Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Chop n Steak

Birthday Party Blower

Tonight is my brother's birthday, so my dad belanja us dinner @ Chop n Steak, Kg Baru. I'd been there once before but that was long time ago, 10 years, perhaps... Parking was cramped but there are legitimate parking nearby which cost u rm4. However, we parked at the Al-Islam Specialist Hospital, ample parking space at the rate of RM5. Personally, i think it's better than the rm4 parking.

There are many sections for dining, ada yg atas meja, duduk bersila, dalam cabin, etc.

The main entrance, blur a bit..guna hp aja..
Another dining section.
Food was aja but many people eat there, i guess because it's cheap and the service is fast. Our order came in less than 15 min, even before the drinks were served. My steak pon keras sikit la (pls don't compare with Victoria)  A word of advise, don't order spaghetti!  According to Faris, mama cooks better spaghetti. The place was quite happening jugakla, ada staff playing unplugged songs. I also love the ambiance here.
Children will like it here as there are many 'distractions' for them including this one.
I told my kids that this is batman's bike and they believe it! ha..ha..!!!
Another antique bike
KLCC view from the restaurant
Our foods compressed in 1, very cheap...less than RM15 each
The menu
We ate w/out the drinks...ape la counter air nih... i'm not sure is it because the food
section is too fast or the drink section is too slow....
Our entertainer for the night. Sedap suara adik nih..
At first, i thought it was from a radio....
The ship @ Chop n Steak
Adjacent to the rest.
Overall, even though the food is just OK but the most important aspect for me is the fast service as i hate waiting. And, i give another credit for the ambiance.

   For those who want to dine:

                                                 Chop & Steak,
                                 No. 14, Jln Daud,
                                 Kg. Baru, KL.

*Very near to Kg Baru mosque

Birthday Surprise Party

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