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Local is safer

This was an old entry yang diberi nafas baru..:) I'd written it in 2009... I didn't know how to blog back then...

Last December (2010), we had decided not to go anywhere far as the H1N1 viral flu was still on the go.  Plus, I’m damned broke since my last Europe trip...he... he...J! Therefore, for cheap yet still enjoyable (for the kids, I guess) holiday, we went to Kuantan, Pahang. Since my husband had a job there, so the kids and I (plus my husband’s brother) decided to tag along. 

     Since there were five of us, of course we cannot afford to book two hotel rooms and 1 hotel room was too cramped for the 5 of us. The night before the trip, I managed to browse the Internet for cheap hotels in Kuantan. Seri Malaysia seemed OK. Cheap but we managed to negotiate a family room for only RM160. I also checked with the hotel about the weather condition there. Just as a precaution, I thought if it was raining all day long, why bother staying there, right?

The journey was quite short, thanks to the new highway. We only made one quick stop at the R&R and arrived at our destination within 3 hours.  

Berjaya Megamall.. Look at these two brats, how small they were  2 years ago...:)

We stopped by at hubby’s office. While he was busy with work, I took the kids to Berjaya Megamall adjacent to the office to grab a bite. Easy & fast, I chose McDonalds for lunch.  The kids would definitely love it as Happy Meals came with free Avatar toys…  

Farah dan cinta hatinya, Ronald

Farah@the pool

After lunch, we checked in at the hotel. Typical Seri Malaysia hotel, 
same layout throughout Malaysia! The most important thing, it has a swimming pool for the kids to swim. I’ve been to Kuantan a few times, so there was nothing special about it to me. This was more as to keep the children happy during the school holiday. My husband was off to 
work again, so it was me and the little brats. As routine, we put our things in the room and started to dip into the pool. I just watched the kids splashing in the water since I was so lethargic to join. I preferred to just watch them have fun and snapped a few photos. Once in a while, I logged onto the Facebook through my hand phone.  Although the hotel has its own WIFI, but it was really slow. And, I really meant what I said…really slow! 

Fun at the pool
After a few hours, I chased the kids out of the pool and went up to the room. As usual, the children would be starving after playing at the pool.  So, we headed to the nearby food court. Surprisingly, the food was not bad at all. 

TC @ dawn. Photos were not so good as we
used the phone camera..Forgot to bring our camera..
That evening, after finishing his errand, papa took us to Telok Cempedak Beach(TC), one of the ‘must see’
 hangouts in Kuantan where the locals go to unwind and for a time of leisure
 with family members. However it is advisable not to swim during the monsoon season as it can be really dangerous.  So, we just scrolled along the lane watching the locals selling souvenirs. I didn’t buy any, though.  My children bought some airplane toys and we ate ice cream before we headed back to the hotel getting ready for dinner. 

Farah happily playing with the sand


     Dinner was superb!  One of the local friends introduced us to this famous ‘ikan bakar' restaurant.  Famous, Fast & Delicious! The location was a bit out of the main road, so you need to really know the location, or else you might miss the place. When we arrived there, there were so many people from all walks of life eating there. Fortunately, the service was really fast. After a while, we got our order.  The food was nice and fresh. And, it is much cheaper than in Kuala Lumpur. There was an incident happened at the eating place that we thought was a bit weird and funny. One of the waiters apparently had accidentally splashed some gravy on one of the customers. And, this waiter didn’t even have the courtesy to apologize. I noticed there were a few patches on the customer’s back. Poor man!  He was so mad and called the owner/manager. After negotiating at their table, we noticed that the waiter did apologize. I bet the owner/manager gave that family free ikan bakar…  


Appetizer..nyum...nyum...Look at the oil....huh! Talking about
healthy eating

Siakap 3 rasa...nyum..nyum...

Signature dish: Udang masak petai dalam daun pisang. I didn't try
since i don't eat petai..

      The next day, when we went to TC again, we saw that same family having a stroll there. I think they recognized us… Funny, isn’t it? How you can see the same family again the next day. What a coincidence!  

The kids played with the sand again. They loved it so much even though they did not know how to build sandcastles. They brought their equipment with them, though.  Befere playing in the sand, we did hike at the long bridge and enjoyed the scenery there. Very short distance, with a lot of monkeys  searching for food.

Morning walk

Papa n Baby Farah
Our family
The kids with pak cu
Our lil' friend!
Sandcastle in the making

A lil' bit more

What a sunny day!

Saying goodbye...

On our way back, I wanted to stop and play at the new Gambang Theme Park but my husband refused. He wanted to go home fast L… No used in negotiating with that man, so we went home. We stopped by at the theme park, looked from outside and then left.

     Overall, the trip was short but I knew my children had fun.  One thing for sure, Farah became a shade darker. At least, if they need to tell their teachers at school about their holidays during the school term break, they already have something in mind to talk about...   

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