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Beijing Day 2

Day 2

Started our day a bit later than the rest of the other days as our usual routine in Beijing would be 7am at the lobby. .Reason: we just arrived the other day, so our tour guide thought it would be best if we started a lil bit later. Planned to go to the Great Wall today but since the road was so jammed, so the guide decided to change the route. We went to the 1st compulsory stop of  our visit, the Beijing Silk House. Very expensive stuff but guaranteed original. More photos this time...

In front of the 5-storey building silk house
Front entrance
The sales person explaining the process of making silk cloth
The hard shell cocoons
A few sets of cocoons
Trying to break the cocoons
70 cocoons made this piece. 
100% silk. RMB 1450 for a queen set. 
So soft, it makes u don't wanna wake up in the morning
Bed bugs, i guess....
Admiring its softness but i think the designs are quite old-fashioned. 
Taking photos will do!
2nd floor: Textiles
 I didn't buy anything, though. My friend bought a set and they also bought some textiles. My verdict: too expensive and i didn't need any of those.

Chinese Turkish seller selling sweet cookies/delights
Fruit seller outside the silk house. 

     Next, we were brought to the Olympic Stadium, the bird nest and water cube stadium. I was pretty impressed with the designs. Very unique! Especially, the bird nest stadium. We took lotsa photos outside the stadium. We didn't go inside, though... They were a lot of Chinese sellers selling their stuff outside, mostly toys. We bought some and continued taking photos.

Notice the background, a vendor was selling tiny kites and lil Farah was very fascinated looking at
the kites and she ended up persuading papa to buy. We paid RMB10 for 3 pieces. Later we realized
that we could bargain up to 10 for RMB10...ha..ha...!
The entrance

The 4 of us!
All of us!
Berlatarbelakangkan Bird Nest Stadium
   After Bird Nest, we went to the massage house. Very nice place. Free massage but hidden agenda. They wanted to sell to us their herbs that cost a fortune. We didn't buy anything but give some tips to the masseuse.
Pak Otten dari Indonesia
Waiting for the masseuse
Soaking our feet in the tea
Cheekong master tengah bercheekong
Memberi penerangan tentang penyakit2. Belah kanan tu, translator die. Yang 2 kepala lagik tu, tengah massage kaki kami
Escaped... Outside the massage house...
After massage, p makan at a muslim restaurant...Let's check out the food! It's quite easy to find muslim restaurants here. According to the guide, green signs indicate halal eating place and red signs indicate otherwise.

In front of the restaurant.
Taste like salty fish
Some of the dishes
Soh hoon rasanya
Mutton with veges

Mutton Dish

 After lunch, prayer at nearby mosque.
Unique architecture
Inside the mosque's compound.
Later, we proceed to the panda house (banyak betol agenda hari nih...) to see some real pandas. I noticed these pandas were mostly shy and lazy.

Kungfu panda

Souvenir store
Giant Panda House
Tea house was our next destination. They had demo and some displays..Of course, tea selling too!
This tea is 100 years old
The entrance to the tea house
Inside the tea house

Tea making demo
Tasting the tea, tasteless
Then, we went for dinner and that's the end of day 2. Later that night, we walked on our own exploring the neighbourhood near our hotel. Stopped by at a muslim restaurant. Hubby had met the owner the other night. His name was Kassim. The food there was more delicious than the restaurants we went with the agent.

Baju sejok, murah2...
At the roadside
Delicious! RMB10 per bowl...Big portion.. 
Milk tea, RMB12 per kettle. The whole squad could drink...

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