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Beijing Day 4: Summer Palace, Forbidden City n sopping-mopping

Day 4

Rasa nak tulis dalam bahasa melayulah....

Pagi2, we went to the Summer Palace. Nama ja Summer Palace tp sejuk coz it's autumn. I think this morning was the coldest morning of all the mornings in my Beijing trip. i could feel the numbness of my hands. I seldom wear gloves but that morning, i needed to wear one. The weather was so chilly and it was foggy too. Summer palace was beautiful. Now, the local go there to do taichi, jogging and other exercises. We didn't go to the palace, only the compound. Entahlah, i couldn't explain why we didn't go to the other side of the lake. may be, part of it because it was too cold that time and my brain was not functioning that well.

At the entrance. Look at the seller on the right, ready to sell after we snapped the photo... Mcm rimau aja...
mama n Faris overlooking the palace
The day was so foggy, we couldn't even see the palace from this side.
My family. Farah just bought her new angry bad hat.

Faris couldn't bare with the cold today
The two angry bird models were walking hand in hand

The panda hat belongs to Faris now since Farah has got herself a brand new angry bird hat

I don't know what to call this..is it a barge or a dragon head  ferry  ....i don't know...

Taking passengers to and from the Summer Palace. 
We didn't stay long at the summer palace as we didn't go to the other side. Next stop is pearl house where they showed us the oyster and where the pearls came from.

Fresh water pearl 

Outside the pearl showroom..i notice la kan, bangunan mereka ni sumer warna merah2

Small panda was looking at Cik Ros bargaining

Tangkap gambar lah pulak....

Different types of pearls...Don't worry, all the pearls at the government store are genuine. 

Buat2 muka teruja plak... papa bought me a ring...hik...hik...
After pearl, we went to the last compulsory shopping stop... Here's a tip. When u are going out of this shop, there's a small souvenir shop at the alley inside the building. The souvenirs here are the cheapest. We had made comparison. At the market, u need to bargai, to get the price but at this stall, they already put the exact price, so u don;t have to waste yr time bargaining. Here are some of items and the prices: China T-shirts for souvenir = RMB20, Bird Nest glass ashtray = RMB15 for 2, Porcelain mug that can change according to heat - RMB15 (at the tea house = RMB80, stupid!), fridge magnet = RMB10 for 4 (buy 50 get extra 3 more) and many other stuff.

I don't have any idea...

This rock was taken at the volcanic site (volcanic stone) and it can absorb energy

This is Steven. He's a Malaysian Chinese from KL . Has been working here for 5 years.

Angry birds trying to bargain

Cube jngan x cube



This was a gift from Steven for each and every one of us including the kids. 

Perangai lama dah datang dah.... very bad-tempered tol la budak nih...

Lunch Time: Beef with lotsa onion...mandi bawang nih

Waiting for the food.

Daging with kacang
Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant

 Next stop was Tiannamen Square and Forbidden Palace. Since it was a Saturday, so the crowd was humongous. Forbidden city is actually adjacent to Tiannamen Square..he..he..i just knew that...
The court House
Tiannamen Square
Inside the Fobidden city but not inside the castle
The ladies inside forbidden city
I don't know what pillar is this
Look at the tree....
 After Forbidden city, we went to the 5 storey Pearl market. Here we can buy all sorts of fake items at a cheaper rates. But, u need to bargain hard and these sellers can get very offensive and agressive sometimes. However, some of them are nice. We spent a few hours there. Behind the pearl market, there's another market ( i didn't recall its name) selling all sorts of toys...only toys....my children got very excited looking at all they toys. However, we set the rule that they could only choose 1 item only... or else, bankrap nanti...

All sorts of table clothes, comforter, bed sheets, etc..etc...

Bought a few of these

Children playing 

Dah lama sangat menunggu, sampai dia pulak jadik pekedai
Merajok dah yg sorang ni pasal lambat sangat ke toys market
Sedang hangat tawar-menawar. dari RMB1200 dapat RMB160
Pekedai mainan yg sangat baik...
Set dapor masak dapat RM40

Dah main dah kat bilik

Prime dapat RM80..kat jusco, airport rm239...

*Esok nak balik dah...

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