Monday, 24 October 2011

Getting ready for our Beijing Trip

pinkycatemoticonGoing for a holiday is fun but the pre and post holidays are so tormenting... I always pack 1 or two hours before leaving and as a result, there are things that i always forget to bring such as medicines, facial foam and so on. And, the house will be in a mess by the time i leave for airport.  This time around, I want to start early and make sure everything is all set before our journey this Wednesday morning. Need to pack light and easy. i don't purchase any checked-in baggage.

Weather in Beijing is getting colder and colder day by day. Need to prepare thicker attires especially for the kiddos. According to Yahoo! weather, the weather in Beijing now is fairly fair with 14 degree Celsius. It can drop to 3 degree Celsius at night.

Farah found me upstairs packing the bags and she took the liberty to mess around with some stuff
Beijing, here I come!
Our jackets
Faris's bag.
Passport, visa & RMB, checked! Yesterday's conversion was RM49.95 = RMB100

Medicine is a must. We don't know what could happen there especially with the chilly weather. Faris once had caught a fever and vomited through the entire Kuching's trip when he was 4. We had to go all over Kuching to find an available clinic on a state public holiday...

Panadol, coughing syrup, ventolin (very important), etc...etc...

Extra food is next! Buns, biscuits, 3 in 1, cup noodles etc..etc..etc... anything to keep us from starving especially at night. Nights are colder.

Some food items
Just bought my new shoes yesterday. I thought of wearing my scholl sandals just like any other trips. After all, i survived an 8 degree celcius temperature in Amsterdam with just wearing my sandals..:) But that sandals were already a history by the time i came back.. Hancus sudah! But then, i imagined myself climbing the Great Wall with sandals...nah....! There goes my RM200++...A brand new Scholl... Thought of buying cheaper ones. Tried Adidas and Nike, but my feet didn't agree to any of those...sighs...

My brand new shoes *blushing*


  1. Thanks for info.before blogging..may Allah..reward you..

    1. Thanks for reading yuyu.. Going to Beijing?


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