh tua2 nanti...☺☺

Local destinations ni ada bnyk tp ambik a few ajelah ya... dah x ingat kebanyakannya...

Galeri Arkeologi Lenggong, Perak is
 Listed as one of Unesco heritage places.

Short trip to Morib. Dok rumah kerajaan... 

Tioman with siblings

Trekking and camping at Tekali

Permaisuri Resort, PD
Below were oversea trips in 2014.

Sydney Australia -May 2014

Siem Reap, Cambodia - Sept 2014
And, last but not least my Japan trip. The best of all! The most memorable trip of 2014.
Kansai Region, Japan - Dec 2014
Tokyo, Japan - Dec 2014
Alhamdulillah, all the trips were smooth sailing. Now.... where to in 2015? Hmmm.... time will tell... i've a few places in mind... let's just wait for the new and exciting adventure in 2015 ... ☺☺☺ May 2015 brings more happiness and pleasure than 2014, insyaallah!


  1. seronoknyaaaa jalan jalan.. CT dapat penuhkan satu saja dalam banyak-banyak. nak pergi sarawak hehe..

    happy new year ^^ moga tahun yang baru ni lebih meriah and rezeki melimpah ruah..

    1. Thn ni nk ke mna ct? Sarawak best... smlm bru buat laksa sarawak..hehe.. One of my fav food..☺

  2. So where to in 2015? Don't tell me you haven't bought any ticket yet for this year's trip? ;)

    P.S.: Nampak sedap je makanan yg waktu camping dekat Tekali tu, hehe!

    1. Not yet RBA... new strategy: wait for last minute bargain...kikiki.... better value...☺ ive been thinking of road trip too (my dream since a few years ago but never be able to fulfil yet)....
      When camping, everything is delicious.. laporrr wehhh....

  3. Kan...jepun best...rasa nk gi lg..

    Slmt thn baru...kemana pulak thn ni???

    1. Hehe..mmg best..rasa nk dok 2-3 bln... kikiki... miskin teros...haha... ade plan sikit2... liza nk ke mna thn ni?

  4. Happy new year Fari!

    Aku doa ko akan jejak tempat ko duk sebut haritu...end of this year, perhaps? Insha Allah, amin amin.

    Wish u good health & bless 2015!

    1. Amin bibie...tq. aku pon dh dok verangan...hehe.. tp jeles gila tngk zara dpt rm409 return tix... aku pon nk tunggu last2 minit...kikiki... skali kang, melepasss..haha

  5. wah....sama-sama kita tulis tentang Jepun....tengok mana kita pergi....mana tahu terjumpa dalam gambar....hi3.

  6. salam 2015...menunggu entri Tokyo...



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