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My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Hello Amsterdam (Part 2)

K, i will cont on my 2nd day in Amsterdam, and 5th day (may be...i lost track!) in Europe. Pg tadi, masa check blog, teruja plak tengok ada pelawat dari US baca blog ni... 1st time nih... selalunya dari Taiwan adala... Bangga semacam..he..he.. w/pon x tau die tersinggah ke atau memang sengaja singgah....Wakka Wakka

Anyway, let's just proceed to the journey. Our plan today is to go to Zaanse Schans village,  a small man made village on the bank of the Zaan River.  There's no entrance fee but u have to pay a small amount of money if u want to enter some of the attractions like the windmills and the museums.

After breakfast, we walked to Leidseplein...Actually, we could just walked to the end of the road and caught a tram but we preferred to walk to breath the fresh air. Once we reached Leidseplein, we stopped by at the flower market. Since it was June, so the tulips were no longer available except for a few saki-baki.

Sinilah warga Amsterdam minum2 petang...Pagi2 lengang aja
Good morning, Amsterdam!
Flower shop

Dah dekat sejam jalan2 kat flower market, we took the tram to Centraal Station and waited for the bus to go to Zaanse Schans. The day before, we surveyed the tour to Zaanse Schans and it cost us a fortune whereas if we just go by ourselves, we just have to spend a few euros only. To get there, we took bus no 91 and it cost us 5 euro (return). The bus stopped in front of Zannse Schans. No hassle! Jalan sikit, dah sampai! The journey was not long either. If i'm not mistaken, it's about 45 minutes.

Tunggu bas no 91.

Captured from inside the bus
Another shot from inside the bus
The place was so beautiful. Even though it's a bit touristy, nah...i don't suits its purpose! So, we went inside but the weather was a bit cruel on us on that day... It seemed that it rained on and off...kami pon dah malas nak pedulik..basah pon basahlah...Rain Cloud Nasib baik x demam...

Sebelum masuk...Sign ni actually opposite Zaanse Schans
Windmill dari kejauhan...

Souvenir house
Zaanse Schans

Adegan berani mati
Sebelum jalan2, kami minum2 jap kat cafe..cantik cafenyer...lepak2 tunggu hujan sidang. Jomlah kita tengok2 gambar apa yg ada kat sini....


Cheese making

Windmills everywhere!
Lepas lepak2 keluar masok Zaanse Schans, we took a boat ride to the other side... Cost us 1 euro..Saja ja nak jalan2 kampung seberang. Nothing much at the other side. Ada petempatan biasa aja... But their houses are all very beautiful and they look really cozy. We walked for a while and took the free ferry back to Zannse Schans.
X taulah apa nama tempat nih...Main redah aja...
We took the same bus back to Amsterdam...See, the cost to Zaanse Schans is just euro5, why bother paying 25 euro to TA...Boleh p makan2 lagik with that extra 20euro. Sampai Amsterdam, we jalan2 lagik kat jalan2 kecik kat Amsterdam, lalu red light, etc. Did you know that without our realization, that evening, we went back to our hotel by walking...Masok sana, keluar sini, rupa2nya dah sampai. We strolled along the river and it took us 1/2 an hour actually, if u didn't stop and posed. We also stopped at the shops and shopping complexes to buy souvenirs and some t-shirts to be brought home. Bila jalan tuh,  sikit pon  x rasa penat...cuba kat KL... pengsan pon boleh....Moon WalkMalam, we just went out for dinner at the nearby pakistani restaurant.  Tomorrow dah nak ke Brussel.

The end of part 2. Click here for part 1..

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