Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Basel (Part 1)

"Basel is Switzerland's 2nd biggest economic centre after Zurich. A small state at the borders of France, Germany & Switzerland". However, it is considered as a part of Swiss. "

Kami sampai Basel dah petang. So, from the train station, we took the tram to the hotel. We had booked Easy Hotel Basel. We took tram no 2 and stopped at Messaplatz. Jalan sikit, u'll see the hotel.

Basel Bahnhof SBB
This is where people wait for the tram when they arrive with the train.
Tram station
In Basel, if u stay in any of the hotels, you will get free public transportation for the rest of your stay. Just chop yr 1st ticket at the hotel and show it to the driver. Pegikla mana nak p, free aja. Alah, lagik pon Basel ni pekan kecik aja. Very peaceful and harmony...

Adjacent to our hotel
Our hotel from the outside. Very pleasant staff.
Our cozy lil room. Bigger than EasyHotel London. I was very impressed
with this room, no flaws! I remembered watching CSI Miami in French...
From the hotel, if u walk about 400m, u will see a continental grocery shop. Banyakla makanan segara halal jual kat situ. And, if u cross the road, u will see a few halal restaurants. Actually, there are plenty of halal restaurants in Basel. memang takkan kelaparan kalau ke sana.
Dinner..Tu dia, besar gedabak sampai terkeluar2...keh..keh...

~To be cont in part 2~

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  1. Faricika

    Menarik ni. Free transport. Still considering samada nak pilih Basel atau Geneva. Aku akan travel dari Interlaken. From Interlaken plan nak ke Paris (train atau bas) tapi since macam jauh ingat nak overnight kat antara satu tu. Yang mana best yek. Mintak nasihat



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