Friday, 27 January 2012

Restoran Saba, Cyberjaya, Middle Eastern Cuisine

I've heard all good review of this famous eating place so many times from my friends and also my brother. A few days ago, we had the chance to really prove the stories about this famous restaurant...:) Bukanlah jaoh sangat dari rumah, tp cuma masa tu aja yg x da nak ke sana.

The location is in Cyberjaya. GPS Coordinate: N2 55.370 E101 39.072

It was drizzling when we arrived. Parking was a bit of a problem here. Not enough parking space to accomodate the number of customers coming... When we stepped into the restaurant, mak aih... ramai betul orang! In my heart, i told myself, "Sure lambat dapat food".

Very bz but they have a lot of workers

Tengah pilih2

The Menu
But, to my surprise the food arrived very fast. X payah tunggu lama. In fact, the food arrived before the drinks..keh..keh.. So, let's check out the food we ordered:

Chicken Falafel = RM5

Nasi Arab with 1/2 chicken (Roasted). Hidangan utk 2 org..Lupa plak harga,
dlm rm15 ke, rm17, mcm tu la....
Sama mcm 1/2 roasted chicken tp yg nih 1/2 grilled chicken. Grill atas charcoal. 
Ni kari die..FOC..Ambik sendiri kat opposite kaunter pembayaran
Cili..Ala2 sambal belacan. Beshh!
Tempat nak ambik curry
One thing i noticed here, food memang murah but the drinks are a bit expensive. For example, watermelon juice is about rm8.
Desert counter. Caramel = RM5
Bila nak byr, just show the card to the cahsier. U'll get the bill straight away!
Cashier counter
Overall, highly recommended! Not only the food is tasty but the price is very2 affordable. And for me, most importantly, the food must be served together and fast. I'm planning my 2nd visit in the very near future...hi..hi..

Gambar dari luar. Since we went at night and it was raining, so the pics were
a bit dark
P/s: Kalau nak bawak tetamu yg berkunjung ke rumah datang ke sini pon ok jugak...!


  1. Thank you for your follow of my blog! We have the same thoughts about travel! I'm going to enjoy following you and seeing where your next adventure takes you!!

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  2. Thanxs Debbie! I love reading yr blog and jotting down tips here n there...:)



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