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Hoek Vaen Holland Port

Travelling is my passion! If I could get the opportunity, I would like to go to all over the world.  Of course, money is the biggest issue here and time is number two. Despite those two biggest obstacles, I still manage to browse through the net and find some cheap travelling promotions. Most of the time, I will go on my own as travelling with the tour operator would cost me a fortune! [not good for people who are always out of budget, like me…J] At the same time, I don’t really like to follow schedules when travelling. When travelling with tour operators, you have to follow tight schedules and it seems to me like a bit of a rush. I like to travel following my own pace.  Also, my very special thanks to Air Asia (AA) which so far manage to make my travelling dreams come true. Names like Air Asia,  Easy chains, Accors, Seri Malaysia, Aer Lingus, etc. are all in my lists when travelling.  

The airline that makes it all possible for me!
Ikan Bakar with the kids!
Courtyard Mariott @ Bali
            I go travelling with different people/group. Firstly, with the whole family.  I would take the whole Brady Bunch with me if I’m going to places where there are beaches, theme parks and amusement parks. Plus, the distance must not be too far as the flight journey would be longer and I am afraid my children could not take the long tiring journey.  Another important aspect, when travelling with the kids, I must make sure our hotel has swimming pool as to my kids, vacation is not a vacation when the hotel has no swimming pool. Therefore, I will try my very best to find a very reasonable cheap hotel with swimming pool for my two beloved kids. Oh, yes! Once in a while my parents do tag along when we go travelling. Old couples are almost the same like kids, Less tiring journey, cozy hotels, relaxing stay, good food, etc.  

Just the 2 of us: Atomium@Brussels
Bangkok with hubby
          Secondly, I travel with my hubby (just the two of us!). Further destinations and places with more cultural attractions won’t attract my kids. Taking them along would be a waste of my time and money. Plus, we can at least have the quality time together. Even with the diverse environment, we still quarrel during our vacations. Who are we without quarrelling? When only both of us are travelling, we can cut cost on the accommodation as both of us do not need a hotel with a swimming pool. It is more than enough to stay at cozy budget hotels. Recently, i've started travelling with a few friends and i notice that it's actually fun and exciting! 

Kenyir Lake with Rna n Family
Pulau Dayang Bunting with Kak Ros n Family
Disneyland, Paris with colleagues at Marjon
        I started to develop my passion for travelling since I got my first baby (that was approximately 9 years ago). Before that, I did go on some short distance travels but not very constant like now.  When I was studying, I went on a few travelling trips with my housemates to France, Scotland and places nearby England. 

Inside the train heading for Edinburgh, Scotland
HRC Edin with Pok Chah

      For a start, I’d been to all the states in Malaysia. Part of it because my hubby always works outstation, so my family and I always tag along whenever he goes to other states. Therefore, we get free transports and hotels.   
Stop over at Genting, on our way back
 from Temerloh
Penang@Berjaya Georgetown

Different food
Different weather
Shopping: It's so hard to resist!

To me, there are a few reasons for packing my bags and travel. Personally, I think after long tiring days of loads and loads of works and chores, your body and soul deserve relaxation. You need to rejuvenate! People go to work every day, come back at night, sleep and you will repeat the same routine over and over again. Don’t you think your life is so bored and cruel towards you? Why bother ‘chasing‘ money when you don’t know how to spend them? Life is short, so enjoy it while it lasts! Secondly, I go travelling to broaden my knowledge and experience different countries' cultures and customs. I can experience their unique and different culture, weather, environment and ways of life. Every country is different. We would be very surprised when we see their ways of lives.  I don’t really fancy trying the food, but I think my hubby enjoys trying foods whenever we go travelling. I am more into visiting landmarks, cultural stuff and interesting places there. I don’t fancy shopping during my travel as I prefer to travel light and easy.  However, I like to collect souvenirs from places that I have been too. I would display them in my small display cabinet back home.  Besides, shopping as a tourist would be neck wrecking. It would be very expensive. Nonetheless, as a lady, I cannot resist the temptation of shopping when I go to shopping paradise like Bandung, Shenzhen and Langkawi J . There are other few reasons why I enjoy travelling, but let’s just say those two are the most prominent ones. 

Window of the World

       To sum up, I would say, I really enjoy travelling to various destinations. There are so many places that I haven’t been to. I will try my very best to fulfill my dream. Like I said earlier, life is short, so make full use of it while it lasts!  You will bring precious memories with you every time you come back home. 

P/S: I know there are a lot of people out there who are similar like me...! A shout out to all of u, pursue yr dream, don't loose hope and be happy!

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