Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Beijing Day 1

Beijing was fun. I didn't know about others but i enjoyed myself there even though i'm damned broke now..ha..ha! Who cares. right? Arrived as planned. Tourist guide had waited for us at the arrival hall. Loaded our luggage and rammed to Beijing. The driver was fast, super fast. Just like the Malaysian style but even more brutal...ahaks! Didn't even know his name until today as he speaks not even a word of English. But he seems like a nice guy.

Tianjin Airport - Arrived on time with Air Asia X. Got my cheap ticket for RM350 per person inclusive tax
Hubby at the airport
In the van going to Beijing. It took us only 1 1/2 hours to reach Beijing. Salute to the driver...Ganazz gilos driving

Acrobatic show was our first activity. First time watching acrobatic show and i was pretty impressed by the performance. However, the popcorn was sooo expensive.... RMB20 = RM10 for a medium tub popcorn. The theater was a bit outdated and it reminds me of the old cinema back in Pudu during the 90s.

In front of the Theater

Acrobatic Show

Acrobatic show

The last bow - they were good. Can represent the country if they were Malaysians.
With our new friend - Ani. She's travelling with her hubby. Nice people; both are teachers.

Dinner at nearby Mongolian Halal restaurant. Taste? Not to my taste but i could see many muslim tourists like us at that restaurant.
Enjoying our first meal@Beijing
Some of the dishes. Starting from left, clockwise: Chicken (curry like but not so curry),  bittergout, omelette and fish cutlet. There were other dishes. The Chinese serves variety of 'lauk' but only some rice.  And the rice is sticky like glutinous rice

After dinner we checked in at LongDingHua Hotel. Hotel was fine. Typical 3 star hotel. Room was a bit small since they put the extra bed in the existing double bedroom instead of giving us triple room. Housekeeping was fine too. Everyday they replenished the items and clean the mess that we had done the night before. Carpet was dusty, though. I bet the cleaners hadn't vacuumed the carpet in ages!
Mini Tea Bar..no coffee, ya..!

So impressed with the flat-screen. 60 channels but only 1 comprehensible 
The twin beds with an extra bed at the side (not in the pix)
Faris ronda2 at night. Farah and I were fast asleep when both of the guys went down .

-END OF DAY 1-       

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