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Beijing Day 3: The Great Wall

Day 3 was the day that we would go to the Great Wall. Can't wait to step my feet on the ground of Great Wall. But, as usual, we stopped at another government shop/factory selling stones...Ahhh..I'm getting bored with these stones... Not my cup of tea...The day was quite cold, especially when we were heading to the mountain. 1st stop was the Jade house.
According to the spokeperson, pakcik yg kat dalam tu, seumur hidupnya kerja ukir kobis aja... To them cabbage is a
symbol of good luck & fortune. So,  almost every chinese house in China must have the cabbage replica.

Ha..ini salah satu kobis ukiran pakcik tadi... ni rumah org kaya kot, pasal besar.. Sizes vary.
These are really expensive!
Jade mat

Sebok2 mcm nak belik...but i didn't buy. Kak Ros bought a few, i guess...
Trying some of the bracelets. At first, they were selling it at the price of RMB1100...Tawar2, die kasik RMB500. I didn't buy! But, they didn't mind and showed u other stuff. 
Jade rings
On the way out, there were terracotta warriors and marble vases everywhere. Aku takot je pecah...
Jade museum...
 Here u can still bargain gila2... they put a 'fixed price' sign but u can still bargain. I didn't buy anything, thank God...Rusak plan gini... After jade museum, we went to another germ store...Bosssaaannnn.... This one selling colourful stones like amethyst, sapphire and so on...[bila nak sampai Great Wall nih....]

Raw crystal

Dengar ceramah lagik

Cahaya keimanan
Mami jarum kecik testing the jewelleries.
There's a story here actually. Faris accidentally knocked down one of the stupid jade statue. Ahhhh.... this usual, he was running around with the lil sister. Luckily, the stupid rabbit statue was not expensive and they didn't ask us to pay as they said they could fix it. However, we needed to buy at least RMB600 of items.. Kak Ros memang sure belik banyak, plus Nilash too and i actually wanted to buy Farah a bracelet. So, we ended up buying more than RMB600 at the shop. But the stones were nice..I, for once, got attracted to buy them even though i know i won't wear them in a million year...nafsu..nafsu...
At lunch: Farah was showing her new bracelet..Nice! Look at Faris , he felt so terrible after what had happened and willing to pay me RM50 to clear the mess... He didn't know that we didn't have to pay for the rabbit.

We went for lunch before climbing the Great Wall. Filling in our stomach was important before climbing..:) TA brought us to a very nice muslim restaurant. However, there were a lot of porcelains everywhere and i warned Faris not to get within 300m radius of the porcelain areas.
Daging ala2 padprik
Sweet n sour chicken ball
Faris dah gembira semula... Takot aje die pecahkan lagik.. Yg dekat sini memang x termampu nak
bayar..Puluh riban harganya

This one cost u RMB368000. I don't dare to convert it!
 At last, we arrived at the maginificent Great Wall at about 2.30pm. My feeling?  I couldn't describe my feeling in words. Speechless and breathless..Ha..ha... I made a point to myself, i would climb the Great Wall no matter what... People who know me will know that i wouldn't do anything such as climbing. But, i made an exception for this one. Let the photos explain it all...

Ticket gate, not sure of the price since TA paid for it


Some info about Juyong Pass

Before the climb. On the left, there's a photo booth where you could take a family photo (12R). It comes with the certificate plus a colorful book regarding the Great Wall. All in RMB100. This was the best angle to take photos in order to see the whole sight. 

My 1st step
The kids were ready to climb
Papa, Faris n Amsyar's 1st step

After a few steps....Bila nak sampai nih..asyik snap photo aja
x tau plak apa fungsi bendera nih

halfway to the 1st watch tower

Magnificent view on a nice chilly weather.
Farah as usual, terkosot...
The watch tower
People climbing up 
I'd made it to the 1st watch tower. Sampai situ ajela...
I'm done!
Faris n mama
Love this pix

Going down...
We made it! Behind us was the souvenir shop. We didn't go inside. No time and too tired...
I'd made it to the Great Wall. Even only the 1st watch tower, i was very satisfied. The kids were so excited to continue until the next watch tower...but we wouldn't let them; Not safe. I noticed the kids had so much energy and they never felt tired. Adults were already felt like fainted but these brats were so strong and enthusiastic to continue. Well, kiddos..may be next time, when u are 20 years older, u can climb until Mongolia, we don't care! But for now, let's just stick to mummy & daddy...:)

Lepas Great Wall, kami p lagik kedai burning cream plak... dah la letih, nak dengar plak salesman tu cakap pasal koyok yg berharga RMB100 tuh..dan mcm2 ubat lagik... Gaya die cakap memang sejibon mcm salesman kedai ubat. Oh ya, this salesman can speak Indonesian language. He spoke very fast until i couldn't get the gist of what he said. We just listened and left the place w/out buying anything....Nah....I didn't take photos inside as photos were not permitted in the area. So, i couldn't snap the salesman photo. On the way out, we bumped into a nyonya from Pahang. She said the ointment was good. But, for the price of RMB200 per bottle, i'd rather buy a dozen of minyak gamat at Langkawi with only RM12. dapat sedozen....

We left the place empty handed.. X kuasa nak belik koyok giant tuh.. Nak buat balut kepala ke hape..?

The entrance
Th giant HRC guitar
Later in the evening, we went to HRC. It was very far from the hotel or the city. And the jam was bad, really bad.  Micheal suggested that we went to HRC tomorrow but i insisted on going today. Ntah besok nak bawak p kedai kerajaan mana plak, x sempat plak kite nak belik t-shirt...

Farah n mama

Let's spread some lovess.s....

My compulsory buy!
Then, off to dinner...and we called it a day! What a tiring day...! We did stop by at the lobby and chatted with some friends. And, we also stopped by at our compulsory stop be4 going up, the hotel's souvenir shop. The things sold there were not bad and quite cheap. Not very cheap, but still affordable. We didn't buy, just walked around and looking at stuff.

~End of Day 3~

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