Sunday, 1 January 2012

12 Places I Want to Visit in 12 years time

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012! Happy New Year to All!!! As a recap, 2011 brought me to many places and i personally think that it is one of the most tremendous years in terms of travelling. I'd been to Bali, Bangkok, Pattaya and Beijing as well as dozens of local places of interests. Well, let's not talk about the past, let's focus about the future. Since it's 2012, so' i've decided to write about the above title. The numbering is not according to priority, ya...

1. Istanbul, Turkey has always been a dream city for me. Not because it's a shopping heaven but because of its unique culture where the east and the west meet. Cruising along the Bosphorus and exploring the Blue Mosque are some of the things i want to do there. And, of course trying the madeteranian food would be fantastic.

2. Italy - Rome, Pisa & Venice where i can visit the historical sights and wonders of the world there. To me, Venice is so unique in many ways u can imagine...With the masquerade, grand canal, gondola@water taxi, etc.   And, of course Rome is where it all begins, Colloseum is a must go place...!

3. Egypt -The mysterious Egypt is my next dream destination. I think Egypt is a beautiful country that's shrouded with mystery. Pyramids, tombs, ruins are more than enough to make me have sleepless nights.

4. The Alps, Switzerland -Doesn't matter whether it's the Matterhorn or the Titlis or Mont Blanc. All are magnificent! Standing in the snow and playing snowballs can make me smile for days or even years!

5. Eastern Europe - Prague, Vienna, Budapest & Bratislava. Not many people would like to go to these places. They prefer to go to London or Paris or may be Venice. I, on the other hand have kept these hidden gems as parts of the places i want to go.

6. New Zealand - Despite the earthquakes, i still think that NZ is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I want to see more sheep than humans...ha..ha..! If i have the chance, i want to drive through the north and southern islands, stopping by at the interesting places. Auckland, Wanaka, Rotoroa, Queenstown, Christchurch to name a few. If possible, i also want to follow the trail of LOTR @ Middle Earth as i'm one of the movies' true-blue fan.

7. Seoul, South Korea-I think out of all the other places in the list, Seoul is the highest probability of my next destination as it's nearer and cheaper. Cheaper in terms of flight tickets not the accommodation and other stuff, though. I don't really fancy Korean dramas but exploring the fortresses, temples and palaces are definitely a must do!

8. Berlin, Germany - Even though most part of the Berlin Wall has been demolished, but i still think visiting Berlin is a must!  There are plenty of places to explore in Berlin such as the muesums (hundeds of them!), Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and many other interesting sights.

9. The Eastern part of USA-New York, Miami, Florida (Is that considered 3 places..?) Universal Studio, Disney World, and Seaworld in Florida, I just rest my case. My dream is actually to tour the southern part then, go up to NY.

10. Barcelona, Spain - Even though Barcelona is 2nd largest compared to Madrid, I still prefer to go there 1st, if i have the chance. I think Barcelona is more lively and the heritage sights are awesome!

11. Scandanavian countries- Even though u're bloody cold and freezing but i still love u!

12. Last but not least, Mecca al-Mukkaramah..why do i put it last in the list..? Not because it's the least important but let's just say, i wanna save the best for last.

I hope i would be able to fulfill my travel dreams  above in the near future, no matter which one will come 1st....

So, i've listed mine...How about u guys..? Actually, i've cheated a bit where i put a few places under 1 roof...:) Ahhh... never mind! Before, i sign off, once again, wishing all of you people out there, wherever u are, a very happy New Year 2012..and I hope 2012 will bring all of u bundles of joy and happiness & may all your wishes come true, insyaallah!


  1. Haaa bestnye! Hope boleh capai all :) InsyaAllah

  2. Yup..insyaallah... one day my fren.. one day...;)



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