Friday, 27 January 2012

Kuala Kangsar Public Pool

CNY and no plan in mind...That was very unliked me! That's right, i had promised my hubby to return to his hometown during the long CNY break... Long holidays = long jam.... 1st plan, Penang: cancel pasal jalan jam. 2nd plan: Lata2 yang terdapat di sekitar kampung (Lata Perahu, Iskandar dll), cancel jugak coz musim hujan...not safe for the kids. At last,  my hubby suggested taking the kids to the public pool at Kuala Kangsar. I don't even know such place exists until he brought me there.

You just have to take the route to the Kuala Kangsar Palace at Bukit Chandan. Memang cantik kawasan kat situ... Maklumlah kawasan istana. Rest house pon ada... Pusing2 Istana kat Bukit Candan dulu, then baru ke Swimming pool. When u see the signage to the library, u enter the road, dalam sikit, u'll see the pool.

Pintu masuk depan kaunter bayaran

Tix counter. Even though u don't swim, but u still have to pay.
Ala2 per entry gamaknya

Dewasa rm2, kanak2 rm1 aja. 5 thn ke bawah, FREE

Kids wading pool: Ala2 KLCC
Ni yg Olympic sizenyer..keh..keh...
Ada gazebo kat ujung sana.
From another angle
Farah waiting for her turn
Faris's turn

Antara facilities yang terdapat di sini:

Locker: RM1

Bilik Persalinan

Cafe with dining tables.

To swim at the wading pool, any appropriate attires will do but to swim at the bigger size pool, u need a proper swimming attire aka swmming suits. The guard won't allow you into the big swimming pool if u do not wear swimming suits.

OKlah tempat ni, untuk bawak budak2 berhappy2 time sesak2 x da hala tuju... My kids had so much fun with very minimal budget... he..he...So, if u happened to be around the corner and got nothing to do,  bolehlah berekreasi di sini.

Nk balik dah, My children's happy faces!
Tomorrow we're going back to KL.   The kids & i still have until Sunday for the hols but poor papa needs to work already...Off To Work

P/S:  Lain kali nak lawat galeri dan istana pulakla..nampak mcm menarik aja...

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  1. assalamualikum WW.
    nice info bro...
    salam kenal ya



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