Monday, 26 December 2011

Stenaline Holandica

Hi all! I'm going to continue my journey to the European countries. Stopped for a while to give way to my Kuching entree... So, after rushing to take our bag at Easyhotel Victoria, we caught the underground to London Liverpool Street Station. After i'd arrived at the station, i went to pick up my travel voucher (which i had paid online) at National Express East Anglia Advance Tickets Sales booth (counter 1-4) at the main concourse. Once i'd got the tickets, we waited for the train to Harwich (pronounced as Harich) International Port. While waiting, we took some photos of the station.
London Liverpool St: Left, a passanger checking the time and platform. Right: I bought my vege pasty here... sebesar muka, sampai Amsterdam pon x abih makan...
Oh ya, do not get mixed up as there's another route to Harwich, which is not the same route as Harwich International Port. The correct train to Stenaline is Harwich Int Port. Excited sangat nih, pasal inilah 1st time nak naik big ship...Takot pon ade...pre-sailing anxiety pon ada gak... Why did i choose Stenaline?
                 1. Experiencing cruise ship
                 2. It's very cheap (we didn't have to book hotel)
                 3. Saves time since we're traveling at night.

How did i get the idea? From man in seat61 website.

How much did it cost me? 109GBP for 2 people in a cabin with en-suite bathroom. Cheap isn't it? Lupa plak, that also includes train travel from Liverpool Street St to Harwich Int and from Hoek Van Holland to Amsterdam.  Actually, day cruise pon ada and cheaper but it's a waste of time coz u're traveling during daytime. My package is called 'rail n sail' as u hop on the train and u sail and u hop on the train again.

How did i book? Through the website, of course. Everything is online, payment, confirmation, etc. And, i also sent a few emails to Sandra asking her questions that i was not sure off and she was so patient entertaining my every question.

Stenaline ni bukan terhad ke Amsterdam aja.. It also goes to other countries such as Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Sampat Harwich Int, we walked for about 3 minutes to the ferry port. Dekat aja and don't worry, memang ada sign. You need to be in the ship, 45 minutes before the departure time..sama plak mcm AA..

What a humongous fleet...
i couldn't even capture it in full!

In the train going to Harwich Int Port
Our cabin
Our ship Stena Holandica departed at 11.45pm. Masok2 aja, teros gedebush...zzzzzzzzzzzzz.Sleepy Penat giloss.. Hajat hati nak tour the whole ship tp panggilan taik mata tu lagi kuat... The cabin was nice but of course small. Toilet sangat bersih and shower pon kuat. Ada double decker bed and i definately chose the one at the lower deck. Aku pikir, kalau jatoh pon, x da la ape sangat pasal rendah aja...and my hubby pon wouldn't mind sleeping at the upper deck.

Ada banyak entertainment available on board for the guests. Ada restoren, ada panggung wayang, kasino, children playroom, kedai souvenir, sundry shop & mcm2 lagik. Tengah2 tido tu terjaga terasa mcm dipukul2 ombak aja..I didn't dare to look outside the window, it was dark anyway. The temperature was so cold even though it was nearly summer. Every time i woke up from sleep, i remembered the sinking scene of Titanic, then i quickly continued my sleep again, sampaila pg pukul 6... Mandi2 and at 7.45am the announcer announced that we had safely reached Hoek Van Holland..Yeehaaa...Holland, here i comeBouncy 8 !

The replica of our ship.
This was before boarding.

The hallway to our cabin

Shots from inside Stenaline
Just arrived!
Where's our room?

'Till we meet again', in Dutch!


Welcome to Hoek Van Holland:
What a cold morning!
We woke up fresh n ready 4 Ams..

For more info u can visit to this website:

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  1. Salam Farikica...

    Akak pun dah book stenaline, tapi drp Hook Van Holland ke London...., book online juga..., harap2 ok, takut mabuk laut je...

    1. Salam kak,

      saya rasa ok, x mabok coz kapalnya besar dn kita x rasa pon ia bergerak. bestnya... saya suka kapal tu, besar sangat..:)



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